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The best private schools in Germany for foreign students

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The best private schools in Germany for foreign students

Leading private boarding schools in Germany

Among European countries, it is the elite and prestigious private secondary boarding schools in Germany that are very popular among foreign students, in addition, German private schools occupy high positions in various rankings. Elite German private boarding schools maintain high educational standards, in connection with which, after graduation, graduates will be able to freely become students of a ranking university, both in Germany and other countries of the world, as well as successfully and prospectively find a job.

The key advantage of studying in leading private boarding schools and gymnasiums in Germany is due to the study of two foreign languages at the same time, namely German and English. As you know, English has the status of an international language of communication, and therefore, its knowledge will make a foreign graduate more in demand on the international labor market. From the walls of advanced German educational institutions, a foreign student comes out as a truly highly qualified and valuable specialist.

Upon reaching the age of 14, a foreign student can enter the best private boarding schools and colleges in Germany, that is, only at the end of grade 8, 9. This situation is due to the enactment of a special law on the regions of Germany. However, some leading German boarding schools with an impeccable reputation are admitting foreign students from 10 to 12 years old, however, teaching will be conducted in German. SMAPSE experts note an interesting fact that after the end of grade 11, graduates have an excellent opportunity to undergo education in the framework of the Studienkolleg educational program, and in a year become a student of a ranking state university in Germany.

Tuition at the best German private boarding schools for foreign students

The cost of obtaining German secondary education in leading private boarding schools on a full board basis ranges from 24,000  to 40,000  per year.

The procedure for admission to the top private boarding schools in Germany - a list of required documents.

For successful admission to the advanced private boarding school in Germany, it is necessary to provide a standard list of documents, as well as demonstrate the admission committee a fairly good level of language and academic knowledge. The following is a list of documents that are required to be submitted to a foreign student upon admission to a German leading boarding school:

  • Copy of your passport;
  • grades tables for the last two academic years, as well as grades for quarters / trimesters of the current academic year;
  • availability of an international language certificate;
  • a letter of recommendation from teachers in mathematics and English, in some cases it is worth providing a letter from the principal;
  • in some cases, it is worth providing a motivation letter;
  • filling out school registration forms and forms;
  • skype interviewing or visiting a german school.

In addition, foreign students are required to undergo internal school tests in English and mathematics to determine an adequate level of preparation of subjects at the time of enrollment in a private boarding school in Germany.

German school system

The duration of study in Germany is 13 years, that is, starting from primary school and ending with high school, in the framework of which effective preparation for entering a top university, both in Germany and other countries, is carried out. In Germany, secondary education is mandatory. Note that education in leading public boarding schools in Germany is absolutely free. Only if necessary, payment is required for excursions, stationery purchases, copying of additional educational materials, etc.

Considering the structure of school education, it is divided into two stages, namely primary and high school. As a rule, the duration of studies in a primary boarding school in Germany is 4 years, with the exception of Berlin and Branddenburg, in educational institutions which are 2 classes longer in primary grades. In this connection, after reaching the age of six, the child enters the German boarding school, and moves on to the next educational level at the age of 10-12.

SMAPSE experts draw your attention to the fact that as part of entering the first grade of primary school in Germany, the child is required to speak German at the European level B1, in other words, threshold. In the case of insufficient German language proficiency, the enrollment of a child may be delayed for at least a year in a German leading boarding school. After the course of subjects in elementary school, the distribution of students in different types of schools based on the level of abilities is provided.

In the case of getting low marks on the output testing, as a rule, a student is enrolled in basic schools. After being educated at this German school, the graduate has the opportunity to receive a vocational education or start working with a low level of pay.

If primary school graduates have demonstrated an average level of knowledge, then they can be distributed in real schools in which teaching is based on focusing on specific professional areas that students are interested in. At the time of graduation, graduates are given a full certificate of maturity, however, further education is possible only in technical schools.

In Germany, admission to a prestigious high school is possible for those students who have successfully completed primary school. Note that the most prestigious in Germany are state gymnasiums. However, the process of entering this type of German educational institution is extremely difficult, the main requirement for applicants is to receive a letter of recommendation from the first teacher. The target audience for passing in the ranking state gymnasiums in Germany are students who plan to get higher education in leading universities in European countries. Directly in grades 11-12, students are effectively preparing for admission to ranking universities in Germany. At the end of the preparation, the Abitur final exam is provided, based on the results obtained, the graduate can be enrolled in a preferred German university without writing an entrance test.

The best international schools in Germany for foreign students 

The target audience for studying at leading German international schools is foreign students seeking to get a quality education that matches the German educational system. In order to effectively overcome the language barrier for foreign students, language courses operate on the basis of boarding schools. However, for admission to a ranking international school in Germany, a foreign student must speak German and English, which corresponds to the European level B2. In addition, elite German international schools offer foreign students the widest list of additional educational services that are aimed at the comprehensive development of the personality of a student.

Top German private boarding schools for foreign students

The leading private boarding schools in Germany are characterized by the high cost of education. At the same time, as part of entering private boarding schools, a good level of knowledge of the German language is required, higher than when entering German international schools. If you need to improve skills in the German language, you will need to attend additional classes for a fee. It should be noted that, choosing private German schools, foreign students will simultaneously study and live on school grounds.

A truly picturesque location of educational buildings and campuses deserves special attention, in particular, some are located in nature, at a distance from the bustle of the city, thereby creating comfortable conditions for comprehending academic subjects.

The list of the TOP-5 best boarding schools in Germany:

It is worth noting that in the overwhelming majority of elite frequent boarding schools, teaching is carried out in accordance with the author's pedagogical systems of Waldorf or Montessori. In the leading boarding schools in Germany, which adhere to the Montessori system, foreign students acquire skills in self-knowledge of the world, they only indicate the direction towards the goal. As for the Waldorf schools, there is no psychological impact on the students, in addition, they are not given grades until the last classes.

German grading system

In leading German schools, students are given grades in the opposite order. In addition, Germany's leading boarding schools practice a six-point grading system. Below is a scale for assessing student knowledge:

  • 6 - very bad
  • 5 - unsatisfactory
  • 4 - very mediocre
  • 3 - satisfactory at a sufficient level
  • 2- good
  • 1 is very good.

Ranking of top private boarding schools in Germany

Research in the field of education was conducted by the leading German magazine Capital. Based on these studies, the top German public boarding schools were identified. Below is a list of the TOP-5 best schools, namely (listed in descending order):

  • Bonn Boyel Joint School
  • Gymnasium Ahern
  • College of St. Alloysius
  • Odenwald School
  • Grammar school - Hagerhof castle.

These educational institutions provide for accommodation of foreign students during the period of study. The educational process is funded by the state budget. At the same time, the costs associated with living and eating a student are borne by the student's parents. As for the cost of education in these ranking boarding schools in Germany, it varies from 14,500  to 24,000 per year.

Once again, SMAPSE experts note the variety of educational programs that are available to foreign students. As part of the eduaction in the best German boarding schools, there is a physical, aesthetic development. In addition, the level of language skills in English and German is being improved significantly.

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