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2018-07-30 11:56:40

Learning from the first mouth of schoolgirls

Learning from the first mouth of schoolgirls

Hello everyone! We are Muscovites, Vera and Angelina, we study in one gymnasium. Our parents really want us to get the best education. We do not mind, especially since we have to travel not to the "board of noble maidens", but to a modern English school Uppingham . Parents are happy with the fact that it has a centuries-old history, and we - by the fact that the study of the language will be combined with active rest and communication with foreign peers.

We have already been abroad many times in summer camps . Now I wanted to change the situation, if I may say so, to improve my language level.

We are very grateful to the company Smapse , thanks to which we entered the number of pupils of the oldest school in England . We are waiting for new impressions and acquaintances!


I have been to England, but as a "baggage". My parents took me with them several times. I was still small, but this country impressed my imagination already then. The greatest admiration was from people who I still did not understand well, and real fairy-tale castles, ancient and mysterious.

I hope that this trip will bring me, apart from impressions, a certain experience. Experience in communication, conversation, understandingEnglish .


England is for me something of a standard. I can not say that in those summer camps, where I already visited, it was not interesting. Simply, probably, during this time I learned something, and now I want to know even more. From the "first mouth." Where else can you hear English in its "primary source"? I hope that my first acquaintance with this country will be pleasant and useful.

Day One

When the plane had already climbed into the sky, it gripped the feeling of longing: for parents, friends, home city. How there will meet us "foggy Albion"? Joyous expectations were slightly overshadowed by the understanding that from summer we fly into a dull autumn. Probably, therefore, by the end of the flight, we began to regret our decision.

Fortunately, England welcomed us hospitably. Both the weather and the staff of the school that was engaged in our accommodation were friendly and seemed genuinely happy about our arrival.

The road to the school took away the last strength, so the only desire was to rest.


It was a bit strange that the students did not sit in the classrooms and did not listen to the lectures of the "dumbledores". The school looked like a beehive.

We also had to pass the testing procedure for knowledge of English and distribution by groups.


No matter how much we wanted to be together, we got into different groups. It did not make sense to argue, that's why we received personal badges, which, according to the rules of the school, we must now wear constantly. Vera was in the group "Black Dragons". I'm in the Reds.

Until the supper we were engaged in unpacking suitcases. And after the "meal" in the new situation, they became spectators of team competitions. This is the first tradition, about which we learned on the spot. Every evening at school competitions are held between groups, and it is not in sports, but in performing creative tasks. Hmm, if the first day in school is so full, then what will happen next ...

Day Two

On the first day of study, we were explained by the "local orders", and during the day we managed to test the "English method" of training.

I must say that we had to get used not only to a clear order, which the British were famous for the whole world, but also to traditional food. Breakfast is more like a morning "snack", so for dinner "sucked" in the pitcher. Fortunately, we are able to cook dishes that are familiar to us here, so during the lunch break we managed to restore our "vitamin balance".

The first part of the training is communicative. That is, we were given time to get acquainted with other students, and then we did practical assignments. Training time lasts a long time, so we managed to communicate with virtually all groupmates.

In the evening, scrolling the events of the past day in my head, I managed to somehow organize my impressions: with regard to the English language, we were not mistaken. From the first minutes of the lesson it became clear that there is much to learn. In addition, in the classroom we managed not only to pass the theory, but also to practice in practice: we worked in a team, performing rather strange tasks of the teacher, during which we had to reincarnate as a traveling salesman and offer our products to everyone present. "The first pancake" for us was "not a lump", which we both were very pleased.

Yes, something about the system for assessing personal achievements. Before the beginning of the classes, apparently the main "botanists" and activists were awarded special bracelets.

In general, the whole academic part was not much different from the usual one, only it was organized with an emphasis on our active participation. In this case, after dinner, we were waiting for a surprise. The so-called "Workshops" is something! This is something similar to a club of interests. I liked very much that the directions for applied art were chosen very modern: you can shoot videos, do your own handicrafts, try yourself in the art of photography and in graffiti. You can try yourself and look for a business that you like most.

If you thought that this day was over, then it was very wrong. After work in the creative workshop, we had the opportunity to work out in sports. By the way, this requirement is not mandatory, those who want to devote this time to music or dancing, can happily do it within the walls of the school.

Day Three

On Sunday, the strict schedule changes slightly. Training sessions in the morning there, so we did not deny ourselves the opportunity to lie in bed for longer. Nevertheless, the rest of the day is built as usual, that is, we are going to the workshop.

Most likely, we will not be able to get a bracelet for diligence. Still, the experience is not enough for us, so we can not yet boast of special successes. Constantly behind the group!

