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Oxford High School Education

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Oxford High School Education

This article about secondary schools in Oxford will tell you in detail about the possibilities of learning, all the positive aspects of the issue, will familiarize you with the prices and help you choose the right option for Oxford for your child. The topic of education abroad is very relevant in our time, so SMAPSE experts carefully studied this topic and readily presented in the article the most important and correct information. Think about how your child’s life will change if he gets an education at one of Oxford’s leading schools. Do not miss the unique opportunity of a great future.

Choosing an educational institution is always an important step that determines your future life. Studying at high school in Oxford is the best you can give your child. Great Britain is one of the countries that is known for its level of education around the world. The advantages of studying at secondary schools in Oxford with confidence include the following points:

Oxford is distinguished by its ancient teaching traditions, which have become a real classic of educational programs. It is a small educational city in which you can meet a huge number of students from different countries who came to fulfill their dream and become a student at Oxford University, one of the top five educational institutions. During the education, students will be able to get acquainted with the ancient history of the city, immerse themselves in the culture of Great Britain, increase their level of language proficiency, meet students from all over the world.

Oxford High School Education Programs

If you want to go to high school in Oxford and get a quality British education, then you will have the opportunity to undergo education under the GCSE program. The General Certificate of Secondary Education is a program that includes compulsory study of 2 subjects (mathematics and English) and 4-6 subjects to choose from (they may vary depending on the internal program of the school you were accepted into). Traditionally, the following disciplines are offered to students in the framework of this program:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • English literature
  • Business disciplines
  • One of the foreign languages (usually Spanish, German or French)
  • Accounting Basics
  • Statistics
  • Information Technology
  • Art.

The child can choose those subjects that are interesting to him or those that he will study in depth in the future when he enters one of the universities in the UK .

Each foreign student has the opportunity to undergo this program either, as expected, in two years, or according to the accelerated plan in one. The two-year GSCE program will enable the child to fully master all the necessary subjects, and the one-year GSCE courses are designed for those foreign students who have an English level higher than the rest.
All educators at Oxford’s leading high schools are professional. They know very well how to motivate students, how to make learning easy and enjoyable, how to instill a desire to learn new things, grow and develop. If the child is ready to receive knowledge, then he will certainly be a candidate for admission to one of the best universities not only in the UK (Oxford, Cambridge), but also around the world. In addition to the teachers who work with small classes, each student is provided a personal coordinator who helped to develop an academic program and student makes a pleasant stay not only in school but also outside it.

It should be noted that Oxford high schools are divided into:

  • schools for boys;
  • schools for girls;
  • blended schools.

This division does not affect the quality of secondary education in high school in Oxford. Parents can choose the option that is most suitable for the student.

Education at leading high schools in Oxford is divided into 3 semesters: autumn, spring, summer and is interactive in nature - all students are taught to exchange ideas, participate in debates and discussions. Foreign students are actively involved in the process of cognition, conduct experiments, work in a team and learn from experience scientific phenomena and laws.

Admission of international students to high school in Oxford

In order for a foreign student to become a student of one of the leading high schools in Oxford and receive a prestigious education that will be the start of his successful future, you need to go through a short interview with members of the admissions committee. If you do not have the opportunity to attend the interview, then it can be done via Skype. As a student, you will need to write a language test to confirm your IELTS test results . Each school has its own rules for testing and its types of assignments. As a rule, testing consists of 3-4 tasks, including listening, reading, grammar and essay. The test results should confirm the level of foreign knowledge that will be sufficient for free education in the English-speaking environment and further admission to the best universities in the UK. The program provides additional classes in English for foreign students, but for a fee.

Also, for secondary education in the UK, parents must provide a package of required documents, which includes:

  • characteristic for a child from last school;
  • report cards for the last 2 years of study;
  • motivation letter;
  • registration fee receipt.

Even at the admission stage, the examination commissions pay attention to the extracurricular successes and talents of the future student, so it is recommended to start preparing for admission no later than 1 year before admission. Perform an assessment of knowledge, if necessary, tighten the level of the language, prepare the student for entrance exams and education in a system unfamiliar to him.

It is also better to pre-process applications and other documents, as there are many people who want to get a secondary education at a secondary school in Oxford, and there are a limited number of places. Before the foreign student goes to study, you must provide:

  • application for accommodation in a boarding house or foster family;
  • tuition receipt;
  • documents confirming the availability and payment of the guardian;
  • securities confirming the presence of a deposit in a British bank in an amount equal to the cost of one trimester.

Accommodation and meals for foreign students at a high school in Oxford

Most private high schools in Oxford are located in green areas and surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Vast and safe areas with educational buildings, residences, playing fields and parks are a great place for your children. All the boarding schools where foreign students are accommodated are equipped with laboratories for practical classes, computer classes, a library with a wide selection of scientific and fiction, sports grounds and art studios, a swimming pool and a theater. Students can engage in art in any style, genre, direction, attend sports sections and just relax in nature in good company.

There are currently two options for accommodating students:

  • accommodation in a boarding house that belongs to their high school;
  • foster home accommodation that the high school will select specifically for your child.

