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Secondary education in the USA: private schools in America

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Secondary education in the USA: private schools in America

In the modern world, the undoubted pledge of a person's success is the level of education and competencies, the foundation of which is laid in primary and secondary schools. Every year, tens of thousands of parents choose secondary education for their children in the United States, as the education system in the United States today is one of the best and opens up rich opportunities for graduates.

Secondary education in America has a number of advantages, such as:

  • Education in US schools is very prestigious, and the diploma is valued in the most different countries of the world;
  • The diploma of secondary education provides an opportunity to enter prestigious universities around the world, including Harvard or Princeton;
  • During their studies in the United States, children receive fundamental knowledge, especially in selected areas;
  • English is improving, students are adapting to the education system and lifestyle in the US;
  • The prices and the cost of education are very wide, everyone can choose the appropriate option.

Education in the USA is very intensive, and, first of all, it is directed to practice - theoretical studies never remain without their verification and confirmation in a practical way, which determines the high level of preparation and readiness for successful activity in the age of ever accelerating technological progress. The comprehensive development of the student and the individual and the preparation for independent living are the 2 pillars of the modern American school.

In general, the learning processes are the same for all states. At 6 years old children are enrolled in primary school, which lasts up to 11-12 years; then the second stage begins - middle classes, where students are teached to 18 years. In America there is a large number of public and private schools. Private are characterized by a higher level of equipment and comfort, as well as the quality of education, their graduates traditionally show higher results of examinations and go to more prestigious universities.

Boarding schools are educational institutions that are ideally suited for foreign students, since they give an opportunity not only to receive education, but also to adapt to life in the country. The child permanently lives on the school grounds, surrounded by peers from around the world, gets acquainted with different cultures, acquires new friends. Advantages of boarding houses:

  • Comprehensive development of students - academic, sporting, creative, personal
  • Graduates of private schools traditionally enter the best universities for the best specialties
  • The highest level of education and knowledge provided
  • Effective and carefully designed educational programs
  • Comfortable accommodation and modern equipment of schools
  • Sports and creative development
  • High overall level of graduates
  • Diplomas are highly regarded by universities in the United States and other countries of the world.

According to accepted standards in the US educational system, a certain number of compulsory disciplines are studied in secondary school, such as science (physics, chemistry, biology), mathematics, English and others. Starting with the 9th grade, students can choose their preferred sciences / disciplines, and develop their level of knowledge in a certain field. An approximate list of departments (studied sciences) includes:

  • English;
  • Foreign languages;
  • Literature (English, American, World);
  • Mathematics (algebra, geometry);
  • Social sciences (world culture and history, geography, politics, economics);
  • Science (physics, chemistry, biology);
  • Art.

In the 11-12 grades, the Advanced Placement (AP) standard is implemented, which implies an in-depth study of the subject and gives significant advantages in admission to higher education institutions (subject to the successful passing of examinations). Especially for foreign students there is an ESL course (English as a foreign language), allowing them to quickly and effectively improve their level of language. Great importance is attached to developing the capacity for independent research, students work on various projects, master skills and methods. Each student represents and defends his projects.

Students are actively involved in sports and creativity. It is possible to choose your favorite sport and practice in specially equipped rooms and venues. Sports teams from students compete both within the school and at the inter-school, city and regional levels; there are special programs to support talented athletes. Also, students improve their creative abilities in various fields, such as:

  • Theater;
  • The photo;
  • Cinema;
  • Actor play;
  • Directing;
  • Music;
  • Dancing;
  • Painting;
  • Graphic arts;
  • Sculpture, ceramics.

The academic year is divided into semesters, students can go home for the holidays and weekends, and also in case of forced circumstances. At the disposal of guesthouses there is always a well-equipped campus, where everything is necessary for a comfortable life and study:

  • Administrative buildings;
  • The shops;
  • Educational buildings;
  • Libraries;
  • Scientific laboratories;
  • Sports centers and facilities;
  • Medical rooms;
  • Residences for living;
  • Canteen and cafe.

Students settle in comfortable residences, full-board meals are organized on the principle of full boarding. In addition to academic, sporting and creative work, education in the USA makes it possible to attend various events and excursions, concerts, theater performances. Employees of schools regularly arrange holidays, festivals of excursion; for the period of education students learn a lot of new things. The receipt process is not complicated, but the applicant must have a certain, sufficiently high level of knowledge and English (must have a TOEFL certificate or equivalent); It is also necessary to fulfill a number of conditions, for example, to pass an interview with a school employee.

Boarding schools in the United States not only provide students from all over the world not only with quality education, but also the opportunity to enter prestigious universities and colleges.

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