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England through the eyes of a foreign student

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England through the eyes of a foreign student

Many believe that Foggy Albion is traditional conservatism, oatmeal, tea and bad weather. But, according to many foreign students studying in England, this country is somewhat different. It is multi-faceted, very interesting, and everyone remembers something different.

British fogs are nothing more than a myth

In England you quickly realize that the stereotype about its weather is untenable. Most of the time here is quite dry, warm and windless. Dense fog can be admired only in the early British morning, and even then mainly in London .

In winter the air temperature in Foggy Albion rarely falls below + 10 °. The winter season is more rainy than summer. Also strong gusts are likely.

The weather in Britain is changing almost hourly. The English joke, suggesting the replacement of traditional television news with weather forecasts. The ranking of the channels decided on the experiment would increase no less than a hundred times.

Changeable English weather surprises foreign students and is familiar to residents of the cities of the country. Fine rain here is usually ignored. Umbrellas on the streets of British cities appear only when outside the window it pours like a bucket. The English and street clothes are simple. Even at +10 here you can see people wearing T-shirts and breeches. Not accustomed to the dampness of foreign students, it is recommended to stock up on raincoats and practical footwear.

England begins with London

The capital of the country is its main pride. Many-sided London with its centuries-old history is full of noteworthy sights. Here, only each of the 7 stations is quite worthy of the status of a masterpiece of architecture.

In the British capital it is crowded, noisy and interesting. In the city it is most convenient to move by metro. Regular buses run between the regions.

A distinctive feature of London is low-rise. In this city there is not a single skyscraper. Island soil, rich in limestone, determined the format of local construction.

London is one of the best business centers in the world. In addition, there are not many indigenous people in London. A significant part of the population of the capital consists of the remaining graduates of universities, immigrants.

Business Britain

The business center of Great Britain today is London City. Here you can see hundreds of expensive cars, dozens of modern administrative buildings. Also typical of the City are people in business suits. The center of London is the crazy rhythm of life.

There are no dwelling houses in the City. To admire the parks, quietly walk through the streets, too, should go to another area of ​​the city. In the City you will find a real business England.

Walking in the center of London is best on foot. For the entrance to the City by car you will need to pay a lot. Restrictions on the movement of vehicles across the area were introduced by the London mayor's office not by chance. The number of cars in the City is constantly increasing. Already today to find a parking place - almost unrealistic task. In addition, for parking, as for everything else, it is customary to pay. The place will cost the sum of a small British fortune.

English laws

In Britain, it is not customary to violate the law. This is due to cultural traditions and, of course, the price of the issue. In large British cities, you are unlikely to see cars driving around traffic jams on empty pockets of bus stops or on the sidewalks. British pedestrians do not cross the street to red light, even if there are no cars on the roadway. And with a parking deficit of seats no one takes places intended for the disabled.

Shopping in Britain

In England, in most cities, shops and markets are far from the main streets and squares. Branded boutiques are also located away from the City. The products are not as expensive as it may seem. This is especially true for food and household groups. At the same time, the standard of living in Britain is higher.

Any thing in England you can buy cheap and expensive. Everything depends on the purpose of the buyer, his ability to find the right products. Unclaimed products in British stores (mainly clothing, footwear, haberdashery, equipment) fall in price until they are purchased by the customer. Sale in England - an excellent opportunity to save on shopping.

Stores in Britain often operate without cashiers. The product is broken through and paid for by customers themselves.

Cooking in the British style

In modern England, it is customary to have lunch in a cafe. It is convenient and affordable. For dinner, semi-finished products are usually bought. Dishes of the category "warm up and eat" are very popular in the country. It is worth noting, they are of high quality.

An English breakfast consisting of oatmeal is nothing more than a beautiful legend. Traditional dishes on Foggy Albion have long been fried eggs and bacon, potatoes and toast. For lunch in any British cafe serves the first, second dishes and desserts. In expensive restaurants you can order fine cuisine.

Excellent rest, tasty food and fun in England you can in the pub. There are a lot of such institutions in every city of the country. If, walking along the British streets, you see a building that decorate flower pots, be sure - it's a pub. The error is not more than 10%.

Fashion in English

The British are not too fond of fashion trends. Here, most do not follow the designer novelties. Dress and look generally in England is taken naturally, and not fashionable. At the same time, you will not surprise anyone in the country. Everyone in England is free to dress as he wishes.

Commercial fashion is not at all a priority for the British. In certain areas, a dress code is observed here. And in everyday life, practical clothes, comfortable shoes, functional accessories are used. Some English, however, consider bad appearance in society without a suit, a vest and polished shoes. But they do not impose their opinion on anyone.

Communication with the British

It is believed that the British are indifferent, narcissistic, pretentious snobs. This stereotype was created by people who have never been to Foggy Albion. In fact, in communication the British are not pretentious, but reserved. At the same time they are open, friendly, always ready to help. Want to see this personally? Just ask any passer in England how to get to this or that place.

British are indulgent towards foreign people who distort English words. You will not be corrected or reproached for improper pronunciation, on the contrary, they assure that everything is fine. But for study in England you will have to work hard at improving the language skills. Opportunities for this are many, ranging from books and audio materials for self-preparation, ending with specialized courses. A little effort, and you will not notice how to overcome the language barrier.

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