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2019-08-14 16:53:34

Language courses in America for foreign students

Language courses in America for foreign students

Top English courses in the USA

When deciding to study English in America, foreign students are given an excellent opportunity to significantly improve their English proficiency, to closely acquaint themselves with the traditions and culture of Americans, as well as natural attractions, for a short period of time. Thus, in America, diverse language courses with the study of English are successfully functioning. Thus, every foreign student  will be able to choose the most preferable educational option taking into account individual goals, preferences and opportunities. In particular, education in advanced English courses can be taken on the sunny beaches of Florida, in the heart of New York, or as an option in the northern edges of the Great Lakes.

Elite language courses in America with learning English

If your goal is to significantly improve your English proficiency, while your desire is to make exciting trips, then you should go to America, which has the status of the most unusual and interesting country among other states. American nature is inherent in diversity. Just imagine how different the nature is in Alaska, Hawaii, Florida and Niagara.

As noted above, studying English at prestigious language courses in America contributes to a complete immersion in the modern rhythm of the life of Americans, making travel across the United States. All this helps a foreign student make the right choice in relation to an educational program that meets the individual goals and preferences of the student.

Elite English courses in the USA

Among all countries of the world, American education is highly appreciated, the pride of the leading US schools is the most modern equipment and equipment for educational buildings. Passing education in the framework of effective English courses in the USA, a foreign teenager will be able to become part of the international community of foreign students, thereby acquiring useful skills and knowledge to build a promising career and further education.

It is worth noting the extremely friendly and welcoming attitude to foreign students, which is observed in elite schools and universities in the United States. In addition, most employers praise the knowledge gained by graduates, while students acquire extremely useful communication and communication skills during their studies as part of quality language courses in America.

It is worth noting that the predominant number of language schools in the USA are networked educational institutions that operate in accordance with unified teaching methods, and which are characterized by an equally high level of technological equipment. In addition, some US ranking universities have developed effective English courses that are offered to foreign students. Typically, these language courses in America are aimed at foreign students who intend to become students of an elite American university in the future.

US Accommodation Options for Foreign Students

As part of English courses in the United States, student accommodation is considered and universally recognized as an integral part of the educational process. The overwhelming majority of the leading language schools in America provide for the accommodation of foreign students, both in the territory of comfortable school residences and in host American families. In the second option, the foreign teenager will constantly talk with indigenous native speakers even during non-academic hours.

It is worth noting that as part of a rich leisure program, it is planned to conduct various excursions, entertainment events, shopping, which contribute to the practical application of acquired knowledge and language skills.

Language programs in the best language schools in the USA for foreign students

The goal of America’s advanced language courses is to quickly and efficiently learn English, as well as give students a prestigious certificate or diploma. So, taking into account the diverse goals of foreign students, various educational programs have been developed within the walls of elite American language schools.

It is worth noting that the most popular among foreign students is the general English course, which, in turn, is perfectly and harmoniously combined with relaxation, a variety of cognitive excursions, as well as sports activities. This version of the language program is suitable for an exciting time spent during the holidays.

If you have more ambitious goals, then you should choose intensive English courses in America. Thus, it is planned to conduct a larger number of classes in order to increase the effectiveness of training. In addition, if the teenager is interested, it is possible to conduct additional individual lessons with an experienced teacher.

If a foreign student is interested in the high-quality fulfillment of professional tasks, then business English courses, preparatory courses for the successful passing of the TOEFLinternational language exam, general pre-university educational courses that are available to foreign students are developed within the walls of ranking American language schools.

Tuition for language courses in America

There is an opinion that the price of taking elite language courses in America is extremely high. However, in practice a completely different situation is observed. Thus, significant variations in the cost of the language programs of English America can be noted. Fluctuations in the price of language programs are caused by the type of educational program, namely, intensive and individual lessons are more expensive compared to the standard course, location, in particular, tuition in the center of New York and in the southern states is more expensive than in small cities, and, of course, time of year, namely for summer and New Year holidays, the highest price is characteristic. In addition, the cost of language courses depends on the individual goals and preferences of each student, in addition, the option of accommodation, food, the saturation of leisure activities, as well as the class of air travel affects.

As for the budget option of language courses in America, their tuition for a week varies from 1,500 to 2,000 $. If you are interested in an intensive language program, then the cost of training increases by 2-3 times. Please note that the cost of one individual lesson will be 50-100 $.

Below is a table by language courses in America and the components included in the cost of education.

Language program

Cost components

Educational period

Average cost, $

Children's summer camp

Accommodation, meals, educational process, excursions

3 weeks

4,500 to 7,000 $

English for children

Accommodation, meals, education

3 weeks

About 2,500 $

Family Language Programs

Accommodation, full board, tuition

From 2 weeks

From 4,000 $

English for students and adults

Accommodation, full board, tuition

From 2 weeks

From 2,200 to 12,000 $


English Language Target Audience in America

High-class specialists of our educational center will help you choose the best option for takinglanguage courses in America, aimed at children, students, as well as adults. Foreign students with different levels of language education can take part in advanced English courses in the USA. In particular, basic and intensive language programs have been developed. If you want to study together with your child, family language programs have been developed for such foreign families, providing for a joint format of living.

