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Conditions for admission to schools in Portugal, the 5 most important nuances

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Conditions for admission to schools in Portugal, the 5 most important nuances

Studying abroad for children opens unlimited opportunities for education and development - for example, on foreign academic programs in Portugal, the children will be able to adapt to a new language environment, to undergo serious preparation for the university. Conditions for admission to schools in Portugal - this is something that can not be bypassed if you want to receive secondary education in the Portuguese school.

Top-5 requirements for overseas applicants when enrolling in Portuguese schools

Decided to enter the secondary education curriculum in Portugal ? Excellent! It remains to get acquainted with the conditions of admission to the chosen school - and you can start preparing for studies abroad.

  • Portuguese schools are included in the ratings and tops of the world and conduct careful selection among foreign applicants. One of the main criteria is the age of the student. Institutions can impose a restriction - so, for Russian programs of senior and middle classes can operate. The most favorable age for studying in private schools in Portugal is 12-14 years: according to reviews, children of this age are easier to adapt psychologically to a new life and cope with training loads.
  • Financial security. For schoolchildren from abroad, rather high prices for training are established (higher than for citizens of their country), in addition parents will have to pay the costs associated with study and flight, so schools require a certificate from the bank confirming the solvency.
  • Language requirements of educational centers are quite high: applicants must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of a foreign language for study and life in a foreign country.
  • Good academic performance. The applicant for a place in a private boarding school must submit a report card for two years from the previous place of study and pass entrance examinations in mathematics and foreign. During the interview, the student should show himself with the best hand, show himself to the diligent and knowledge-hungry young man.
  • The school of Portugal has the right to establish its nuances and deadlines for submitting documents, so it is important to have accurate information about the chosen place of training and submit documents on time.

SMAPSE represents the best Portuguese schools in Russia and is not an intermediary, therefore it provides advice free of charge. The consultants are ready to answer all your questions, provide assistance and support at the stage of enrollment in the Portuguese school.

Features of admission to the leading school of Portugal Nobel International School of the Algavre

It is an international educational institution with excellent conditions for studying in English and comfortable rest and residence. The motto of the school is: "The house is where you are understood." Representatives of the school recommend to visit the school with their parents and familiarize themselves with the conditions of accommodation before admission.

  • This top school accepts foreign children aged 11-14 years for the middle school program and children over 15 for the high school program. The guys live on campus in cozy rooms
  • The cost of training will be from 27,000 euros per year (studies, board meals, laundry, curators, children over 15 are offered a separate room). In addition to tuition fees, you will need to make a deposit (2500 euros), which will be on the student's account and in case of any costs within a year therefrom will be charged money for expenses
  • The level of English is not lower than the average: the guys must provide a certificate of passing the language exam, pass an interview in English and an introductory testing
  • The level of academic training should be high (the applicant is waiting for the testing in mathematics and the interview).

If this year there are no empty seats, then it is proposed to apply for the queue in the waiting list, paying a non-refundable fee.

In order for the dream of foreign education to become a reality, we recommend paying close attention to the conditions of admission to the schools of Portugal and to take them responsibly. Good luck!

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