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2018-07-30 11:57:00

Best tourism programs abroad for foreign students

Best tourism programs abroad for foreign students

The hospitality industry is now recognized as one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Tourism education abroad is only becoming more popular every year. In the tourism and hospitality industry, thousands of companies are working, which are systematically expanding, which means they always need qualified personnel. At the same time, employers have certain requirements for the applicants, who can only be taught by the best and most prestigious institutions of hotel business in Switzerland.

This country is recognized as the world leader in higher education in hospitality, it is here that the leading universities and colleges teache specialists in such areas as hotel management, restaurant business, cooking and others. The students of the hotel business schools in Switzerland carefully study the chosen qualification in several stages, and most importantly - they begin to work not after the completion of education, but already on the 1-2 course. The main principle of the Swiss educational system of the schools of hotel business is a combination of theoretical and practical. Often on the territory of the Swiss hotel management universities there are equipped areas (restaurant kitchen, hotel reception and so on), where students can practice their theoretical knowledge.

The second principle of the Swiss system, which makes it so effective, is the mandatory participation of all students in the internship program in the specialty. These are practical classes in a real operating restaurant or hotel business, where trainees are paid for their work.

Education in the hotel business in Switzerland: directions and institutes

Tourism education abroad and the hospitality industry include several thematic areas that are most in demand in the tourism market. As a rule, the institutes of hotel and restaurant business in Switzerland specialize in the education of personnel in a certain direction, so if the hotel business is of interest to foreign students, then to choose an appropriate education one must choose a suitable institution of higher education.

1. Hospitality, Switzerland

Profession "Hotel Service Manager" is one of the ten most sought-after occupations of its direction: it is thanks to professionals in the best restaurants and hotels that the impeccable service with carefully thought-out details is observed, starting from the uniform of workers and finishing with the design of rooms.

To become a professional, you need to meet high standards of quality, have a sense of tact and brilliantly master the etiquette. All this knowledge gives a qualitative education from the sphere of tourism. During the educational process, each student gets acquainted with the work of all the hotel's divisions - from the kitchen to the development of the hotel concept. Having received the diploma of the school of hotel business in Switzerland, the student can easily get an offer of work from leading companies or can start developing his business.


  • Cesar Ritz Colleges
  • Hotel Institute Montreux, School of Hotel Management (IHTTI)
  • The Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education
  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management.

2. Restaurant management

Restaurant business is very popular in European countries, because in due time it was the West that became the legislator of world trends in this sphere. Today, the cuisine is more oriented towards aesthetes, so restaurant managers from year to year invent new combinations of dishes and ingredients.

The level of mastery among restaurateurs is growing, competition is getting tougher. Survive in such conditions only the most powerful and flexible - the necessary skills can be obtained within the European education of restaurant management, choosing the best universities of hospitality abroad. With such a diploma, a graduate of a prestigious university can pretend to be a restaurant critic, an art director, a sommelier in an elite restaurant or become an owner of his own institution.


  • Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management.

3. Tourist management

The direction of tourism is the third line in the list of the largest industries for the export of services - in the first two positions only automotive and oil production. For many countries in Europe and not only the tourism sector is the main revenue of the state budget, therefore, tourism management specialists are recognized as valuable personnel, and hospitality universities abroad are becoming more popular.

Teaching tourism abroad will not only allow the student to satisfy the desire for travel, but also make him a unique specialist. The tourism manager can do everything: evaluate the hotel anywhere in the world according to the stated criteria, develop sightseeing routes from scratch, book hotels and buy profitable air tickets, submit information to tourist guides and much more.


  • Cesar Ritz Colleges
  • School of Hotel Management (IHTTI).

4. Spa-management

Today, spa-rest for many becomes an integral part of the lives of many people with medium and high incomes: so you can restore your strength after a stressful work week, improve your physical condition, gain harmony and peace of mind. Each elite spa center has its own brand, the highest service and a unique approach to each client, and all this can be realized only by a true professional of the spa direction. During the education, students will learn how to create a business concept for a wellness center, how to manage personnel, form a portfolio of services, conduct market analysis and much more.


  • The Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)
  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management.

5. Event management (event management)

This specialty exists on the market relatively recently, but today it already has a high demand, it is offered by many universities of hospitality abroad. Competent organization, conferences, seminars, educational forums, presentations and various competitions - all this relates to the functionality of the event manager. A true professional can not only gather people for a mass event, but also provide advertising support, conduct a PR campaign, coordinate the actions of several dozen contractors. Event Manager is designed to make any event competently organized and unforgettable for guests.


  • The Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)
  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education.

6. Sports management

Here the functional of the profession is similar to the previous specialty, only in sports the scale of events that need to be organized is usually much broader. As a sports manager, a specialist has to negotiate with large corporations about sponsorship, develop and conduct advertising campaigns aimed at an audience of tens of thousands of people, to conduct TV broadcasts not only within the country hosting the event, but all over the world. Having received a diploma in this specialty, you will be able to fully realize your leadership potential, as well as gain a unique professional experience, including marketing, branding, sponsorship and so on.


  • European University
  • Geneva Business School
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education.

7. Management in the entertainment industry

The entertainment and show business industry today attracts impressive flows of people and finances. This direction requires workers to have a structured approach to business, excellent organizational skills. A specialist with such a diploma will learn how to produce various TV projects, create his own shows, manage a music club, a casino or a theater, develop a program on a cruise liner, or become the director of his own entertainment project, whose analogues will not be anywhere else.


  • Glion Institute of Higher Education.

8. Culinary Management

This specialty is suitable for those who want to lead the lists of the best restaurants, create new concepts in the field of food and a new author's cuisine that will receive the prestigious Michelin Award - the professional capabilities of the culinary manager are very wide! The students of the specialty get acquainted with the sources of cooking, explore modern trends, become the chef's right hand, learn to develop menus, competently compile a wine card and much more. The course also gives enough time to the entrepreneurial side, so a graduate of this specialty can easily improve the restaurant, become a manager of a cafe or open your own restaurant business - the choice is yours!


  • Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management.

Institutes of hotel business, Switzerland: list, prices, ranking

With regard to the cost of education in various specialties in the institutes of hotel management in Switzerland, restaurant business or culinary arts, then a specific figure will depend on the chosen specialty. On average, an amount of 30,000 - 35,000  per semester will be required for education at a Swiss hospitality school for foreign students. At the same time, an obligatory part of the Swiss system in the field of tourism is the internship of students on the basis of real hotels or restaurants: usually they are companies that are part of well-known brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Radisson, Kempinski, Four Seasons and others. On the one hand, this is an educational practice, and on the other - a full-fledged work, which is paid by the employer and can already be counted in the length of service. Due to this, the student can recover part of the financial expenses invested in education already at the stage of higher education.

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