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TOP-10 the most interesting and mysterious forests in the world

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TOP-10 the most interesting and mysterious forests in the world

A walk in the woods and a picnic are the best ways to get rid of city stress, anxiety, relax your body and soul. And especially in summer, when you want to go to nature, the forest becomes for many of us the best friend! Today SMAPSE experts have compiled for you a selection of the most unusual, strange, mystical and beautiful forests in the world.

Black Forest ("Black Forest"), Germany

In their country, the Black Forest is known as the source of a whole heap of legends, myths and mysterious stories, evokes images of fairy tales - and not always kind and pleasant. Many tourists admit that in the Black Forest they literally saw ghosts and nymphs behind every tree - although in reality the Black Forest, albeit dense and gloomy, will greet you with hospitable villages and long, safe walking routes. Well, once you meet some leprechaun - not so scary, right?

Hallerbos, Belgium

But this is a truly fabulous forest in the springtime: bells bloom violently almost throughout its territory, so tourists literally step on the magnificent blue-purple carpet, enjoying the floral scent.

Rata Forest, New Zealand

The Rata Forest is famous for its trees (which, in fact, are called "rata"): during a long walking route, you can see in every detail their bizarre trunks and twisted (one would like to say "branched"!) Branches.

Crooked Forest, Poland

Near the town of Gryfino (western Poland) there is a small but amazing forest: all of its pines are curved as if by the same pattern, and no one knows for sure what the reason for this phenomenon is. There is an opinion that the local special winds are to blame, someone says that around 1930, 400 pine trees were planted here to further collect curved wood for boats (they say, natural curvature is better than the work of a carpenter), but there is still no exact answer ...

Goblin Forest, New Zealand

A distant and mysterious country will surprise you more than once! The Goblin Forest grows in the Egmont National Park: it is rather gloomy and even looks inhospitable, and the local weather (frequent fogs and rains) serves as a paradise for hundreds of species of moss, which gives the trees a strange otherworldly look and even a glow!

Moss swamp, Romania

That's where The Witcher had to be filmed! A large and mysterious swamp is located not far from the famous Romanian Bran castle: its entire surface is convex - the layer of moss here is impressive - but the local swamps have many closed water wells up to 10 meters deep, so do not forget about caution when visiting.

Otzarreta Forest, Spain

The Basque Country invites you to the Gorbeia Natural Park, where the Otzarreta forest is located. Ancient trees in the misty air evoke thoughts of old fairy tales and half-forgotten melodies: it seems that just a little bit more - and you will see an alluring wandering light.

Hoya Bachu Forest, Romania

Quite a well-known tourist site - however, it often sounds like the "Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania" among tourists. Of course, you can get lost in any forest, but in Hoya-Bachu, in its very heart, there is a perfectly round clearing - both ufologists and mystic lovers argue that strong paranormal activity and mysterious inhuman signals are observed on it.

Chinese Hemlock Footprint, Taiwan

Fast forward to Asia, Taiwan, where there is a unique Chinese Hemlock Trail in the Taipishan National Forest Recreation Area. It leads through an old, dense and gloomy forest, but if you follow this path to the end, you will be rewarded a hundredfold - the opening view of the Dabazhdin mountains will amaze you to the very heart. By the way, the Chinese Trail is the shortest way up to the observation deck!

Tsingy de Bemarha (Forest of Knives), Madagascar

Finally, we will go closer to Africa, to the island of Madagascar. Tsingue de Bemarcha is not a forest in fact: the sight is formed not by trees, but by amazingly shaped limestone rocks. They reach 70 meters in height and all as one have a sharp elongated shape, so from a bird's eye view, the "forest" really looks like a platform studded with knives.

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