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2020-09-15 00:00:46

One year at English private school: advantages of preparation

One year at English private school: advantages of preparation

Today's children are preparing hard for their final and intermediate exams - studying in high school has turned into a test and stress for the whole family. But between the two responsible senior grades there is one respite class and in the middle grades - 7th, 8th. Children can quite afford to relax, do without tutors and endless additional activities, paying close attention only to specialized disciplines. One of the options for complementing secondary education, improving English and broadening one's horizons is to spend 1 year in a real English school.


A year at an English school: advantages

The advantages of studying at an English boarding school for 1 year:

  • A child spends a whole year in a language environment. Yes, you need an intermediate level of English at the start, otherwise you will not be able to study, but in the process the student is much more fluent in spoken English, it will be easier for him to deal with stress, pronunciation and grammar. No tutor can provide such knowledge.
  • An unfamiliar environment and a different learning system will help create interest and motivation to study subjects that seemed "passable". ⠀
  • A small person will leave his country for the first time, see how others live and study.
  • Self-reliance, responsibility and confidence develop by leaps and bounds during a solo trip abroad.
  • The boarding school opens up dozens of opportunities for finding new hobbies and sports.
  • The ability to rethink your goals, set new ones, find a vocation or direction for development.
  • New acquaintances, the ability to communicate online with English classmates.

European and American parents practice a year of study abroad for their children, form their readiness for mobility, a broad outlook on things.

If you are not ready to send your child to study abroad for a whole year, choose a program for 1 semester! English boarding schools accept foreign students from 9-10 years old.

Where to send your child for a year in the UK

Private academic institutions that take boarders (not to be confused with retirees!) - St Clares College (Oxford), Cambridge Tutors Sixth Form College (Croydon). These schools provide a more mature environment, small classrooms, good EFL support, and special programs for UK high schools and universities. This is a cheaper option than international study centers for high school students whose ultimate goal is to go to a British university. They offer local homestay accommodation rather than on campus. Consider sending your child to local independent ESL / EFL-supported boarding schools. This is an option for beginner English speaking students.

Educational institutions for one-year study in an English school:

  • Boarding school, where most of the students live in full board. Learn more about student composition.
  • Good, strong support from EFL - quality help in learning English as a foreign language is becoming more and more available.
  • Schools popular with British expatriate families. Children from foreign families in one school are the best confirmation of the success of an educational institution when working with foreigners, but the main thing is balance.
  • Schools with a successful history of accepting foreign students. All British schools accept international applicants, but top schools will not threaten their reputation, lower A-level ratings and recruit too many EFL students. Be sure to ask the percentage of international students at any school you are considering. If it is higher than you would like (for example, above 15%), evaluate the rest of the benefits.

Top 10 English schools for a year / semester abroad

Typically, UK educational institutions start accepting applications from international students in February-March, the review phase begins in May-June. After that, the student receives an answer - an invitation to the school or a notification of being added to the reserve list. In order to increase the chances, students abroad send applications not to one educational institution, but to several at once. We encourage parents and students to follow a similar strategy.

List of top British schools

  1. Cardiff Sixth Form College
  2. Sevenoaks School
  3. Queen Ethelburga's College
  4. Brighton College
  5. National Mathematics and Science College NMSC
  6. Concord College
  7. Westbourne School
  8. Wellington college
  9. Rossall School
  10. d'Overbroeck's College .
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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