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2021-03-09 00:01:25

Everything about New York: places, people, food, trip, communication

Everything about New York: places, people, food, trip, communication

New York is perhaps the most visited city in the the United States. A fashion capital, nightlife and art center known for its theaters and restaurants, New York is the heart of the world for many. All cultures, languages and cuisines are represented here - you can spend years exploring the city and never get to know it to the end.

New York climate

New York has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers; the average daily temperature ranges from 0.5 ° C in January to 24.5 ° C in July. The city is located on the coast, but it is also on the edge of the continent, where different air masses collide: cold air masses from Canada and warm ones from the Gulf of Mexico. The result is an unstable climate with waves of bad weather alternating with clear and sunny days. The wind often blows here, heavy precipitation falls: more than 1200 mm falls per year.

5 best things to see and do in New York

  1. Central Park covers over 40 blocks. You can wander for hours along its paths; in the summer months, free concerts and theatrical performances are often held here. From spring to autumn, the park service organizes free walks on Saturdays at 11:00.
  2. The 9/11 memorial offers a panoramic view of the city, tells about 9/11. Taking the elevator, you will see images that tell the story of New York City. At the bottom of the tower there is a park in memory of the victims of the 9/11 attacks, as well as an extensive museum. Tickets - $ 28.
  3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the finest collections of fine art in the world. It is huge, the inspection will take a whole day. Entrance ticket - $ 25.
  4. Ellis Island will talk about the experience of immigrants, help to understand the people who built New York. Ferry cost and access - $ 21.5.
  5. Constructed from converted railroad tracks, the High Line is an urban pedestrian park on the west side of New York City. The area spans eight blocks and is very popular. Walking with wonderful views, gardens, art, food stalls and greenery is one of the best things to do in town, especially when the weather is fine.

What else to see and do in New York

  • Board the Staten Island Ferry - the boat will take you across the harbor with stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and the entire city. The journey takes about 20 minutes.
  • Take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for an interesting view of the skyline, New York Harbor. It's a long walk, but on the other side, good food, drinks, great photos, night views of illuminated Manhattan await you.
  • There are dozens of museums in New York that are worth visiting: the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum , just three of them. There are 11 museums on the Museum Mile near Central Park, all of which will take days to see.
  • Radio City Music Hall - The famous musical theater has been attracting visitors since the 1930s.
  • Broadway shows , from musicals to Shakespeare, are an integral part of local cultural life. Visit the TKTS kiosk in Times Square for half price tickets.
  • Times Square - No matter when you walk into the square, it will be jam-packed with people. There are pedestrian areas, places to sit and hang out, shops, shows.
  • The Lower East Side Tenement Museum will tell how immigrants from all over the world lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s, trying to survive in America. You can visit this museum only with a guide, you need to book in advance. A popular tour "Meet the Residents", where live actors tell the stories of newly arrived immigrants. Entrance ticket - $ 27.
  • Trinity Church of the colonial era, where the founding fathers of America went. Visit the cemetery where the first leaders of the country are buried, including Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the Treasury.
  • Top of the Rock - Walk around Rockefeller Center , shop, eat and take the elevator to Top of the Rock for a bird's eye view of the city. Tickets cost $ 38.

