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Custody in the UK

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Custody in the UK

Every foreign student under the age of 18, traveling for a long period of study in the UK,  must be registered with the guardian - the official representative of his family and interests for the duration of his studies. Guardians can only become law-abiding, respectable British subjects - and in this article SMAPSE experts will talk about the functions of the guardian, his basic duties and actions. Remember that the guardian, tutor and coordinator of your child is his main assistant at the time of adaptation in a British school, college and university, organizing his comfortable life, study, travel and pastime.

During the years of successful work SMAPSE has worked with thousands of students from different countries, helped them to integrate into the educational, linguistic and cultural environment of Great Britain, successfully study in the best schools, colleges and universities. SMAPSE works throughout the United Kingdom, in all counties and regions, SMAPSE has the necessary national and international certificates and work permits. In SMAPSE office, even before the departure of the child, you can get all the necessary information and ask any questions - your personal manager will dispel all doubts and worries, continuing to work with you until the student returns and even after him.

Before leaving for the UK

As soon as the child is enrolled in the chosen educational institution, SMAPSE notifies his administration about the need for custodial support and start working on obtaining a long-term study visa (if you wish, you can order professional translation, document collection, register with SMAPSE for an appointment at the Consuls or Embassy) .

SMAPSE manager will clarify for you the terms of education, dates of terms and vacations, the need to search for a host family, the return of the child to the family for a vacation, at will - and the possibility of the parents visiting the school or organizing a joint rest between the terms.

Qualified employees will meet the child at the airport at the time of arrival in the UK: SMAPSE will confirm this meeting in writing, provide you with complete personal data, photo and recommendations of the meeting specialist. The meeting officer will not leave the airport until he meets the child, even if the flight will be significantly delayed. The employee always checks for a criminal record, has the necessary insurance and manages a comfortable personal car.

If a child under the age of 14-16 is sent abroad, you can order a personal support service for him. Such a service includes seeing off practically to the plane's ramp and meeting also at the very beginning of passport control in the UK, assistance in passing customs and solving administrative issues, presenting the necessary documents. Personal support also applies to the return journey: the employee will see that the child has arrived at the airport in advance, has successfully passed the security check and transport control, has not confused the flights, practically puts him on board the aircraft and watches the correct armor of his seat.

After coming to the UK

After the student arrives at the chosen educational institution, the coordinating manager contacts the student and appoints the date of the first meeting (it is held the first few days after the arrival). During the whole educational period, the guardian regularly contacts his ward, visits him, organizes trips and joint activities, is constantly aware of his school affairs.

Also, the employee will immediately begin work on planning educational and extra-curricular activities, all additional activities and trips. For parents, all situations in which the guardian's presence in the child is guaranteed (from the school meeting to the trip to the hospital) are explained in detail. The coordinator will once again confirm with you the dates of the holidays and the visits of the child to their home country (or your visits to it to the UK).

SMAPSE always provides both children and parents with a 24-hour emergency telephone number, where you can contact SMAPSE at any time for any issue that may arise.

Features of residence: host family

Even if you choose a boarding school with a permanent residence on campus, the guardian and SMAPSE coordinator will always be ready to pick you a host family for the child. This will be necessary in case of a long weekend (for example, state holidays, Exeat weekends) or vacations, breaks in the middle of each trimester (short half-term vacation). As a rule, for this period the school campus is closed, and not all educational institutions provide an opportunity to stay for this period in school. The host family shelters a student who can not or does not want to return to his native country for this period (which, indeed, is not always convenient). Plus, the host family will help in emergency cases: for example, the child committed a disciplinary offense (serious, but not critical) and was suspended for several days. Or you can not buy air tickets for convenient dates and the student is forced to stay in the UK after the educational course ends and the campus is closed, or your booked flight was postponed / canceled - there may be a lot of reasons for force majeure.

All host families with whom SMAPSE cooperates and whom SMAPSE selects for the students are subject to regular serious checks, monitoring and selection. Adult family members must provide a certificate of absence of criminal record, must provide access to the examination of the house to ensure the comfort and coziness of the proposed conditions (as a rule, families live near the campus of the selected institution). SMAPSE always tries to ensure that the child cooperates with the same family at all time necessary to feel love, care and understanding from the selected British subjects - but the wishes for a change of family are always taken into account and implemented.

Host families provide the child with boarding conditions: a comfortable bedroom, bathrooms and other common premises in the house (including laundry, bicycle parking, etc.), board meals (usually 3 meals a day, you can book half board, but only after reaching a certain age - usually from 16-18 years old). Students under 14 years of age are observed by the family almost around the clock to ensure their safety and comfort; students of any age can count on a family transfer to and after school. Usually students 16-18 years old and older are given the opportunity to walk alone, shopping and entertainment in the city - of course, with the notification of the family, the guardian and the time specification when the student returns home.

While the child is studying - offers for parents

While the guardian monitors the safety and comfort of your child in the UK, the local coordinator is constantly in touch with you, with the parents.

  • SMAPSE experts will ensure that the school regularly sends you full reports on the successes, achievements, progress of the child, reports on his behavior, useful advice and recommendations for his development and further education.
  • SMAPSE expertswill ensure that the payment for the services of the guardian is carried out on time and at the specified amount, SMAPSE experts will help you to resolve the issue with bank transfers (if necessary - and with currency conversion), replenish your account with the UK tutelary agency.
  • You can specify additional dates of trips (for example, if you decide to visit the child in a British school), change the dates of booking tickets, order additional personal support.
  • You will be constantly in touch with the official guardian: he will report to you when and how many times he visited the child or contacted him by phone, what actions he took, what help he provided.
  • SMAPSE experts will help to establish contact and communication with the host family - you can personally make sure that your child lives in comfortable, safe conditions and a friendly family atmosphere.
  • If you wish, SMAPSE experts will clarify for you the schedule of the child's next activities: trips and excursions, student exchanges, major concerts, speeches and other events. Subsequently, you can see photo reports or videos, and maybe even plan a trip to the next holiday or a major event.
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