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English courses in England, English in Britain

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English courses in England, English in Britain

Today, English language education in Britain is a very advanced sector of educational services. Learn English in England is preferred by many students from many countries of the world, as this is the best way to improve your English proficiency in a relatively short time. Qualitatively, effectively, fun and interesting - this is about English language courses in England. Join now!

Learning English in England is the most effective and practical way to learn English at any entry level of English, and English courses in Britain are a profitable investment in the future. To date, in connection with the globalization of the world economy, culture, etc., English language courses can be found in almost any country in the world, so learning English abroad becomes more accessible every year. English language courses in England are very prestigious and will subsequently allow you to enter a higher or secondary educational institution with a high degree of success in the UK and the world. What could be better than learning English from native speakers in England itself - a country with a rich history, centuries of tradition and the highest level of primary, secondary and higher education? The question is rhetorical, because in English courses in England you can almost with absolute guarantee to learn classical British pronunciation, being around the clock around the world in the new language and cultural environment among native speakers. It is not correct to think that English courses in Britain are intended only for "botanists" and "crammed" - absolutely everyone can choose interesting and entertaining language courses from a variety of options: a summer language camp for children with English, English language courses in London and other cities, the program of preparation for entering the secondary and higher educational institutions of Great Britain and much more.

English courses in England

To date, studying English in Britain is incredibly popular not only among young people from around the world, but also among employees of international companies, diplomats, politicians, lawyers, etc. The diploma of obtaining an education at any level in England is very highly quoted on the international labor market. Additionally motivates those wishing to learn English abroad in England the fact that after training they will be able to join the world of original literature, movies with original soundtracks (ie, in English), music in English, etc. Even the leading language schools in Moscow offering English language courses have a number of partners among the best British language schools, which allows them to offer a variety of foreign English language programs in England. Students of middle and senior classes, students, employees of companies - all with pleasure go to language schools and educational centers of Great Britain to receive not only high-quality knowledge and to tighten the level of English, but also an unforgettable and unique experience of living in another country.

Language schools in the UK , offering various English courses to those who wish from around the world, help listeners achieve their desired level of English. Before proceeding directly to the classes, teachers offer students a language test that determines the entrance level of the English language and allows students to be divided into groups. Typically, language schools assume the presence of up to eight different levels of English. In the process of learning it can happen that the group will seem to you unsuitable for the level (too hard or, conversely, too easy and I would like more brainstorming) - in this case, you can always retake the test and literally from the next day transfer to a group of another level. Teachers in the class give equal attention to all the most important aspects of the English language: reading, listening to English (listening), grammar, speaking. In addition, in the vast majority of schools, a number of specialized language courses are available, aimed at preparing students for the IELTS or TOEFL international language examinations , various options for the Business English test , and some other options - the choice depends on your goals and preferences.

In the UK, those who wish from anywhere in the world can not only learn English from scratch or raise their level in English language courses, but also get the most prestigious, high-quality and promising education in the world - it is the English educational model that is taken as the basis in the most developed countries . After graduating from almost any British university, a young specialist will easily be able to work in prestigious positions both in the UK and virtually anywhere in the world. Of course, graduates of British universities with a diploma of the corresponding higher education institution have a good competitive advantage compared to those who graduated from the university (even the best) in their country. However, it is worth remembering that to successfully enter any university in the UK it is not enough to provide only a high school diploma (of course, unless it is a British passport) - a mandatory item in many universities is the writing of a motivation essay, as well as the passing of an IELTS international exam for a specific score. But even this is not enough, because there are differences between the British and Russian education systems. Before you begin your studies directly on the university curriculum, you must necessarily pass the preparatory program of the University Foundation (or its equivalent) - a special program for the preparation of applicants for admission and study at universities in the UK.

Perhaps the main advantage of studying English in England is the high professionalism of the teachers, who are also native speakers and intensive training programs that include interesting assignments, materials: students will not be bored!

