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Scholarships for excellent students of the American university

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Scholarships for excellent students of the American university

INTO George Mason provides hard-working and talented students with new scholarships. 

Academic scholarships for January and August 2018:

  • $ 5,000 - for the first semester
  • $ 10,000 for the second semester
  • $ 12,000 - for the third semester

Student grants are given depending on the student's grades, therefore teachers strictly follow the progress of each applicant for the scholarship.

In addition, the university offers two additional programs for international students.

  • Diversity Scholarship - up to $ 10,000

This scholarship is intended for students from countries and regions, whose representatives are rarely seen in the university. Honors can claim this cash reward in addition to their academic scholarship.

  • Innovation Scholarship - up to $ 10,000

According to the requirements, the student must write an essay (1 page of printed text) about the problem that concerns his native country. At the same time, he needs to draw up a plan, as at the end of the university he uses the knowledge gained for an innovative way to solve this problem. Applicants for participation in this program should show creativity and indifference towards their country and national challenges.


INTO George Mason University in Virginia has been working since 1957. It was and remains the largest research center in the state. The university is located in the city and is included in the TOP-20 best places to stay in America.

Specialization of the university are humanitarian disciplines. The most famous programs are:

  • business
  • informatics
  • literary creativity
  • law
  • economics
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