Afternoon is dedicated to horseback riding this time, which in itself caused a storm of emotions. Of course, we already had to ride horses, but it was still unexpected.

The walk took place a few kilometers from the school, the school bus drove us to the stable. To be honest, we got different impressions from this walk. On the one hand, these are beautiful animals that are brought up as well as the English themselves. None of us during the "experiment" was hurt, but for the first time, probably, this is the main thing. Another impression is the smell. We returned home, surrounded by such a "perfume" that everyone shied away from us.

Seeing that the school expects us a "dinner party", we relaxed. Now wash off and enjoy the rest "with the aroma of barbecue."

And after a wonderful dinner, we were able to "draw" well to the sound of disco. I would like to note that the evening program at the Uppingham school we liked very much. It is rather difficult for us to switch from one lesson to another, albeit very interesting. In the evening we fall asleep with difficulty, because emotions beat over the edge.

Day Four

Monday is a heavy day, but Uppingham was able to surprise us. As we understood, no one was going to conduct classes on the template here. In the English classes we again improvised: first we wrote the written tasks, then we switched to a constructive conversation. The bottom line was that the same situation was described by two different people, and we had to find a discrepancy between them.

After practicing in deduction, we went to the rooms to wait for dinner. And after it we had to improve our skills at the workshop. Today we were able to finish our work, keeping up with classmates. Even ahead of time. There were no sports events planned, so we decided to try ourselves in photojournalism.

It turned out that the matter is not quite simple. Even with a cool camera, you need to know some secrets of getting good shots. In addition, you need to be able to find the right angle and a lot of nuances. Our professional guide from the school activists (remember, they were given special bracelets) drove us to different corners of the city. The spectacle was something else, because we were hung with cameras and loudly discussed each new frame. It seemed that after this campaign we can safely open a photo exhibition about the everyday life held in the school. Almost all the "photojournalists" on their return home quickly reported on the "work done" in social networks, and then a few more days they read the laudatory comments on their social websites.

In the evening, we were waiting for mass events, consisting of several tours. Their main goal is to ensure that by the end of the competition all students become like a "miracle miraculous", smeared with various edible products. Practically all the students coped with this task, because upon returning to the room with no less gaiety than during the evening activity, water procedures were taken.

Day five

This day brought us the impressions for which many of us came to England. We had a trip to London . Probably, the organizers a little hurried, having told us this news at the beginning of the day, because all of its next part we were in dreams and could not cope with the usual tasks in English lessons.

During the training part of the day we worked in groups, listened to lectures on the history of the British capital, its cultural and political life. It was very interesting, as, and we already talked about this, the training takes place in an atmosphere of active activity, which includes not only the implementation of traditional written exercises and tests, but also a workshop.

Last time we were salesmen, today we acted as buyers with "bad character". The second group did not manage to sell us their goods, in spite of the fact that even the teacher came to their aid. We were pedantic and suspicious as true Englishmen and did not allow ourselves to be deceived. We are so accustomed to the role that the news of the end of the lesson took us by surprise.

Honestly, the daily workshop became a difficult test for us, because our leaders gave very creative tasks. Of course, we, of course, coped with them, but seeing how well the matter is arguing in the hands of our classmates, felt a slight resentment.

Next, it was necessary to put in order the photographic material that was filmed the day before. Despite the fact that in social networks, following the results of a survey of friends and curious, we have already been given the title of "fantastically talented photographer", we had to bring our collection to perfection, select the most "live" pictures, remove the blurred pictures. It was not without fun, because almost all the participants of the photo-trip had pictures with photolaps, the heroes of which were ordinary passers-by, we, our "super-active" master. By the end of the session, a whole bale had gathered, so it was decided to arrange two exhibitions: one of the best pictures, the other of the failed ones. Let's see which one will bring together a large audience.

In high spirits, we went to sports. Today we had to play tennis. We realized that it's too early for us to dream of participating in the Wimbledon tournament, since tennis, in addition to being a beautiful sport, requires high skill and endurance. We decided that we need to try ourselves in other sports.

Ahead of us was a daily party, to which we came completely devastated and with a single desire - to sit in silence and rest.

It was not there. The music thundered on the dance floor, which was supported by all the dancers. We could not stay away and started dancing with other students. At the end of the evening we got so carried away that the dance floor turned into a kind of gathering of the insane: complete freedom of action and unreasonable fun.

Surprisingly, we fell asleep very quickly, apparently, had physical fatigue, which overcame the desire to discuss the past day.

Day of the sixth

Yesterday ended on a very high note, so it's not hard to guess that on the most long-awaited day of our schooling we slept together. Gathering on the move, we realized that today will not be bored.

