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Study in Birmingham for foreign students

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Study in Birmingham for foreign students

Birmingham is one of the most popular options for getting an education for foreign students in England, and the education in Birmingham for foreign students every year more and more children choose. It is a large industrial city, which is famous for its rich history and quality of education.

The advantages of studying in Birmingham for foreign students

  • Good conditions for learning: a large number of computer places, a WI-FI network zone, an information center, a library and much more.
  • In this city are located the largest industrial enterprises for machine building and metalworking.
  • It is convenient to reach anywhere in the country.
  • More affordable prices for accommodation, meals and education than in London.
  • Developed infrastructure and numerous attractions of the city.

Education in Birmingham for foreign students: a program of private schools

Arriving from abroad, students can obtain a high school diploma in public and private schools in Birmingham, which have the following features:

  • In English schools you can get one of the most high-quality preparations for the university
  • Certificates of local schools are recognized by all educational institutions of the world
  • A high competitive environment in which there are schools, as well as participation in the rankings of England, makes the organizers as interested in the success of their graduates
  • Birmingham is honored by the traditions of education that have been developed in England for centuries. The methods of upbringing and the principles of development are focused on the formation of a mature, strong personality, possessing leadership qualities and able to take responsibility
  • A lot of attention is paid to sports, especially team sports
  • Discussion clubs - a very popular form of education in Britain, here the guys will learn to express their point of view and defend their opinion reasonably
  • In schools, students need to make their own decisions and take initiative, so that students learn independence
  • In the educational centers of Birmingham strict discipline prevails and a rather strict schedule of the day.

In private boarding schools, students live and study in the spirit of the English aristocracy, here they are engaged in small classes on advanced techniques and in equipped classes and laboratories with the latest technology. In public schools, lower cost of education, often students from abroad, live in host families.

In The Royal Wolverhampton School, overseas students can be educated on the main British programs:

  • GCSE is a course for students aged 14-16 (the most popular age of pupils for admission to foreign schools ). This is the last grade of secondary school, after 2 years of study, the students will be able to enter the final grades of the school and then to the university. The program aims to maximize talents and abilities and give a powerful academic base for school subjects (compulsory and optional):
  • English Language and Literature
  • German
  • Latin
  • French
  • physics
  • history
  • mathematics
  • computer science
  • geography
  • chemistry
  • dramatic art and theater.
  • A-level is a program of full-fledged attentive preparation for admission to the university, a certificate of this program with good grades will give significant advantages when entering elite institutions that are included in various tops and rankings. Here students stop studying several subjects and focus on them as much as possible. The educational process is highly intensive, equated to the first university courses. The cost of education will be from 9,000 £ per trimester.

Higher education in leading universities in Birmingham

For many foreign students, entry after a national school without special education is impossible because of the difference in the educational standards. In order to equalize the chances of admission, the students are sent to special courses, which are often held in the walls of universities. In Birmingham City University there are three such programs: English courses, International Foundation, Pre-Masters. The cost of education will be from 16,000 £ for two semesters. The city is one of the oldest universities in England - the University of Birmingham. Applicants with a certificate of secondary education after the completion of the preparatory course of the Foundation Program and entrants with diplomas A-Level, IB can enter here.

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