Features of English language courses in Britain

Language schools and educational centers in England offer a huge variety of different types of English language courses, so anyone who wants to join an English-speaking world can easily find the right type of education for themselves depending on age, hobbies, goals and budget. Young and middle-aged children can go on an exciting journey to the summer language children's camp, where they not only pull up their English language skills, but also relax and have fun in the company of their peers from around the world. Older children can go to London or to any other city where there are a lot of language centers and schools offering English language courses for all tastes: preparation for entering the high school of Great Britain , preparation for the passing of any international test for the level of English, preparation for entering the University of England , etc. Businessmen or employees of international companies and corporations have the opportunity to learn English with a slant in a business presentation in English , negotiations, specialized vocabulary, etc. Conventionally, English language courses can be divided into the following groups:

  • Adult English courses are general programs that provide a balanced combination of exercises and assignments for all the skills of the English language: writing, reading, listening comprehension (listening), and special emphasis on the practice of speaking in English.
  • English language courses for business - include training programs for those people who already speak English at a good level (usually not lower than B1, according to the generally accepted European classification). At such courses the emphasis is on skills related to business negotiations, the mastering of specialized vocabulary.
  • Courses of English for applicants and students - presupposes the preparation of applicants for admission to higher education institutions of Great Britain and the world, as well as preparation for the passing of international language exams IELTS or TOEFL , for exams Cambridge ESOL, etc.

There are language courses for those who want to learn English from scratch, and for listeners who already have some level of knowledge. There are courses for those who are already fluent in English, but need to improve their skills, grammar or master specialized vocabulary, preparing to enter the University of Great Britain. Thus, based on your travel and training objectives, preferences and interests, you can choose the most suitable language course for you.

As for the intensity of English classes in language courses, there are three main types of programs: standard course, intensive and super-intensive. All these types differ in the number of lessons (study hours) per day. For example, a standard English language course in England involves 20 hours of English classes per week, and an intensive course of study - up to 25 hours a week or more. A five-day academic week is typical for all types of courses. Typically, the minimum duration of English language courses in Britain is two weeks, and the maximum - remains at the discretion of the listeners. The most popular language courses lasting a month, although, of course, you can learn two and three months - all depends only on the amount of free time, the budget and the goal. Many believe that the optimal duration of English language language courses in Britain is two weeks, but not everyone can fully immerse themselves in the linguistic and cultural environment, get acquainted with new cities, people and, finally, relax.

It is worth noting that language schools and centers offering English courses in England work throughout the year, but summer language courses are the most visited, because this is the time of holidays and vacations, and many people from around the world prefer to spend their free time profitably.

English language courses in England are conducted on an individual basis (as lessons with a tutor), as well as in groups. The most expensive option is individual lessons, but this is the most effective way to achieve incredible results in learning English in a short time. More accessible are courses that involve teaching English in groups of 4-6 people, and classes in classes of 6-15 people are available to almost everyone. As a rule, classes are held from morning to lunch (or a little longer depending on the intensity of the language course), and in the evening students can walk around the city, explore various attractions, perform exciting homework and, of course, communicate with peers from around the world.

Accommodation while studying English in England


The vast majority of schools organize the placement of students for the duration of English language training on language courses, offering a choice of several options. The most common types of accommodation for students of English courses in Britain are:

  • Accommodation in a British host family or in a family of a British teacher;
  • Accommodation in hotel, hostel;
  • Accommodation in a rented apartment or room;
  • Accommodation in the student hostel.

Accommodation in a host family is one of the most popular and "useful" (from the point of view of learning English) accommodation options in England. While teaching English in the UK for English courses, the child will live in the home of a British family (most schools have their own lists of tested families with whom the school cooperates, ie the school selects families who are able to provide all the necessary conditions for comfortable living of an alien child), and during the residence the degree of immersion in the linguistic and cultural environment will increase many times in comparison with other variants of residence. The child develops his communication skills and practices English using knowledge gained on language courses, which allows him to become more confident and much easier to communicate in English.

In addition to living in a British family, students of English language courses can be accommodated in the home of the teacher and his family, which greatly increases the effectiveness of all training. Similar programs offering accommodation in a teacher's family are called Study & Live in your Teacher's Home (Teach and live in your teacher's home). An ordinary British family often does not dare to correct the student's mistakes, make any adjustments to his speech, pronunciation, etc., while the teacher will closely monitor the development of the English language skills of the student, correcting the child if necessary without any embarrassment or embarrassment - because he is a professional. However, in both cases it can be confidently asserted that the placement of a British family in the home allows you to learn English not only within the walls of an educational institution during classes in English.

Another option is accommodation in a hostel or hotel. The hostel will save quite a significant amount of money, since in the vast majority of hostels not a whole room is provided to the residents, but a bed in rooms designed for 10-20 people (this is from 5 to 10 bunk beds). Thus, the guys who decided to stay in the hostel will be able to communicate with peers from different countries of the world every day, which will allow them to practice communication in English. The average night of accommodation in the hostel will cost you from 20 to 45 pounds sterling, depending on the location of the hostel and the services offered. As for the hotel, this is a more expensive option for living while studying English at language courses in England. The cost of hotels varies from available (about 60-70 pounds per day) to comfortable and expensive.

