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Schools in Europe for international students

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Schools in Europe for international students

The best schools in Europe for international students - how much does it cost to study?

At the moment, quality education plays a major role in building a career and well-being. When deciding to enter the top schools in Europe, a foreign student from 11 to 18 years old acquires useful professional skills and knowledge, and also significantly improves the level of knowledge of a foreign language, while at the same time developing communicative and creative abilities, as well as overcoming the language barrier. In addition, having a certificate on passing an international educational program in a ranking European school, a graduate will be able to freely enter an elite university in any country in the world.

Everywhere leading European boarding schools are assigned the status of the most expensive educational institutions among all countries of the world. In particular, this applies to elite schools located in Western Europe, namely the UK, Switzerland. The table below shows the cost of studying by country receiving a secondary education in Europe.

Country of study

Tuition per year, USD

Great Britain

From 24,000 $ to 38,500 $


21,300 $ to 33,400 $


Between 67,000 $ and 73,200 $


From 19,000 $ to 39,000 $


From 20,000 $ to 39,000 $

Eastern and Southern Europe

From 8000 $ to 15,000 $

Please note that the cost of obtaining a ranking secondary education in Europe on a full board basis is twice as high compared to a regular school. The reason for this situation is due to the inclusion in the price of tuition, nutrition, as well as the residence of the student. On a separate basis, the following expenses are provided:

  • Health Insurance
  • Deposit
  • Guardian Services
  • Transfer
  • School uniform
  • Providing the child with pocket expenses.

The main advantages of studying at prestigious European schools for foreign students

  • Full immersion in the linguistic environment, which contributes, in turn, to easier adaptation to the linguistic and cultural environment
  • In addition to teaching the best schools in Europe, active leisure activities of students are organized. In particular, modern sports grounds, swimming pools, cafes were built on the school grounds, creative clubs are also organized, etc. To reassure parents, we note that round-the-clock supervision of foreign students by the teaching and educational staff is provided. In addition, it provides for the organization of regular educational excursions, various exciting hiking trips, as well as other events of an entertaining nature. The participation of a foreign student in such school activities contributes to the comprehensive personal development of the student.
  • Passing education in an advanced school in Europe, a foreign student  gets a truly unique opportunity to simultaneously learn 2-3 foreign languages. So, upon graduation, the graduate will speak a high level of English, German, French or Spanish.
  • Recognition of educational programs at the international level, thereby allowing graduates to successfully enroll in top universities in Europe.
  • The educational process in the best schools in Europe is focused on the development of creative abilities and logic of students, which helps to broaden their horizons.

The procedure for entering the best schools in Europe for foreign students

The optimal age for admission to a prestigious school in Europe is the age of 11 to 13 years old student. It is at this age that the foreign student undergoes more easy adaptation to the new linguistic and cultural environment, at the same time, students acquire  some independence from their parents, and they are also given time for hobbies.

A high level of knowledge of a foreign language is highlighted as the main requirement when entering a top school in Europe. So, international students from 11 to 16 years of age must pass an entrance test in the form of an interview, the results of which allow you to determine the level of English language proficiency. In case of insufficient level of knowledge, a foreign student may be given the opportunity to undergo studying at a leading European language camp and preparatory courses. In addition, in the overwhelming majority of European countries, a requirement is set for the student to provide a grade report for the past year. So it's worth having a good academic performance.

TOP-5 European schools for foreign students

  • A + World Academy - is a prestigious boarding school located in the city of Bern (Switzerland). You won’t believe it, but the school looks like a ship! So, during the school year, students are expected to make exciting trips and studies in more than 20 ports. In addition, over the course of the year, students submit over 4 thousand essays on various topics. Only experienced teachers, professors, as well as politicians from different countries are involved in teaching, thereby giving students useful knowledge and invaluable experience.

Foreign students from 15 to 18 years old are being received. The number of students in an advanced Swiss school does not exceed 60 children. Over the past year, students representing 12 countries of the world have become school graduates. Teaching is conducted in accordance with the education program of the AR, at the same time, developing practical useful skills and expanding horizons.

  • Aiglon College - is a ranking college, located at the foot of the Swiss Alps, in the area of Chesières Villars. Teaching is conducted in accordance with the international educational programs GCSE (IGCSE), as well as the international undergraduate program, IB Diploma. On an additional basis, it is possible to take effective language courses aimed at successfully preparing for the American SAT exams and the IELTS international language exam. As part of the educational process, emphasis is placed on conducting a variety of leisure activities, in particular, students are expected to visit various sports sections, drama, art, music, etc. studios. At the same time, a leading Swiss school has developed a rich excursion program that includes various expeditions. The reception of foreign students from 9 to 18 years. The walls of the school are studying 370 students.
  • BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School - is an elite private school, the year of foundation of which is 1990 in Berlin. Foreign students aged 3 to 19 years are accepted for education. The school practices a joint educational format, while the choice of foreign students is offered full-time education and full board conditions (for the period of study, students live on the territory of a comfortable school campus). The school has an international atmosphere due to the simultaneous studying of representatives from more than 60 countries of the world. Note that the total number of students is 700 children.
  • Brillantmont International School - has the status of one of the oldest schools located in Switzerland. Teaching is conducted in accordance with recognized international education programs, the passage of which allows you to successfully pass British exams IGCSE , AS, A-level . In addition, if interested, you can become the holder of an American diploma of SAT. So, having in their hands a prestigious certificate of education at an elite school in Switzerland, graduates become students of top universities in different countries of the world. Classes are held in small classrooms, the number of students in which does not exceed 9 children, thereby providing an individual approach to learning. As for the leisure program, students can actively engage in sports or art. Foreign students from 11 to 18 years are accepted for education. The number of students is 150 children.
  • College Alpin Beau Soleil - has the status of one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland, the year of foundation of which is 1910. Foreign students from 11 to 18 years old are accepted for education, which creates a truly multicultural atmosphere in the school. Teaching is conducted in English and French. Informative excursions and exciting events of an entertaining and cultural nature are organized for the exciting leisure of students. The number of students is 240 children.
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