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North Star Academy, North Star Academy

Address: 950 Rue Élodie-Boucher, Laval, QC H7W 0C6, Canada
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Description North Star Academy, North Star Academy

  • Location: Laval, Quebec, Canada;
  • Students age: 13-18 years old;
  • Number of students: 150 people;
  • Language of instruction: English, French;
  • Type of study: private school of mixed learning.

North Star Academy Laval is the only private English high school on the North Shore, in the province of Quebec. The school adheres to modern methods, welcomes international students who are ready to learn in a variety of ways. Small educational groups are committed to personalized learning, programs and strategies, and guides students to develop at their own pace within high academic standards. The online system allows to stay connected at home, knowing when lessons are scheduled, the child's results are published, provides clear planning and easy access at any time.

Making the world accessible to students, introducing them to the world is a key area of the school's work, connecting students with society through volunteer projects and travel.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in North Star Academy, North Star Academy

Program name
from 31 500 $CAD / year

Quick overview: North Star Academy High School for Grades 7-8 is an important period for international students transitioning from elementary to high school. Teenage students require a delicate balance of support and freedom. Teachers take an individual approach to everyone, make learning meaningful by helping students connect school learning with the real world through:

  • Competitions based on locally and nationally recognized curricula;
  • Educational excursions;
  • Motivating guest speakers;
  • Local, national and international travel.

Technology is permeating everyday teaching and learning. Through the use of Google Classroom, students use their iPads to collaborate, explore, develop academic skills, and acquire skills for living in an ever-changing world. Parents receive a weekly class activity report and access to Dash's online communication system, where they can see up-to-date information on assignments, homework and grades.

from 31 500 $CAD / year

Brief information: North Star Academy High School for Grades 9-11 prides itself on offering international students a dynamic curriculum that prepares them for their upcoming transition to CEGEP University. At this level, the choice of programs begins to expand in accordance with the interests and goals of the students.

The program includes disciplines:

  • More mathematics and science options;
  • Advanced English and French programs;
  • Basics of Finance;
  • Music and visual arts;
  • Advanced Music and Sports Classes;
  • Purposeful volunteer activities to expand their competence.

Much emphasis is placed on ensuring that students are exposed to a variety of career options, experiences and opportunities. Professional guest visits, field trips and projects help students explore their own skills, abilities, and interests in the world of work. Students receive guidance from instructors in preparation for applying for CEGEP programs.

Quick overview: Grade 12 program - an opportunity to get a Canadian high school diploma, prepare to apply to one of the best colleges or universities located in Montreal or anywhere else in the world. North Star Academy Laval's 12th Grade Program offers a wide variety of courses to suit each student's interests and goals.

North Star Academy Laval uses a mixed learning approach to offer students a unique and quality education. Students work with Canadian experts in a virtual learning environment and under the guidance of local certified teachers. Experienced teachers ensure that all students set achievable goals, master the methods to achieve successful results, and receive academic advice.

Main advantages of the program:

  • Students will establish strong contacts with students from all over the world: learning in a multicultural environment;
  • Participation in North Star Academy Laval events and opportunities;
  • Personalized support when applying to a college or university;
  • Lessons with tutors;
  • Students earn an Ontario High School Diploma (OSSD), which is highly regarded by universities around the world and Canada, including Quebec;
  • Ontario Secondary Education Diploma (OSSD) requires 30 credits over grades 9-12;
  • Participation in community service;
  • OSSLT (Ontario High School Literacy Test).

Accommodation, housing and food

Accommodation at the North Star Academy Laval School Residence is a wonderful experience for international and local students. A warm and welcoming atmosphere reigns here, children are under constant supervision. Curators not only look after the dorms - they are ready to provide support when students are homesick or have difficulties at school.

Students at North Star Academy Laval Residences become part of a small, secure community that allows them to grow personally, socially. Living in a hostel forms respect for oneself, others, one's environment, study, and forms a mature, independent attitude towards life, responsibility, and self-discipline among students.

Accommodation conditions:

  • Single or double occupancy with private bathroom;
  • Fully equipped kitchen, bedding;
  • Laundry service;
  • Meals, snacks and healthy snacks;
  • Transport to school;
  • 24-hour supervision;
  • Monthly excursions;
  • Weekly student activities;
  • High speed internet access;
  • ESL courses;
  • Consulting students.

Family is another way to immerse yourself in Canadian culture. This is a good way to get an idea of everyday life in Canada, the best source of information about what is happening in the region.

Homestay provides complete immersion in English and Canadian culture with personal attention. Students living with Canadian families learn first-hand about Canadian holidays, traditions, food, films, music.

Events North Star Academy, North Star Academy

North Star Academy Laval provides student athletes with a favorable environment, allows them to achieve academic success and continue their sports career.

North Star Academy Laval participates in the Somang hockey development program, develops experienced hockey players who travel the world to participate in specialized camps, schools, programs, leagues in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia.

Participants in the hockey program get the opportunity to learn and develop under the guidance of one of the best technical coaches in North America, François Landreville. With over 50 games a year and 5 training sessions a week, these teams are making it big.

Students explore Canada's rich history, cultural experiences through tours, trips, social activities that are planned throughout the year. Students have the opportunity to actively participate in Canadian, international holidays.


  • North Star Academy Laval offers the most modern educational programs: students are heterogeneous in their abilities, teaching methods, they receive a lot of information. Students learn the curriculum through a variety of sources, learn to solve complex problems that go beyond disciplinary boundaries. The Academy strives to use learning tools that will provide a structure and collaborative learning environment for all students.
  • Each student receives attention due to the small size of the classes, the collective approach to teaching everyone.
  • Being safe and secure, knowing that your child is in good hands in high school provides peace of mind and confidence for parents.
  • The school offers many motivating activities:
    • Weekly extracurricular activities;
    • Guest speakers;
    • Volunteer projects;
    • Community outreach;
    • Competitions.
  • Students get to know the world through a variety of channels, from local volunteers to travel across Canada and overseas, as they continue to grow and recognize themselves during key years of their lives.
  • All North Star Academy Laval graduates complete their studies and successfully enter college.

Equipment North Star Academy, North Star Academy

North Star Academy Laval infrastructure includes:

  • Classrooms / study areas;
  • Sports facilities (basketball, volleyball, football, badminton);
  • Cafeteria (fully equipped kitchen, refrigerators, freezer, stove, coffee maker);
  • Playgrounds.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

List of services to pay additionally to tuition fee:

  • Tutorials;
  • Laboratory exercises;
  • Educational excursions;
  • Extracurricular activities at school;
  • Specialized technology services;
  • ESL classes;
  • Non-refundable application fee;
  • Non-refundable registration fee.

Fot detailed information please contact to SMAPSE manager.

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

International students from most foreign countries must apply for a CAQ and obtain a study permit.

Stages of admission:

  • Complete an online application for admission or complete an application for admission and mail all additional documents;
  • If the application is completed correctly and the report card is satisfactory, the school will send an acceptance letter;
  • With a letter of acceptance, participants apply for a CAQ;
  • After obtaining the CAQ, you will be able to apply for a study permit.

Scholarships North Star Academy, North Star Academy

North Star Academy Laval offers discounts for families with 2-3 children attending school. Family Discounts are available to families who are Canadian citizens or have a Permanent Resident Card and are resident in the Greater Montreal area.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

North Star Academy, North Star Academy reviews

Recommendations on when to apply

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