On the bus, we unanimously discussed the events of the last day. At the same time, each of us was in some sort of euphoria. The expectation of meeting with the greatest city in the world has not brought us peace. When the usual landscapes began to change, all were silent and silently looked quickly past the pictures outside the bus window. The stupor vanished at the moment when we saw the outlines of the most real London.

Looking ahead, I want to say that this day as if opened a new page in our life. We all already had time to travel around the world and saw a lot. But to get acquainted with London, knowing its history, cultural and political, we had to overcome the feeling of admiration and surprise.

It is clear that in one day you can not see the whole city. But we visited the most famous places. First there was a trip across the Thames, where would you think? Of course, to the famous Big Ben. The countdown of the "new time" began precisely with him. Next was a long walk on the London pavement. Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, the famous Covent Garden. We seemed to be imbued with an unknown spirit. The architecture of London can not be compared with anything we saw before. Buildings built several centuries ago, did not cause a sense of "rarity", so organically they were combined with a life that literally bubbled around.

Apparently, not only we were seized by a mixed feeling of delight and respect. We constantly met groups of tourists in a literal sense "with open mouths". The Japanese looked very ridiculous, which, against the backdrop of the majestic buildings, looked like a bit of a hobbit, trapped in a magical city.

Before going back to school, we were given the opportunity to marvel at the affability of local shops. Shopping took us about a couple of hours, a little more time was spent refreshing before the road.


When I was asked if I had been to London, I answered in the affirmative. Today I realized that my childhood memories did not deceive me. The sensation that has remained with me since childhood, today has become deeper and more distinct. Of course, I saw a lot again, but perceived the environment as a meeting after a long separation. From this it became even more joyful. As if you came to an old friend, who did not become closer to you from a long separation. I'm happy! My dream has come true!


Getting acquainted with London, despite the fact that I so much aspired to it, brought me conflicting feelings. It is very different from everything I've seen before. First of all, I am grateful to the school for the opportunity not only to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also to live its life. Understanding how much more discoveries can be done, knowing the language perfectly, came at once. This is one of the most memorable days in my life.

During the return trip, we vividly shared impressions, beating the little skits that occurred during the tour.

Until the last day we could not calm down. The fires of London seemed to us outside the window.

The seventh day

This day was the end of the working week. As you understand from our story, students come to school all the time, throughout the summer season. Therefore, we still had to continue our studies, and some of our friends had to leave.

The expectation of separation changed not only the atmosphere of the English lesson, but also its course. We were not active, so the teachers were practically desperate to draw something from us. Nevertheless, we had to fulfill all planned tasks.

A familiar schedule can not be violated under any circumstances - these are the rules of the school. So we had to go to the workshop, and so we wanted to retire and talk with our new friends.

It's good that we have activists who did not allow spoiling the mood to all those present. Absolutely spontaneously, a farewell show was organized, on which all our works were presented. The action was accompanied by comical comments, so we finally stopped moping. It was decided to "raise the flag" and "follow the same course." Life goes on.

Almost no excuses for sadness. Many of our classmates have successfully passed the certification exams on the language, which means that attending the school was not only pleasant for them, but also useful.

In general, thanks to our departing friends, this day turned into a "victory parade", because on the scene there were always students who received awards and encouragement on behalf of the administration.

The farewell party was held in the same vein. A lot of good music, attentive DJ, sincere conversations with new friends. When the party began to turn into an easy bacchanalia, it was decided to hold a farewell photo session and exchange contacts.

As we moved around the rooms, we talked about our life at school until the night.

The eighth day

This day can not be called particularly interesting. We were still impressed by the farewell to our new friends, so "the hands did not lie to anything."

But there is nothing to do, we must go further. After graduation, each student who applied for the Trinity exam should pass it. This exam is quite complicated, besides, we were going to raise our level. There were a lot of work to be done. Knowledge of knowledge, but it was necessary to do a lot of organizational and preparatory work.

During the testing, we must demonstrate not only the level of proficiency in spoken language, but also the ability to write correctly in English, understand the questions of the examiner and answer them. The test is carried out individually, so you can not hide behind your neighbor's back. Yes, we do not need it. Each of us simply "burned" with the desire to master this musical language in perfection and tried to do everything in its power for this.

On the same day, new students arrived, so on returning to the rooms we had to work as guides: to show newcomers local sights, to explain the local order.

Then again there were classes at the club. We again went to tennis. The excitement of the game made it possible to disconnect from sad thoughts. By the end of the training I only wanted one thing - rest.

The content of the evening activists was an intellectual investigation. We had to draw a portrait of one of those present on the basis of the available data. At first, things moved without interest, but then we got involved, felt like real Sherlock.

Hooray! Finally, the Red Dragons became winners.