Finally, there is the possibility of placing students in the apartment - this is a small rented apartment, which can accommodate several foreign students who came to England to learn English in language courses. This option is relatively economical and is best suited for those who are accustomed to living in a free regime - unlike living in a British host family that will somehow control the activity of a child from a foreign country, students are left to themselves in rented apartments. In the apartment adults prefer to live, which have a great degree of independence and responsibility. However, it must be understood that when staying in the apartment, students must feed themselves, because meals are not provided in the apartments. The cost of one night's stay in the apartments is on average 50-60 pounds sterling.

Camp with learning English in England

As you know, in summer all children have a vacation - up to three months, free from school hours, homework. At this time, the guys are resting, but there is a way to spend a vacation not only fun and carefree, but also useful - English language courses in Britain in a summer camp for children. The English children's camp allows students from many countries of the world to visit a new country (Britain), travel, learn a lot about culture and language, relax in a company of new friends, talk with a lot of peers from around the world and, finally, make a significant breakthrough in education, improving their own English language skills. The main advantage of a language summer camp with English language teaching in England is an effective combination of leisure and activities: the child uses time with benefit, and the classes are not completely perceived by him as occupations due to the peculiarities of building language programs. By the way, there are a huge number of educational programs: in any language camp for children, programs for teaching English at different levels are offered, as well as joint programs for parents and their children (most suitable for junior students). In addition, in addition to English classes, children can enroll in any creative group or sports section, which will reveal the child's talents and improve skills. The list of sports sections is quite extensive and includes such sports as dancing, football, surfing and even horse riding and rowing.

It is worth saying a few words about the peculiarities of the construction of educational programs and English classes in children's camps in England. The youngest students feel very comfortable and are engaged in English with great pleasure, because teachers teach mostly in game form, conducting interesting contests, giving entertaining assignments that are absolutely not perceived by children as something related to the school. If in the Russian school many students sometimes "suffer" in long and boring lessons, trying to escape as quickly as possible from the class and to walk, then in English private schools where summer language camps are formed, teachers conduct interesting and fascinating lessons, finding each student an individual approach and thereby understanding how to interest everyone. The teacher becomes a friend of each student, so informal communication between students and teachers allows the first in a short time to get rid of the fear of talking in English and successfully overcome the language barrier.

It is important to understand that summer language camps in England for children offer training programs designed for students with different levels of English: from beginners who are just beginning to learn English, to children with advanced level of preparation who want to improve fun and ease proficiency in English. Most of the last English language courses in England (including summer language camps for children) are subsequently enrolled in secondary and higher education in the UK and receive English education.

Many summer children's camps with the study of English are located near London - the most popular camps in the suburbs of the capital of the UK, where students from 8 to 15 years old prefer to come. Firstly, in quiet suburbs and small villages it is much safer and more comfortable, and secondly, the picturesque nature of the vicinities of the capital and other large cities of England contributes to rest and recreation of children. Almost all summer language camps for children are located at private boarding schools , colleges or universities - during the holidays, educational institutions open their doors to students of summer language courses. Students live on the school grounds in student hostels on the campus. For the territory of a school or college (summer camp), children can go out only accompanied by teachers or camp staff while traveling on excursions or walks.

It is worth mentioning specifically the question of the cost of teaching English in a summer language camp for children in England . The cost of language courses in English for students aged 8 to 15 years is greater than the cost of similar training programs for older children, which is logical, if we take into account the need for increased monitoring and supervision, b of greater responsibility, educators presence on an ongoing basis, as well as obtaining a special license to teach children at this age. Adult children are more independent and responsible, they are able to independently build their leisure time and rationally manage their free hours.

Another option for teaching children in a language camp in England involves placing the youngest pupils in a host family in the UK. Such options are, as a rule, somewhat more expensive than when living on the school grounds, and the child will receive less freedom. However, for young children, this option is the safest, and so they will experience a minimum of stress from living for some time in a foreign country without their parents.

Language courses in England for teens from 16 years old

Standard English language courses in England involve a direct educational program, as well as a rich excursion and entertainment part. The latter needs to be clarified in a special order, since the list of activities included in it can not be changed afterwards: it can be various kinds of excursions, options for sports and creativity, ways of organizing leisure activities for children between classes. It is also necessary to clarify the full list of services included in the cost of the language course.

