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2019-09-26 00:15:32

Wood Buffalo: Largest National Park of America

Wood Buffalo: Largest National Park of America

Wood Buffalo Park in translation means "forest bison park" - a landmark in Canada, covering an area of 44807 square kilometers. This is the largest reserve on the continent, which stretches for 283 km from north to south and 161 km from west to east. Getting to the park is not easy, but it's worth it: unique landscapes, dozens of tourist routes, rare species of animals, picturesque forests and lakes fall in love with tourists who have been here. If you love nature and intend to visit Canada - do not miss the opportunity to visit Wood Buffalo.

Relief and flora

The main part of the reserve is the plains, but towards the west the terrain is changing. The reserve has a large number of reservoirs: rivers, lakes. Tourists can see the beautiful inland delta formed by the Athabasca and Peace River rivers flowing into Athabasca Lake.

The flora of the reserve has hundreds of plant species:

  • Coniferous and mixed forests
  • Rare forests common in the tundra
  • Flowers and Grass Meadows
  • Shrubs
  • Wild prairie plants.

Such a variety contributes to comfortable living conditions for animals, and climatic features also help - a long winter, followed by a short summer.


The main inhabitants of the reserve are bisons: forest and steppe: to save these mammals in 1922, the reserve was created. Today, the population of bison numbers about 2,500 individuals in the forests and 10,000 in the steppes, which is 2.5 times more than at the beginning of the 20th century.

In addition to bison, the territory is inhabited by bears, lynxes, wolves, moose, deer, porcupines, marmots and other animals, more than 200 species of birds. Beaver dams are often found in the park - there are a lot of these animals in Wood Buffalo.

Park Features

In 1983, the park was included in the UNESCO list, which became the impetus for increased tourist interest in the park. To get to it, you need to go a hard way: fly to the city of Edmonton, and then by car or private flight to get to the city of Ford Smith or Fort Chipuyan. From these cities it’s already close at hand to Wood Buffalo: tourists often rent apartments and houses in these settlements, what makes locals happy.

When traveling through the park, it is important to remember that the road runs along it alone, and violation of the passage or driving to other sections is strictly punished by heavy fines. There are two other ways to travel in the park:

  • Hiking routes - dozens of them, of different lengths and difficulties
  • By water (boat, canoe) - the passage is open along all large rivers.

When traveling around the reserve, you should not be afraid of meeting with predators: they prefer to beware of people. The main thing is not to get close, admiring how the grizzly fish in the lake or how the lynx hunts moose. Take warm clothes with you even in the summertime: in the evening it can get cool. Also, do not forget about the large amount of provisions: you will probably want to stay in the reserve longer.

Interesting Facts

  • In the autumn and winter, tourists can see the northern lights above their heads.
  • Local beavers set a world record by building a dam with a length of 850 meters.
  • The park is open year-round.
  • For hunting in the reserve provides for criminal liability.


The object belongs to nature reserves.

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