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Study in Florida for foreign students

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Study in Florida for foreign students

Every year more and more parents around the world choose for their children to obtain higher education abroad. US universities are very popular for foreign students, as educational institutions abroad. Graduates of these universities have very good chances after graduation to get into prestigious companies, where they can take a good position and have a good career prospects. Florida is an American state where the leading, top and prestigious universities of the country are concentrated, where local students or foreign students can enter.

Higher education in Florida: structure, the best universities and colleges

Universities in North America are divided into public and private. Educational institutions of both types have developed infrastructure with the necessary conditions for productive education, comprehensive development and recreation for students. It is compulsory for colleges and colleges in Florida to obtain accreditation through relevant organizations. Only qualified specialists with extensive practical experience on specific specialization are invited to the teaching staff.

In itself, the educational process in America is very broad. Regardless of the specialty, educational programs are formed in such a way that students do not study only the disciplines related to the chosen specialty. The first two years of study in the list of subjects includes business, mathematics, science, politics, art and not only. Such a learning approach helps to create an environment for students to fully develop. The period of higher education in the universities of Florida, on average, lasts 6 years: 4 years are necessary for obtaining a bachelor's degree, and two more - to obtain a master's degree.

To state universities with financial support of the government are 12 educational institutions, united in a common structure.

  • One of the universities - Florida International University - is located in Miami. The university takes the fourth place in the list of the largest universities in America, more than 54,000 students from different countries study here annually for more than 170 programs (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate).
  • Another institution of the state format is Miami Dade College (High School). This college combines the levels of secondary and higher education, and professional programs - the degree of associate (2 years) in humanitarian or technical specialties.

Private high schools in Florida are about 30, 5 of which are in Miami.

  • Leading and one of the largest universities among them is the University of Miami. According to the US News & World Report of 2015, the university is in the TOP-50 universities specializing in medicine and chemistry.
  • There is a private high school in Florida and a popular educational institution with a Catholic bias - the evening university Barry University offers programs on entrepreneurship, history, several medical areas - more than 50 educational courses.
  • St. Thomas University - this high school also has a Catholic orientation and annually helps to obtain bachelor, master or doctorate degrees in different directions.

Among private universities in Florida there are educational institutions that specialize in studying specialists in a narrow industry. A total of highly specialized higher schools in the state 23, and some are in Miami.

  • For example, in the College of Business and Technology you can get a diploma in accounting or graphic design. In addition, the college offers its students short-term courses in medicine, web development and not only - this is a 2-year associate degree.
  • In Miami there is also an art university - Miami International University of Art & Design, - where you can get a profession of an interior or fashion designer.

Thus, Florida in America is a great place to get quality education for foreign students. This statement is relevant due to the impressive number of prestigious and strong colleges and universities with different orientations.

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