There are two options for organizing a trip to English language courses in Britain: an individual trip or a trip to a pre-compiled group. In the case of an individual trip to language courses, he can go to school at any time and the child will enter a new language and cultural environment, which will have a positive impact on his development from the point of view of the English language: he will have to communicate in English on an ongoing basis, which will help he in a short time to overcome the language barrier and improve his English skills. Accommodation in most cases is organized in a host family, although there is a possibility of accommodation in the student residence. Sending your child to study English in England on an individual basis, parents can carefully choose the desired conditions for accommodation, training, as well as a cultural and leisure program.

As for the trip to English language courses in the group, this trip will cost a bit less than the individual one. However, it must be understood that in this case it will be necessary first to wait until a group of children is formed. In addition, in England , in English language courses, children will communicate with each other in Russian, since they will be trained, in most cases, together, in the same school and even in the same class. However, there are also the advantages of group trips: in addition to the lower cost, groups are always accompanied by a tutor, the trips themselves are carefully organized. In addition, if the child is shy or uncommunicative, it will be easier for him among peers from his country, whom he understands and with whom he is friends.

Language school in England: choosing a language course in English

Of course, the choice of a language educational institution should be approached with all responsibility, because this depends on how effective the teaching of English in England, and then, whether the child will have a good vacation. Below you can find an approximate course of action when choosing English language courses in Britain:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the intensity of the language course of the English language - this is either:
    • Standard course - up to 20 lessons per week for 45 minutes each;
    • Intensive course - up to 30 lessons per week for 45 minutes each;
    • Super-intensive course - up to 20 lessons per week, as well as from 5 to 10 optional lessons of choice.
    • The choice of the intensity of the language course directly depends on the level of English in your child. Do not send him to a super-intensive course if he is just starting to learn English, thinking that in a short time, British teachers will teach the child. On the contrary, if the number of classes is excessive, the child may lose all desire to learn English in English courses. However, if the child himself expresses a desire to work hard and actively, it is possible - in which case, it is always possible to change the intensity.
  2. Further it is necessary to familiarize with the schedule of studies in a particular language school, to find out at what time the lessons begin: they can take place either in the first shift or the second, and the courses held on the first shift tend to be slightly more expensive.
  3. Not the least role is played by the place of teaching English, namely the city, school or university, where English language courses are conducted, as well as remoteness from the center (from the capital or the center of the region). While English language training in London is the most expensive, in the suburbs of the same London training is much more affordable. As a general rule, however, the closer to the center of the capital the institution is, the higher its appreciation is, the higher the school or university itself is prized. An important role is played by the size of the institution. So, in a small school in relative depths your child is likely to be the only Russian student, which can be both an advantage and a problem. In the well-known and popular schools, the likelihood of meeting with Russian-speaking students is high, besides, the set of training programs and courses there is much wider than in less well-known schools.
  4. Finally, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about the teaching methodology in a specific English course. Of course, Britain's educational traditions have a century-old history, British teachers have taught foreigners English for many centuries, the entire system is honed and almost perfect. In English classes, teachers pay attention to almost all common topics for everyday communication, offer interesting and entertaining exercises that are directly relevant to real life and help students subsequently explain themselves in English. In addition to the language course itself, students are offered a wide variety of activities: excursions to interesting and famous sights of England, sports sections and creative circles, etc.

English courses in England, prices

Given this diversity of curricula and English language courses in England , it is clear that the price of teaching English is also subject to significant fluctuations. English language courses in London are much more expensive than classes at a school in, say, Birmingham. English language courses in Britain for children, providing for full boarding (that is, three meals a day), will cost considerably more than similar English courses for adults - due to the need for additional staff (educators) and greater control. Thus, the cost of English language courses in England depends on the intensity of the training, its duration, and also on the preferred type of accommodation.

The average estimated cost of one week of training in English language courses with placement in a host family is as follows:

  • Standard English course (20 lessons) - from 400 pounds sterling;
  • Intensive English course (25 lessons) - from 870 pounds sterling;
  • Intensive English course with placement in the family of the teacher (Study & Live in your Teacher's Home) - from 870 pounds sterling;
  • Standard English course + preparation for the IELTS international language exam (20 lessons) - from 450 GBP;
  • Individual English lessons (up to 15 lessons) - from 1 049 pounds sterling;
  • The course of business English, group (20 lessons) - from 600 pounds.

It is worth noting that it is best to purchase the course in advance - at least a year, because in the case of a trip to England for English language courses there is no such thing as "seasonality".

Now you know everything, that is necessary, for selection of a language course of English which will suit your child. Also you can always ask for help and a free consultation with our experts, leaving an application at the bottom of this page. Do not miss an excellent opportunity for your child to improve his / her English language skills, as well as to touch a new culture, language. On our site for you are available reviews and ratings of educational institutions offering English language courses in England .

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