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Best private schools in Portugal for foreign students

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Best private schools in Portugal for foreign students

Prestigious schools in Portugal for foreign students

Elite European education is very popular and prestigious among foreign students. Without any doubt, you can pay attention to leading private schools and colleges in Portugal for foreign students, in whose walls you can get educational services of a high level of quality. Considering the fact that Portugal is located at some distance from the top European academic centers, ranking private Portuguese schools offer high-quality educational services corresponding to European countries in their level to the attention of foreign students. The popularity and demand among the foreign students of prestigious private schools in Portugal is due to the low cost of education, a comfortable warm climate, and also excellent opportunities for learning two foreign languages, namely English and Portuguese.

In accordance with Portuguese law, secondary education is compulsory for all children, without exception. So, all children from 6 to 15 years of age undergo mandatory education.

Pre-school education in Portugal for foreign students

Upon reaching the baby 1 year old, he can go to a leading preschool in Portugal. Within the walls of Portuguese pre-school institutions, the child receives constant supervision of him from the educational staff, as well as the basic skills of an independent life regarding the use of pots and utensils, learns to dress independently. Upon reaching the age of 3, it is envisaged to transfer the child to an older group, in which classes are held in reading, writing, dancing, and also drawing.

In Portugal, leading kindergartens are divided into three types, namely:

  • Free
  • Partially paid
  • Just paid.

Only those kids who have signed up for admission at least 9 months before the planned enrollment can enter free kindergartens. The income of parents determines the level of payment in a partial paid kindergarten. In the case of average income, tuition fee will be small, taking into account the additional costs of registration and insurance.

Please note that regardless of the type of kindergarten in Portugal, special sleeping quarters are not expected. So, each baby has its own cot on wheels. And at the end of dinner, all the children in their beds sleep and rest in the recreation.

In Portugal, parents are invited to another option for the device of babies, namely Santa Casa. Thus, in the case of the application of parents, it is possible to provide the baby with a social nanny. At the same time, one year before the planned start of schooling, children undergo увгсфешщт in a preparatory class.

Here are some interesting facts about education in Portugal:

  • 2 ministries are responsible for regulating education in Portugal, namely the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education
  • In Portugal, according to official statistics, the literacy rank is 93%.

Elite private schools in Portugal - secondary education for foreign students

At the age of 6 to 15 years, all students without fail receive prestigious secondary education. For 9 years, all students have acquired the necessary knowledge, the level of which corresponds to the knowledge of a foreign student of the ninth grade. At the same time, the Portuguese certificate of secondary education meets high European standards, which guarantees its recognition among all countries of the world.

Currently, Slavic educational institutions are successfully operating in the territory of each region, providing educational services to students of Slavic-speaking migrants on weekends. The programs of leading Portuguese schools are not copied by these leading educational institutions; on the contrary, it is envisaged to deepen the child’s native culture, thereby contributing to the preservation of historical memory, improving the knowledge of the mother tongue, and broadening one's horizons. Foreign students are given the opportunity to attend classes of teachers who are compatriots of a foreign student, thereby creating for themselves fascinating entertainment. As for the weekdays, foreign students are educated in the framework of the general education program of elite private schools in Portugal, improving the level of knowledge of a foreign language and learning the Portuguese culture.

The second stage of obtaining prestigious secondary education in Portugal is the final one, while it is not mandatory for passing and provides for a fee. As for the cost of education, the amount of payment is determined taking into account information regarding the income of parents. The most popular among foreign students are the most advanced comprehensive schools in Portugal. So, in the walls of general Portuguese schools there are 4 areas, namely:

  • Economics and social sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Creative direction.

Leading secondary schools in Portugal are given the right to issue Secondary Secondary Education Certificates. This certificate is of great value among employers when compared with a professional diploma. At the same time, Portuguese students can receive vocational education in prestigious schools of specialized technologies, professional as well as technological. For such a division of schools, a practical component is characteristic. Entering the elite technological schools of Portugal, a foreign student is given the opportunity to choose a profession of interest from a wide list, in particular, one can distinguish:

  • Computer science
  • Multimedia
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Ecology and land management
  • Administration and Marketing
  • Social work
  • Sport.

