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TOP-30 American language schools and colleges in the USA that provide high-quality Business English courses and studying programs for foreign students

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Nowadays, the United States is famous for its impressive financial assets, successful projects and multimillion-dollar deals. In the USA a great deal of world-famous corporations and enterprises are concentrated. America is the most attractive country for ambitious students that want their dreams come true.

Actually, the common key to American dream is excellent command of general and business English. SMAPSE can give you an opportunity to learn and improve the language in one of high-quality centers in America.

SMAPSE team has created a catalogue of TOP-30 business schools in the USA. The catalogue includes the best and most prestigious educational institutions of the country. On the pages of the catalogue you will find language courses in America in national language centers as well as international schools. Both options offer a wide range of profile programs, including refresher courses, business English programs and many others.

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Types of Business English courses provided by 30 best American schools and colleges

SMAPSE catalogue of 30 best American schools and universities includes the most prestigious and popular language centers and schools in America. SMAPSE can help you study Business English in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami. Also, our specialists have selected studying courses in other cities with developed professional infrastructure.

Nowadays, the best business schools in America offer language programs of different directions and duration. In SMAPSE directory you can choose the following types of courses:

  • short-term language courses;
  • long-term language courses;
  • individual language courses.

Each programme has its own advantages. Short-term courses in specialized schools allow you to quickly master necessary skills, while long-term courses imply focus on some particular aspect of the language. By taking individual courses, you will be able to work through the problems you have with professional teacher, who will create an education plan according to your level of knowledge.

There are also refresher courses that offer specialized studies in various directions. They are aimed at professionals in various fields of activities. From pedagogy and medicine to energy and engineering. All types of courses can be booked as individual, group course and by corporate authorities.

Benefits of learning English in the United States in 30 best schools and colleges in the USA

SMAPSE catalogue of TOP-30 schools and colleges will help you choose the right course and educational institution. We recommend studying Business English in America for a number of reasons.

  • Firstly, the high level and status of local language schools
  • Secondly, the branches of the world's best learning centers are located in the United States
  • Thirdly, all schools in the catalogue have an ultramodern educational base. There is the huge number of teaching resources, which makes studying language not only effective, but also comfortable
  • Fourthly, Business English courses in the United States can be combined with an academic programme and tourism

How to choose Business English programme in the USA?

In SMAPSE catalogue that provide 30 best American schools and colleges you can find an educational institution and business English course in America basing on several parameters. There are several filters on the left panel of this webpage. SMAPSE experts would like to recommend you sorting the information either by type of the courses, language school or priority cities of studying.

Do you need individual selection? You can contact SMAPSE experts by:

  • Skype
  • Online chat
  • E-mail
  • Phone

Due to the list of TOP-30 schools in the USA that offer Business English courses for foreign students, you can find the most appropriate option. SMAPSE specialists will always help you make the right choice, offer several options in accordance with your requirements, wishes and financial possibilities.

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