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2021-05-21 00:01:09

Fake landmarks that will disappoint you

Fake landmarks that will disappoint you

There is such an anecdote:

A large batch of fake Christmas tree decorations entered the market. They look exactly like real ones, only there is no joy from them.

The situation is similar with the persons involved in our review: with the historical events with which it is customary to associate these structures or objects, in fact, there is a very distant connection, or, in principle, none at all.

Meanwhile, when you come to a foreign country with the intention of devoting a day or two to sightseeing tours of local attractions, you certainly have no desire to deal with a fake. And ok when it comes to the grave of the prophetic horse Oleg or the Japanese prefecture called Aomori, where, according to local legends, Jesus is buried. Everything is much worse, and no one hides the loudest and most vivid fakes of the world of tourism: they are located in full view of everyone, are included in guidebooks, films are made about them and books are written. We bring to your attention a selection of the seven most famous.


The first issue of our review is a real surprise. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the main symbols of Celtic Britain , whose history goes back thousands of years, it simply cannot be sticky!

Can. In the early 60s, the ancient stones were reconstructed according to the best patterns of Sobyaninskaya and Luzhkovskaya Moscow. The stones were dismantled, dragged to another place, the foundation was poured with high-strength porous concrete, and then everything was returned to its original places, capturing the process in photos and videos. The positions of some stones were changed, and the megaliths themselves were cleared of centuries-old layers of moss.

So, in the generally accepted sense, a masterpiece of ancient architecture for testing turns out to be a remake of the end of the 20th century.

Balcony and Juliet's tomb

Countless fans of William Shakespeare's creations, young lovers and those who have the wind of wandering in the same place, upon arriving in ancient Verona, strive to see the places associated with the young lovers of Montague and Capulet.

Those who wish do not even stop at the well-known fact noted in Wikipedia and dozens of guidebooks: the grave is not real, as is the balcony. And unscrupulous local guides take tourists to an empty sarcophagus, which really dates back to the XII-XIV centuries. How can it be empty? Someone is there, of course. But definitely not Juliet Capulet, because she is a fictional character from start to finish. And the balcony of the famous house was added in the 30s of the XX century.

The actual prototype of the victim of the dynastic drama was Lucia Savornyani. She actually lived in Verona during the described period of time, but falling in love with Romeo ended for her in a marriage of convenience and two children - of course, she did not marry Romeo.

Sherlock Holmes House

The legendary detective, along with the boring and stupid doctor and dear Mrs. Hudson, lived in Baker Street at number 221 with the letter "B" - here he was settled by Conan Doyle.

The house has been preserved, you can inspect it and take a photo in the background - at least this is what Holmes fans think. In fact, in the days of the wonderful detective and his friends (and no less charming enemies), the street was a little shorter than it is now - and there was simply no house with that number on it. In addition, the house bearing the number and nameplate 221b Baker Street is actually located at lot 239.

Middle of the world

In the mid-70s, the mayor's office of the capital of Ecuador, the city of Quito, began, and by 1982 completed the construction of a colossal 30-meter monument called "Middle of the World". It was intended to symbolize the exact line of the equator (the city is located near the equator, which the locals are very proud of).

Tourists like to stand above the equatorial line with their legs apart, imagining themselves at once in two hemispheres, North and South. In fact, how: when measuring the ground, the engineers who designed the statue misidentified the place, and the monument is located either 248 meters north of the monument, or even 50 kilometers, in a town called La Mitad del Mundo (or "Half of the World" in translation into Russian). There is also a monument in the form of a sundial.

Dracula's castle

A famous Romanian medieval prince named Vlad Tepes was nicknamed Dracula - because his father was the founder of the knightly order of the Dragon. He was relatively wealthy and owned several castles and fortresses. In addition, he enjoyed visiting his subjects (as, in general, all the monarchs of that time).

One of the castle owned by the sovereign Impaler named Bran, guarding the border of Mutania and Transylvania and the passage into the interior of the country, for some reason was especially fond of tourists and guides. This building is actually connected with Dracula: according to some historical chronicles, having captured the ruler of Transylvania, the Turkish general tortured him. It happened just in the basement of this castle. It is unlikely that this was the favorite castle of the voivode.

Pole of cold

Meteorologists distinguish two poles of cold - in the south, in the Antarctic, and in the north, and with the localization of the latter, everything is very difficult.

The official mark indicating the location of the cold pole is located in the Yakut Oymyakon, where the lowest temperature north of the equator was recorded in February 1993. But in less than three days, Verkhoyansk - also a Russian northern city - broke the record set by its Yakut counterpart: the thermometers dropped there one tenth deeper, to -67.8 Celsius.

Meanwhile, in 2020, the Russian championship was contested by Greenland. It turns out that in December 1991, the local meteorological station was able to achieve a record -69.7 degrees Celsius, but for some reason it became known about this only after 19 years. Are there Estonians serving there?

Cruiser Aurora

Ship No. 1 in the list of the USSR fleet, a museum and symbol of the Great October Socialist Revolution, bearing the status of an object of cultural heritage, was launched at the beginning of the century. He went through the Russo-Japanese War, fired the first volley at the Winter Palace, and fired heavily during World War II.

In the 80s, the ship, rusted from keel to klotik, was subjected to a thorough reconstruction and modernization. The bottom was replaced, the deck flooring, internal equipment were renewed, and some of the old armor plates were literally put on toothpicks. The second modernization deprived the ship of its own engine, turning it into an iron freak on a concrete cushion, only by mistake listed in the naval structure of the Navy.

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