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Study in Edinburgh for foreign students

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Study in Edinburgh for foreign students

Leading schools in Edinburgh for international students

Foreign students are offered a variety of educational programs in the elite schools of Edinburgh. Students who seek to deepen and improve their language and academic knowledge can receive a prestigious secondary education in Scotland. So, standard and intensive education programs, and courses in various professional areas have been developed. Education is possible in ranking international centers, camps, schools, as well as colleges. Multiple schools in Edinburgh have been established and are successfully operating for each age group.

Learning English in Edinburgh at elite schools for foreign students 

As part of the development of language programs aimed at foreign students, academic traditions and modern methods of British secondary education are applied. For teaching, only experienced and professional teachers are involved. Classes are held in small classrooms, which ensures the application of an individual approach for each student of 14 years old. Thus, when deciding to get a secondary education in Edinburgh, a foreign student is guaranteed complete immersion in a new linguistic and cultural environment, thereby allowing him to get to know the new country on a close basis. In addition to education, it is planned to conduct active sports and various leisure activities. In particular, within the framework of educational excursions, regardless of the season, trips to ancient castles are organized, and various sports competitions are held.

It is worth noting that high positions in international rankings and the prestige of schools and universities in Scotland are the main reasons for their popularity and attractiveness among foreign students. If we compare with England, in Edinburgh that lower cost of obtaining secondary education is observed, while recognized British educational standards and academic traditions are applied in the framework of teaching.

How is secondary education in Edinburgh organized for foreign students?

There are some differences in the academic programs developed by the elite schools of Edinburgh and the expensive cities of Great Britain, with regard to the philosophy of education. So, the main difference is due to the fact that teachers in Edinburgh's best schools teach a wide list of academic subjects, that is, there is no emphasis on narrow specialization. Studying a wide list of subjects ensures the formation of a versatile personality for each student who can get higher education in various related specializations.

Upon reaching 4-5 years begins the stage of secondary education in Scotland. At this educational stage, students acquire basic knowledge about the world around them. In the case of a poor level of foreign language proficiency, the foreign student should pay attention to the entry-level language programs in the English language. After significantly improving the level of knowledge of English, a foreign student can enter one of the following types of schools in Edinburgh:

  • General education

  • Confessional

  • Community based.

Regardless of the type of school, each has a family and friendly atmosphere. Modern laboratories, language classes, libraries, swimming pools, as well as sports grounds are open for effective learning and exciting leisure time for foreign students to visit in the walls of the best schools in Edinburgh.

Among foreign srudents of 14-16 years old, such sports as tennis, horse riding, soccer, and golf are very popular.

As for the cost in Edinburgh's leading high schools, it is approximately 7,530 £ per semester, taking into account accommodation and meals. At the same time, most often, schoolchildren live in old Victorian mansions for the period of study.

Language programs of the best schools in Edinburgh for foreign students

The attention of foreign adolescents is offered a wide list of language courses that can effectively prepare for admission to top universities in the UK and in other countries. The following are the available language courses for foreign students:

  • Preparation for admission to leading universities

  • Preparation for international language exams, namely FCE, PET, CAE, CPE, IELTS

  • Summer vacation programs

  • Professional courses.

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