In addition, leading specialized language courses have been created in the United States, the target audience of which is foreign high school students seeking to enter a top university abroad, and adults with the goal of moving to America and promising employment abroad.

As part of advanced American language courses, foreign students will be able to significantly improve their English proficiency, as well as get acquainted with the main attractions of the United States.

The main advantages of language courses with learning English in America

  • The United States is the country in which more than 50% of English speakers live. So, it is precisely in the best language schools in America that truly ideal conditions are created for the development of competent and modern vocabulary, as well as the improvement of pronunciation. In addition, among all countries of the world, the most popular among people and business communities is the American version of the English language.
  • The USA is universally recognized among all countries of the world as the largest capitalist and political center. It is in America that a foreign student will be able to meet a huge number of purposeful and active people. In addition, taking language courses in the United States helps a foreign student determine the future career path. So, America is assigned the status of the ancestor of the main trends in education and science among all countries of the world. In this connection, having completed education in the framework of American language courses with the study of English, the graduate will have an excellent opportunity for unhindered admission to a ranking university in the United States.
  • If an adult decides to send to America to study business English, then he will have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the main trends in business and conclude profitable long-term contracts.
  • The American equivalent of the language is characterized by great flexibility due to the reflection of the specific characteristics of time, youth slang, and also taking into account technical and scientific terminology. In this connection, while studying in the USA, you can communicate in the language of the time, which takes into account the needs of modern communication.

Specific Features of Language Courses in America

There are significant differences in the study of English in the United States and language programs offered in Europe. So, like many language centers in America, there is a harmonious development of grammar, reading, speaking, and, of course, listening skills. At the same time, the main goal of all language courses of the best schools in the United States is to provide a high-quality solution to the linguistic and communication difficulties and problems of foreign students due. Because people from all over the world experience difficulties in the correct pronunciation and perception of speech. American English courses take this difference into account, which positively affects the faster adaptation of foreign students to the new language and cultural environment.

As for the organization of education in America, it is organized similarly to all European language schools. Thus, it is planned to divide foreign students into groups based on the results of a test aimed at determining the level of English proficiency. In addition, the type of language program determines the number of classes and students in the language group. As for the duration of education , it varies from 1 to 24 weeks or more.

Types of English language courses in America

The following are the types of American language courses for foreign students:

  • Summer courses - targeted at foreign students aged 9 to 18 years. The educational process is organized on the basis of elite American schools, colleges, as well as universities. So, choosing this option of education, foreign students will have an excellent opportunity to improve their English proficiency, while acquainting themselves with the main attractions of the United States, and intensive sports and hobbies. Choosing language programs aimed at high school students, you are guaranteed effective preparation for successful admission to a top foreign university or for passing an international language exam.
  • English courses for foreign students - are organized throughout the year. Within the framework of such language programs, it is envisaged to study academic programs as well as prepare for the successful passing of the international language exams TOEFLand IELTS. These programs are aimed at foreign students who have reached the age of 15. In addition, in the territory of America, winter courses and summer language camps are offered to foreigners students. As a rule, 20 hours of English classes are provided for a week, the rest of the free time is spent on visiting the main American attractions. The target audience for these language courses is foreign students aged 10 to 17 years.
  • Courses for adults - language courses are organized throughout the year. Even students over the age of 15 will be able to participate in the language program. So, the following options for language courses are offered to the attention of foreign students, namely:
  • Basic or intensive programs
  • Preparation for international language exams
  • Business English.
  • Family language programs - if you have a small child and you are afraid to send him alone to the USA, then a joint study of English in America is offered to your attention. So, such family programs are organized on the basis of elite American schools and colleges. In particular, Rennert, OISE, St. Giles In addition, there are a variety of accommodation options during the study period. Note that there is a parallel teaching of children and their parents. At the same time, the child, together with his parents, takes part in various entertainments and excursions.

TOP-3 best language schools in America for foreign students

  • ELS Malibu Youth Camp - this advanced school successfully operates on the basis of ranking universities in the USA, in connection with which, foreign students are accommodated for the period of study on the territory of comfortable university campuses. In addition, an elite language school in America is organizing a summer language camp, and educational programs have been developed that include teaching academic English and preparing for international language exams. On a daily basis, sports, excursions, and various entertainments are held for students.
  • St. Giles International College - this prestigious language school is worth choosing for those foreign students who want to master English business. Thus, individual programs and group classes have been developed, while the number of students in the group does not exceed 5. Within the framework of this language program, the skills of business correspondence, discussions, and telephone conversations are effectively developed. The target audience is students over 21 years old.
  • Home Language International - while studying and living in a teacher’s family, parents will be able to spend a vacation with their child. Target audience - children over 5 years old and adults.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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