As part of education in Portuguese ranking vocational schools, educators focus on conducting a large number of practical classes. Please note that for practical education, potential employers provide jobs. As for the advanced schools of specialized technologies in Portugal, they teach students directly at the workplace, thus, after graduation, the graduate is a ready-made specialist at a lower level. In case of successful completion of education in the second stage of education, the graduate gets an excellent opportunity for the early start of building a promising career.

Peculiarities of studying in Portugal's ranked private schools

In Portugal, both private and public schools are successfully operating. At the same time, admission commissions of Portuguese state schools accept only local students. It is worth noting that the education of only small Portuguese in public schools is a standard world practice, while foreign studentd can enter the best private boarding schools and colleges in Portugal, which accept students from around the world, thereby creating a variety of educational process through national and cultural diversity.

Note the universally known fact that in Portugal the following sport is extremely developed - football. Thus, in elite private schools in Portugal, intensive football classes are provided under the guidance of professional trainers, thereby, high-quality sports training is acquired by foreign students. Young sports fans will be delighted with active sports!

For the peace of the parents of the child, SMAPSE experts note that in the best private schools in Portugal, students are guaranteed round-the-clock supervision by the educational and pedagogical staff, as well as comfortable accommodation for the period of study. At the same time, all the necessary conditions for effective and high-quality education have been created in the walls of top private boarding schools in Portugal.

The procedure for admission to the best private schools in Portugal - useful information for foreign students

In order to successfully enroll in elite private boarding schools in Portugal, it is necessary to prepare a standard package of documents, as well as demonstrate a good level of academic and linguistic knowledge. The following is a list of documents you need to prepare for admission to the top private schools in Portugal:

  • Copy of your passport
  • School grades tables for the last two academic years, as well as grades for quarters or semesters of the current academic year
  • International language certificate
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics and English, in some cases it is worth providing a letter from the principal
  • Motivational letter written by an incoming student
  • Filling out registration forms and school forms
  • Skype interviews or a personal visit to a prestigious Portuguese school.

In addition, there is a requirement to take an internal school test in English and mathematics in order to determine a sufficient level of education for a foreign student at the time of enrollment in a Portuguese advanced private school.

Due to the fact that SMAPSE educational center is an official partner of the predominant number of ranking private schools in Portugal, SMAPSE highly qualified specialists provide professional assistance in the selection and organization of admission to schools of interest on a free basis.

The main advantages of studying at the best private schools in Portugal for foreign students

  • Comfortable stay during your studies in Portugal

The reason for this situation is due to the excellent location of Portugal, namely, located off the coast, thereby creating a very favorable climate. Thus, in addition to receiving high-quality secondary education, foreign students will be able to relax in their free hours. The reigning atmosphere of friendliness within the walls of prestigious private schools in Portugal is also noteworthy, thereby contributing to the rapid adaptation to the new linguistic and cultural environment.

  • Lower cost of living in Portugal compared to European countries

In particular, comparing with European countries, in Portugal there is a lower price for renting an apartment, buying tickets to museums and cinema, food in local stores. Thus, the cost of living of foreign students in comfortable residences of leading private schools in Portugal is lower in comparison with the UK, Switzerland, etc.

Upon graduation from prestigious private schools in Portugal, a high-quality academic base is acquired by a foreign student, the presence of which allows you to successfully enter top universities in both Portugal and other countries of the world. In addition, the foreign student is given an excellent opportunity to learn the Portuguese language, which will become a competitive advantage in employment.

Tuition at leading Portuguese private schools for foreign students

Several fundamental factors are responsible for the cost of obtaining an elite Portuguese secondary education, namely the prestige and popularity of the school, the conditions of study and residence, the location of the educational institution, and the chosen educational program. As practice shows, the average cost of tuition for foreign students who have reached 6 years of age and up to 18 is 28,000  per year. Speaking of the required level of knowledge of the English language, it varies from poor level to Intermediate B1.

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