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TOP-5 prestigious international colleges in Australia where foreign students can get high-quality education

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Every year Australia attracts many foreign students from all over the world. SMAPSE offers TOP-5 prestigious international colleges in Australia  that provide high-quality courses and studying programs. Studying in one of 10 best international colleges in Australia gives a great opportunity to get deep knowledge and open wide career prospects for the future. Foreign students can study various languages courses, get Bachelor's and Master's degree, enter Pre-Master's programs and MBA, etc. 

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The difference between studying in a college or university in Australia?

At the end of grade 12, Australian students have the opportunity to go to university or college. University education traditionally involves obtaining a Bachelor's degree (studying for 3-4 years), a Master's degree (1-2 years) and a doctor of science (3-4 years).

But the vast majority of after-school institutions are Australia's best international colleges - both public and private. Studying in Australia at a college is considered no less prestigious than at a university, and has an important main difference - practical orientation.

All Australian public colleges are part of the TAFE (Technical and Further Education) system, have narrowly focused specialization and multilevel education, but do not imply obtaining a degree. As a rule, studying in Australia includes internships in the relevant professional sector - and as a result, there are great chances for further employment. But if college graduates wish to continue their education, they often get an advantage when entering a partner university and can “jump over” several courses at once.

Depending on the duration of study and the chosen specialty, students of Australian colleges receive a certificate (1-4 degrees) or a diploma having a regular or advanced level. To obtain a certificate, a student will have to devote from 3 to 18 months to study: during this time he will master a certain profession, receiving both general and special knowledge. It should be noted that the best international colleges in Australia en masse attract not only teachers, but also professionals working in different fields, which means students will receive the most relevant information and applied skills. Certificate holders will be able to engage in professional activities in junior positions. Obtaining an Australian college diploma will take from 1.5 to 3 years and will allow a graduate to take the position of middle and senior level.

In general, the education system at an Australian college looks like this:



Certificate I

4-6 months

Certificate II

6-8 months

Certificate III

about 12 months

Certificate IV

12-18 months


18-24 months

Diploma (Advanced)

24-36 months

Also in the Australian educational system there are private international colleges that offer professional preparation in many specialties, the most popular of which are business, management, marketing and IT. The curriculum of such institutions involves both obtaining a diploma (basic and advanced levels), and the possibility of obtaining an associate degree, bachelor's, master's degree.

Best international colleges in Australia: what are the requirements for applicants?

It's possible to enter most Australian colleges twice a year - in February and June, but it all depends on the program and the specific institution.

For foreign applicants, a complete school education and a good level of English proficiency is enough - to confirm it will be necessary to pass one of the international exams (TOEFL - 530, IELTS - 5.5). If your command of English is insufficient, there is the opportunity to undergo language courses directly at the college.

Australian colleges have a system of loans that allows you to move to the next level without passing exams - it is enough to carry out all the tasks and earn loans responsibly. It can also play a positive role when enrolling in a university in Australia, Europe or the world.

TOP international colleges in Australia for foreign students: tuition fees

As a rule, the cost of studying at a college is 20-25% lower than at a university in Australia and depends on the institution you choose and the duration of your studies. It goes without saying that a paid internship and a state scholarship will significantly reduce study costs. Below you can see the top rated colleges in Australia , compare the cost of studying - and choose the most suitable option!


Course cost

TAFE South Australia

4,000 USD-60,000 USD

Southbank institute of technology

3,200 USD-32,000 USD

Holmesglen institute

6,100 USD-36,400 USD

Swinburne university of technology

7,250 USD-28,324 USD

Griffith college

13,250 USD-30,900 USD

Box Hill Institute TAFE

6,600 USD-90,500 USD

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