What to eat in New York

  1. Pastroma on rye bread is one of the most "New York" dishes possible. The world famous Jewish deli serves the best sandwich in town with pastroma, yellow mustard and freshly baked rye bread.
  2. Bagel by Russ & Daughters - This 103-year-old store serves some of the city's best bagels + all the traditional toppings (salmon, smoked fish, cream cheese).
  3. A wine cellar sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese , or as it is colloquially called " BEC ", is how New Yorkers ensure a great morning. You can find it in almost any grocery store in the city.
  4. Coffee - Coffee bean aficionados flock to local coffee makers to sample their brewed beverages. Abraço in the East Village serves the best latte in town - a great place to start your New York coffee experience.
  5. A real New York hot dog should be crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and ideally cooked at your local Grey's Papaya .
  6. Falafel with tahini, fresh vegetables and pita bread is a favorite among Middle Eastern dishes. Founded in 1971, Mamoun's Falafel , New York's oldest falafel restaurant, is the best place for this dish.
  7. Pizza from Lombardi's , the first pizzeria in the United States where you can get a taste of history.
  8. Shackburger is the winner in the city of gastronomic snobs. Shackburger includes Pat LaFrida's Beef, Martin Potato Roll, and the over-the-top ShackSauce.
  9. Meat over rice , or street meat, is a simple, popular dish sold on sidewalk carts throughout the city. Especially popular with their famous white hot sauce, falafel and more.
  10. New York Cheesecake - 67 years later, the best place to sample the city's most popular dessert is still Junior's , with fresh fruit and homemade puree adorned with creamy slices on shortcrust pastry.

Transport in New York


The famous yellow taxi is a popular way of getting around the city among residents and visitors alike. Yellow taxis are easy to recognize - they are the only vehicles that are allowed to pick up passengers "off the curb" throughout the city. A light on the roof means that the taxi is free - just wave your hand from the side of the road.


The New York City Transportation Authority (MTA) operates a fleet of nearly 6,000 buses, serving over 322 routes. They are split into local and express trains , with fewer stops on express routes and focusing on serving commuter routes from some of Manhattan's busiest neighborhoods to the outer districts.

Buses only stop at marked stops two to three blocks apart. The fare is: $ 2.75 - for standard buses, $ 6.5 - for express buses. Tariffs can be paid in cash, MetroCard, using OMNY contactless payment. One of the main advantages of paying with OMNY or MetroCard is the ability to change buses or metro for free within two hours after the first trip. If you want to get off the bus, press the stop button in the cabin.


One of the most popular ways to get around New York City, it's a great way to get around the city while avoiding traffic jams. With 472 stations, the New York Metro is the largest metro system in the world, judging by the total number of stations, one of the oldest and busiest. It operates 24 hours a day on 36 lines, serving four of the five boroughs of New York. OMNY and Metrocard fares are $ 2.75, one way tickets are $ 3.


Most railways are commuter-oriented and include the New York Suburban Railroad, Staten Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit, Port Authority Trans-Hudson, Long Island Railroad, Northern Metro Railroad.

Buy your private train station ticket through a ticketing app called eTix, available for Android and iPhone.


Ferry services operate from New York, Staten Island, connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn and Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. All ferry stations have ticket machines that accept cash or credit cards. The Staten Island Ferry carries passengers free of charge - a great way to see the Statue of Liberty from the water.


Like many other cities in the world, New York has a bike rental program that gives you access to a large network of bicycles throughout the city. The Citi Bike program is open to locals and tourists alike. Cost - $ 12 / day, $ 24/3 days; Passes can be purchased through the Citi Bike mobile app or in person at the kiosk at the station (the user must be over 16 years old).


If you want to quickly get from downtown Manhattan to a wide variety of points in New York, including the airport, then a quick helicopter ride is best. Downtown Manhattan has a popular helipad just off Wall Street; most often it serves top managers, but you can book excursion helicopter tours - a unique way to see the city or celebrate a special event.

Aerial tram

The funicular connects Roosevelt Island to the Upper East Side, Manhattan; in service since 1976, it was the first cable car in the United States. It was originally built as a commuter tramway to connect Roosevelt Island with Manhattan, but has become popular with visitors looking for a unique view of the city. Prices - $ 2.75 / person.

Hop-on Hop-Off Buses

Hop-on Hop-Off Buses are a sightseeing-oriented way of getting around New York City with a guide providing information during the trip. These open-top buses travel through the city, stopping at all major attractions. Hop-on Hop-Off tickets are included with many passes: New York Pass, New York Explorer Pass, New York Sightseeing Pass.

5 of the best phone companies in New York

List of Top New York City Telephone Companies:

  1. AT&T
  2. Verizon
  3. T-mobile
  4. IT Realizer
  5. Improcom Global Telecom.
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