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Study in best British schools for foreign students

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Study in best British schools for foreign students

Why choose British international schools

Among the European countries Great Britain holds a confident leadership in the quality of education. English certificates and diplomas are very prestigious, are quoted around the world and are the guarantor of a successful career start. If you decide that your child will be studying abroad, thenBritish International Schools is an excellent choice.


Quality of education in British schools

All educational institutions in Britain are regularly and compulsorily certified by government institutions and special public institutions (British Accreditation Council, Office for Standards in Education, The British Council and others). [999.3 ]

Public and private British schools

Public schools where primary and secondary education are provided are mostly free for children of United Kingdom nationals, or parents need a long-term visa.

Most private schools are available for foreigners on a paid basis, with the exception of some special programs and grants.

Advantages of private British schools

Thanks to the relative freedom of private schools in Britain , their students are trained in more diverse programs that are not overburdened Frequent testing and less limited by the specified scope.

The size of a class in a private British school is usually less than in a public school - no more than 15 people. This allows teachers to find a special approach to each student and spend more time developing individual abilities.

Finally, well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, comfortable campuses, and qualified teachers are an indispensable feature of most private schools in the United Kingdom.

Forms of study in private schools in Britain

Among private British schools, there are:

● day schools that students attend every day in the standard format;
● five-day boarding schools - pupils live in school for five school days, and the weekend Spend at home;
● In boarding schools, children live throughout the entire academic semester and only on vacation leave home.

As a rule, foreign citizens prefer to send their children to boarding schools.

Peculiarities of studying in British schools

The school year in an English school consists of three semesters. Provided as a fairly long vacation between the semesters, and short - in the middle of the semester. Typically, the academic year begins in September and ends in mid-July, but the specific time frameprivate British schools can determine on their own.

The rating of British schools

The choice of educational institutions in the UK is quite large. The rating of British schools will help you sort out this diversity in part, but it is worth remembering that this criterion is very relative. The ratings are based on the results of examinations (for example, the popular rating from The Daily Telegraph) and does not take into account many parameters. It is very important to carefully choose a suitable school in Britain, since the change of school after the arrival promises a lot of trouble. Thanks to constant visits to the UK, personal acquaintance with many educational institutions, extensive experience in counseling parents and students, Smapse will help you choose a school that is ideal for your child and will meet all your requirements.

The oldest schools in Britain

The most popular and prestigious are the oldest schools in Britain: Eaton , Harrow , Radley and some others. Since the education in these schools is "exclusive", it is very difficult to get into them. Even getting a high passing score and the opportunity to pay the cost of training does not guarantee entering into these schools. Also it is worth remembering that in the last decades in the United Kingdom there have appeared many worthy educational institutions with a smaller competition.

Tuition fees in British schools

If your child goes to a private boarding school, you will be required to pay the cost of tuition and accommodation. The amount may be six to nine thousand pounds, depending on the year of study (upper classes are more expensive) and the status of the institution.

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