Day the ninth

At the end of the calendar week, each of us feels a complete breakdown. The emotions of the last two days seemed to have devastated all the energy reserves, so the arrival of the morning did not please us at all. We did not sleep well, so we went to classes with a keen desire to nibble somewhere.

Teachers, apparently, experienced the same feelings, because the classes were somehow standard. Nevertheless, all the work that was planned, we did.

Then again it was necessary to go to the workshop, and the desire to fall asleep right on the steps of the school still did not leave us. The weather was not on our side, the sun was hidden. There was a feeling that nature also wanted to relax.

Nothing to do. We are going to shoot a news movie. Sad bustle finally began to acquire a more meaningful character, probably because the work needed to be done very much. A news film is a full-fledged news release. Each group was given a certain heading. We had to find a topic, remove the plot, mount it and voice it. The work so captured us, that we forgot about our sadness-sadness. I wanted to somehow stand out, get praise from teachers and marks of respect from other students. In the end, we have been at school for more than a week, we must show what we are capable of!

Not for the sake of boasting, but for the sake of justice we can say that we coped with this task, since the rubric we shot was, according to general opinion, recognized as the best one.

At the end of the workshop we went to the training. Today we again played tennis. For some reason I did not want to play football or go to the dance. Especially since in the evening again there was a mass party in the framework of the dance show.

We have advanced not only in school and in practice, but also in sports. In any case, our coach was pleased with us. We managed to play in pairs. We are still far from professionals, but it seems that now we play fairly tolerably enough to participate in local competitions.

In the evening, as already mentioned, we were expected to "dance until I fall". And in the literal sense of the word. It turned out that among the pupils of the school there are real street dancers. What they do on the dance floor can not be described. All the others, infected with such energy, tried to imitate, naturally, they fell, got up, but it looked like an element of dance. Therefore, no one complexed, and reveled in his "skill".

The tenth day

That's Sunday. We will not deceive anyone, but this day we are waiting like no other. Firstly, there are no training sessions in the morning, which we use in our own way. Simply put, we sleep. Then we went to the workshop. There was an order for shooting a whole series of news, only now it had to be done in certain areas: sports, art, social life.

Then we had a sightseeing trip. We were not announced its route, so we were very happy when we got to the film, where the main character is Robin Hood. No, it was not a set, it was real Nottingham. Beautiful nature, the famous Sherwood forest, ancient castles - we seem to have got into the time machine and returned several centuries ago. From the story of the guide, we learned that a holiday is held in Nottingham every year, which goes on for a week. It is entirely devoted to a noble robber, therefore, during the festive processions along the streets of the city, tourists and local residents - dozens of Robins and noble knights freely roam.

Everyone knows that Nottingham is not only the cultural capital of England, but also the shopping center. We were given the opportunity to verify this. In general, we managed to get to know England from different angles. One - with the oldest history, the other - with modern infrastructure. Both that, and another amaze imagination, the second - devastates a purse.

As usual, all afternoon activities end at the beginning of the evening activi- ties. This time we were not allowed to dance, but offered several provocative contests. Why provocative? Yes, because both the winners and the losers after their graduation looked like young pigs: they squealed cheerfully, looking at their stained with flour, sugar and other "substances" of a face.

Day the eleventh

We know that many students tend to understand being in school as deja vu. You are constantly in the framework of the established regime and are forced to do the same every day. A small part of the truth in this is, because we have to get up at the same time every day, go to the planned events.

For example, today.

Rise, breakfast, lessons. Then lunch and workshop. After the workshop, free time. In the evening, dinner and bainki.

Why did we come to Uppingham? The boring school routine here has turned into a day filled with impressions and new knowledge. There is no time just to sit, but to be bored for sure.

First, we have to take care of ourselves. Secondly, both lessons and workshops take place in an atmosphere of active activity, where we create a specific "product" ourselves. Today it was shooting and editing a video. How would it be done on a professional level. That is, first the material is removed, then it is processed, the superfluous or failed moments are removed, music is superimposed. In the final - viewing the "film version". In the end it is very difficult to determine what was more interesting - to collect a "picture" from all technical "puzzles" or watch what happened.

In our free time we are absolutely not free, as we hurry to sort out our hobby teams. Everyone can choose a profile at will. We decided: since we are in England, we must learn how to play baseball. Now we understand why the players of local professional teams here know by name and are honored as pop idols. The game is very energetic and requires certain skills. We do not have them, but the impressions were unforgettable.

After baseball battles, it's not a sin to relax. However, as we have already said, nobody is bored at this school. Active way of life is its main idea. Therefore, we still managed to participate in the light version of the game "Ford" Boyard ". Hooray! We won! Dirty, tired, but satisfied, we are going to prepare for bed (we must write down everything in the diary).

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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