The hostel is suitable for active and sociable students, and homestay is a good choice for those who want to learn not only the language, but also the local culture and completely immerse themselves in another environment. During the holidays and weekends, students leave the school grounds and live outside the residence. Parents can constantly keep in touch with their child, and visit him at any time, having previously notified the administration.

Usually, all foreign students who come to study at a secondary school in Oxford are populated in 3-4-bed rooms with all the amenities inside. All hostels have kitchens where students can always have a snack or drink tea in the evenings, as well as rooms for games and watching TV. Small stores sell stationery, essentials and, of course, sweets.

All students receive a healthy and balanced diet. As well as a high level of medical care. A doctor and a nurse are on duty 24 hours a day at the boarding houses. Students are provided with 3 meals a day, which is negotiated with parents in advance. The child’s menu is based on the characteristics of health, the presence of diets, nationality or religion.

The commandant constantly monitors the order in the hostel, so your child will never be alone.

Additional activities of international students in high school in Oxford

Many famous British athletes, directors, writers, actors and musicians found their calling when they were in school. Teachers at top high schools in Oxford pay great attention to extracurricular activities and the development of the personality of foreign students. After classes and on weekends, all students participate with interest in theatrical productions, music concerts and literary evenings. It is necessary to develop comprehensively, therefore, schools organize student exhibitions, fashion shows and amateur student contests that help students from different countries make friends. Studying at a high school in Oxford necessarily includes tours of the city, its environs and local attractions. On weekends, theme parties are often organized to introduce foreign students to local traditions, culture and national cuisine.

No one high school in Oxford forgets about sports. The educational institution has its own teams in various sports, which is useful from the point of view of strengthening health and morale.

Foreign students can try themselves in variety of sports games: athletics, badminton, basketball, water polo, golf, rowing, karate, cricket, sailing, swimming, rugby, squash, kayaking, shooting, tennis and table tennis, eventing, fencing, football, hockey. Sports training should be a part of every student's educational program.

Each student will be able to find something for himself, because the list of extracurricular activities in all high schools in the UK is extremely wide. Sports sections and cultural events positively affect the physical development of students, and all kinds of competitions develop creative abilities, critical thinking, leadership skills and teamwork. This is useful for the socialization of the child, and for the acquisition of new skills and competencies. Getting a secondary education at one of the best high schools in Oxford, your child combines business with pleasure. Everything in the learning process in the UK is aimed at developing and developing a strong personality. Students are becoming more competitive for future employers.

Tuition fees in Oxford High School for foreign students

If you plan to send your child to one of the leading high schools in Oxford, you will have to pay a decent amount. The cost of education can vary from 21,600 £ to 43,980 £ per year. The price usually includes comfortable accommodation, multiple and varied meals, educational materials, medical insurance and 2-3 extensive excursions.

Additionally paid:

  • Airplane tickets and transfer to the place of residence;
  • Visa fees;
  • Registration fee;
  • School confirmation deposit;
  • Semester deposit;
  • Guardian Agency Registration Fee;
  • Guardianship;
  • Language testing to determine the level of language.

Perhaps in the process of studying at a high school in Oxford, your child will want to enroll in additional courses in compulsory school subjects, additional English lessons or go on an excursion to the suburbs, so you need to think and allocate money for this in advance. Do not forget that the student will probably need pocket money to buy souvenirs from the UK or have a bite to eat in one of the cozy cafes on the territory of the Oxford campus. There is no exact amount, so each parent decides how much money to give the child for small expenses.

Summing up, SMAPSE experts would like to note once again that the leading high schools in Oxford are famous for their high level of teaching and a special approach to the educational process, the main purpose of which is to teach the child to think critically, analyze data and effectively apply his knowledge. Parents regularly receive a full report on the child's performance, his successes, behavior, compliance with the rules. Students are also assisted in preparing their homework, which simplifies adaptation and improves academic performance.

The quality of education at Oxford every year is confirmed by the first lines in world rankings. The academic base, educational resources and modern equipment of classes at Oxford high schools allows students to receive a high-quality education. High schools in Oxford offer a variety of curricula with in-depth study of school subjects and foreign languages. Getting a secondary education in the UK, your child will not only master the English language perfectly, but will also receive a diploma that will ensure him admission to one of the top universities in the world. Oxford High School is good manners, self-reliance and discipline. After graduation, the student will have many connections with foreign colleagues and many opportunities to implement their plans.

The best secondary private schools in Oxford for foreign students

According to The Guardian, Oxford's private schools are far ahead of public schools. Of the students who were enrolled in prestigious universities in 2018, 11% graduated from public schools, 38% - private. SMAPSE experts have prepared for you a list of the best Oxford secondary private schools:

  • Headington school
  • Oxford High School GDST
  • Radley college
  • St. Helen and St. Katharine
  • Magdalen College school
  • Our Lady's Abingdon
  • Tudor Hall school
  • St. Edward's school

If you have decided that your child should get a secondary education at one of the prestigious high schools in Oxford, then SMAPSE experienced specialists are ready to help in choosing the most suitable living conditions and the most popular educational program. SMAPSE employees are well versed in the UK secondary education system and professionally approaching the issue of educating foreign students abroad. SMAPSE experts are ready to advise you in detail on all issues at any convenient time and in any convenient way.

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