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2020-08-21 12:23:57

TOP-10 places to visit in Malta

TOP-10 places to visit in Malta

Malta is a tiny dot on the map that, at first glance, does not exceed the size of several football fields. An island in the Mediterranean Sea, 27 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide, attracts with year-round sun and sea, seafood, an abundance of historical and entertainment objects, and high-level service. The main sights of the country can be visited in a few days, while getting the maximum experience. The main thing is to follow this checklist!

Azure Window

The Azure Window is one of the country's most photogenic and popular attractions, located on the island of Gozo. It is noteworthy that the window was created miraculously, without human participation - it was washed by the sea waves. If you are an experienced swimmer, you can swim under the window on your own. If not, it will be no less impressive to do it by boat or speedboat.

Botanical Garden of St. Anthony

The botanical garden became a tourist attraction in 1882. It got its name thanks to the palace of St. Anthony located here. The garden surprises with the richness of flora: orange trees grow here, the fruits of which are fed to tourists and local residents at Christmas, sculptures, statues and benches are installed.


Mdina is a fortified medieval city that received the status of an open-air museum. The age of the city is 4000 years, from antiquity to the Middle Ages Mdina was the capital of Malta and the city of life for aristocrats and nobility. Local attractions include:

  • Gate of Mdina
  • Greek gate
  • Inguanets palace
  • Cathedral of Saint Paul
  • Hagia Sophia Palace
  • Dungeon of Mdina
  • Natural History Museum
  • Carmelite Church
  • Norman house, etc.


Paceville is the country's youth mecca. This narrow street (or small area, as you see it), leading from the city to the beach, is the focus of nightlife in Malta, with bars, nightclubs and other places for entertainment that do not stop the fun for a minute. There is no time here, no separation between weekends and weekdays, no day and night - Paceville turns on 24/7. The street is also popular for the reason that Malta has inexpensive alcohol, which allows establishments to treat passers-by, especially girls, for free.

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is a complex of grottoes with clear blue water. The most popular activity here is a boat trip or a boat trip, then swimming in the waves (if they don't scare you, of course). The place is very deep, so the bay is suitable only for those who are not afraid not to feel the bottom under their feet. It was here that the film "Troy" was filmed with the inimitable Brad Pitt.

Basilica of Our Lady of Ta Pinu

The Basilica of Ta-Pinu was built in the 20th century on the site of the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built in the 16th century, where the altarpiece of Amadeo Perugino was kept. The place has become a real Christian shrine thanks to the miracles that take place here: first, a local peasant woman heard the voice of the Mother of God here, then the city was incredibly saved from the plague. The basilica building was built from local stone.


Comino is a tiny uninhabited island with a small hotel built for seclusion lovers. In its shape, Comino is a rock with rare vegetation hanging over the sea. The main feature of the island that attracts tourists is the white sand beaches and the sea with crystal clear blue waters. You can get to Comino both from Gozo and from Malta.

Megalithic temple complex Mnajdra

It is unlikely that someone will turn their tongue to call megalithic complexes as graceful and subtle as medieval ones, but this is their peculiarity. They attract not by their appearance, but by the history they are embodied in. The megalithic temple complex of Mnajdra was built about 4000 years ago and was found through archaeological excavations.

Classic Car Museum

One of the largest private collections of classic cars in Malta. The owner of the exposition - Carol Galea - became interested in collecting as a child and began collecting smaller copies of rare cars. His first "real" car was the Jaguar XK 140. Today, the private collection has grown into a museum, the exhibits of which (there are more than 3 thousand!) Are rare models of BMW, Fiat, Austin, Ford, Jaguar, Romeo, Triumph, etc.


Mgarr is a coastal village that is eclectic. It contains medieval temples and architectural monuments, farms and vineyards, famous all over the world. In addition to wine, they sell the freshest seafood that can be cooked right in front of you in any cafe or restaurant. The area of the village is only 16 kilometers, and sometimes it seems that the number of attractions per kilometer is simply off scale.

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