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Schools in England with admission in January, April, June

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Schools in England with admission in January, April, June

England today is a recognized leader in the field of education: many of the most prestigious, best educational institutions are on the shores of foggy Albion, and annually tens of thousands of students from around the world come here to study. Despite conservatism, England's schools have a flexible curriculum: there are special integration programs in the school, which are great for foreign students. Educational institutions provide an opportunity to study in winter, spring or summer. The country has one of the most extensive networks of private schools in the world, which offer year-round residence on campus with the ability to arrive and start the educational course in January, April or June. To enter these schools, you need to have a sufficient level of English, a high performance in subjects and a report card from the previous place of study. When submitting documents, recommendations from teachers, a motivation letter, letters of commendation and various awards may be needed.

The annual schedule mainly consists of 3 semesters (or trimesters) (approximate plan):

  • Autumn: September - December (small holidays in October or November, Christmas holidays 2 weeks)
  • Spring: January - March-April (holidays depending on the place)
  • Summer: April-May - June-July (holidays depending on the school).

Examples of schools in England with admission in January, April, June:

1. Abbey DLD College London

One of the most prestigious institutions, which has been successfully operating for more than 80 years and is characterized by high quality of academic preparation and comprehensive development of students. The campus is located in the heart of London, a 5-minute walk from the famous Oxford Street. Education takes place in groups of 8-10 people, which allows teachers to pay maximum attention to each student and receive excellent results in final exams.

2. St Christopher School Letchworth

The establishment was opened in 1915 and is located in the small town of Letworth Garden City, an hour's drive from London. St Christophers School Le Letots is dramatically different from many British institutions by a freer atmosphere - here student referenda are held on important issues, debates and voting to change school rules. In general, the system is highly valued by specialists, which is proved by the annual inclusion of the institution in various rankings.

3. Abbotsholme School

Independent private school of joint education for students from 2 to 18 years, founded in 1889 and from the very beginning promoted the most advanced teaching methods, thanks to which it actively developed and today is one of the most prestigious. In its walls, only about 300 people are studied, almost 40 percent of them being foreign citizens. The institution is regularly inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) commission and receives "excellent" and "good" marks.

4. King's School Rochester

A unique institution of its kind is the cathedral school, which has been leading the history since 604. The campus is located in the cozy picturesque city of Rochester just 50 kilometers from London, the school is considered the best in the county of Kent and is consistently ranked among the TOP-150 best institutions in the country as a whole. Graduates GCSE and A-level annually show high results in examinations and have excellent opportunities for further development.

5. Wycliffe College

Wycliffe College in Gloucestershire offers a full-time form and boarding house, which starts operations since 1882. The institution actively attracts foreign students, guarantees excellent accommodation conditions and practically does not limit the list of available classes in sports and creativity. Wycliffe is in TOP-100 institutions in Britain with the best A-level results.

6. Abbey College Cambridge

One of the five centers of The Alpha Plus was opened in Cambridge in 1994. The great advantage of the college is that students are at the very center of science, visit the renowned university, engage with the best teachers and receive significant support from special services and departments. Many graduates subsequently enter the University of Cambridge.

7. Queen Ethelburga's College

It was founded in 1912 and for more than a century of history has proved itself the best way, it is considered one of the most prestigious in England. The total number of students is about 1200 (of which 40% are foreigners), the campus is located in a quiet picturesque countryside in Yorkshire. The curriculum is exceptionally high quality, schoolchildren show excellent exam results and a general high level of knowledge.

8. Oswestry School

Establishment with more than 600-year history, which still does not lose its relevance and is one of the most influential in the country. The secret of success is the combination of age-old traditions with the most advanced methods and developments in the field of teaching. Students are offered a wide choice of disciplines, teachers help each student to reveal their abilities and talents, including in sports and creativity. Oswestry students regularly recruit the highest A-level scores and are among the TOP-5 in the GCSE. Foreign students live in a residence on a campus on the shores of Lake Wales in the cozy town of Oswestry.

9. Buckswood school

Bakswood School is located near the sea town of Hastings in a green, very picturesque campus of 20 hectares. The educational system combines traditional and modern methods, an international approach and maximum attention to each student. Students are actively involved in sports and creativity, there are professional academies for football, rugby, dancing, horse riding and tennis.

10. CATS College Cambridge

CATS College is consistently among the best institutions in Britain for high school students. Among the advantages it has a unique indicator - 100% of graduates enter universities, and about 40% receive offers from TOP-10 Universities. The CATS network was founded more than 60 years ago and for a long history many famous scientists, businessmen, politicians and artists came out of the walls of its centers.

11. Rossall School

The school was opened in 1884, has 5 branches and a large number of educational courses. Representatives of more than 40 countries of the world are studied here. Especially for foreign students there is an International Studying Center (ISC) where it is possible to pass the adaptation courses for 1-2 semesters (or full year) and then successfully transfer to the basic educational programs. A separate mention deserves the sport component - not only is a large number of sports available here, but there is also a separate professional football training.

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