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How to prepare for the SAT exam: Math I & Math II

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How to prepare for the SAT exam: Math I & Math II

A special series of American exams SAT Subject Tests is mandatory for admission to universities and colleges of the United States - they are handed over to all graduates of secondary schools (an approximate analogue of the Russian Unified State Exam in different subjects).

For most American universities, it is enough to pass a general SAT Reasoning Test and a universal TOEFL test, but universities from among the TOP-50 require at least two SAT Subject Tests. At the same time, universities usually do not require the delivery of strictly defined subjects, as it happens with the USE in Russia: you can take almost any subject SAT, regardless of the chosen specialty.

Russian students most often choose Math I and Math II - these statistics exams are given better and easier all the time. The course of "complicated mathematics" is a test of various topics on the program of 10-11 grades of secondary school, but this version of the exam is much easier than the traditional tasks of the USE. Be prepared for simpler algorithms, easy, sometimes even superficial solutions and easy calculations.

Types of SAT Subject Tests

SAT examinations are offered on a wide range of disciplines:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology (you can take the usual, and you can molecular)
  • World History
  • History of the United States
  • Literature
  • English
  • Modern foreign languages (for example, Japanese, Chinese (usually Mandarin), Spanish, French, German and even Hindi).

The duration of each subject examination is 1 hour, in any test You can take the SAT Subject Tests in many large cities of Russia and the CIS - it's not necessary to go to the US for testing (and exam days are appointed several times a year).

Here you can learn about the preparation and other testing:

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