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Primary, secondary education in Belgium for international studens. List of 1 top institutions, 2023 fees, rankings

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St. John's International School
In 2019 students achieved an impressive average diploma score of 32.2
St. John's International School
Currently watching: 6
Very good
1 reviews
from 11900.00 € / year
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from 11900.00 € / year
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Similar educational institutions
Ceran Spa Summer Camp
Ceran Spa Summer Camp
Currently watching: 8
1 reviews
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St. John's International School
In 2019 students achieved an impressive average diploma score of 32.2
St. John's International School
Currently watching: 6
Very good
1 reviews
from 11900.00 € / year
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from 11900.00 € / year
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Ceran Spa (adult language school Belgium)
Ceran Spa (adult language school Belgium)
Currently watching: 10
Very good
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Teaching in the family of the teacher Belgium Home Language International
Very good
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United Business Institute Brussels
United Business Institute Brussels
Currently watching: 1
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University of Antwerp (UA)
University of Antwerp (UA)
Currently watching: 2
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Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven)
Currently watching: 2
1 reviews
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University of Liege (ULg)
University of Liege (ULg)
Currently watching: 2
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Education information

Educational institutions with primary and secondary education (3-17) in Belgium. We ask you to familiarize yourself with the educational institutions proven by our specialists, offering unsurpassed quality in the field of education and upbringing of character, discipline of students. This section offers comprehensive information about schools, international training programs, prices and reviews. If you have any questions, you can always consult our specialists. FREE services for enrollment in partner institutions, the number of places is limited. Assistance in the selection of institutions, advice on what documents need to be collected, what are the requirements for submission and the timing of enrollment.

The educational system of Belgium complies with pan-European standards and includes three stages of education: basic, secondary and higher. Tuition on the first two is compulsory and free.

Structure of education in Belgium:

  • Basic education:
    • pre-school education (2.5-6 years);
    • primary education (6-12 years);
  • secondary education (12-18 years);
  • higher education.

Education in Belgium is built in accordance with the Bologna process, and graduates of the country's universities receive prestigious European diplomas. Education received in the universities of the country is in the top 20 of the world educational ranking.

Belgium offers students the opportunity to get acquainted with a unique multicultural environment: there is no unity of linguistic, religious, national field in the country. Such diversity opens up the opportunity to master the skills of everyday communication in German, Dutch, French, communication with representatives of different language communities. At the same time, the cultural atmosphere of Belgium is very rich: here students will get acquainted with the paintings of the Flemish, the surreal works of Magritte, the traditional European architecture of Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp.

Pre-school education for foreign students in Belgium

Secondary school education in Belgium is provided for students from 6 years old. For students of pre-school age (2.5-6 years) there are educational programs for early learning and kindergarten. Municipal institutions offer citizens free programs, but private schools in Belgium provide paid education. All preschool programs are built taking into account modern developing techniques, the desire for careful and comprehensive development of the personality (regio approach, elements of the technique of Maria Montessori, etc.), bilingual education is used. Children learn basic speech skills, learn the basics of reading, writing, counting, get acquainted with the device of the natural world. Qualified teachers work in kindergartens, a friendly atmosphere is created. Belgian pre-schools are well-equipped: playgrounds, a garden (garden) for exploring the world of plants and the specifics of their growth, libraries, music rooms, gyms, rooms for creativity.

Primary classes for foreign students in Belgium

Secondary school education in Belgium for primary schoolchildren (6-12 years old) was allows students to master basic academic knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, to develop skills in working with information, project activities, and communication skills. The curriculum in primary school contributes to the holistic development of the child - social, physical, emotional and cultural. In elementary school, students work under the guidance of an experienced mentor, there is a group of psychologists for timely assistance to students. Much attention is paid to the development of creative abilities and talents of children, a large number of circles are available (dramatic, musical, drawing, needlework, robotics, modeling). Schools in Belgium are equipped with computer classes, gyms, swimming pools, games rooms.

Belgium high schools where instruction is held in English

Secondary school education in Belgium for schoolchildren and students accepts students aged 12-18 for various programs: in addition to basic academic knowledge, students master specialized subjects. Municipal schools offer programs aimed at obtaining a profession. Certificate of complete secondary education gives a right to enter the university. In addition to standard programs, Belgian schools offer foreign students secondary education in English in accordance with the International Baccalaureate Standard “Middle Years Program” (MYP).

The educational system takes into account requirements of national education authorities and local standards, develops creative, critical, analytical abilities. The program pays attention to understanding the practical significance of academic knowledge, the development of research skills, and the ability to interact in a team with representatives of different cultures. The MYP program provides students with a high level of academic preparation, forms an idea of social responsibility, and allows you to determine the profile of future professional activities.

Features of studying in High School in Belgium for international students

Secondary school education in Belgium for foreign students, which gives the right to enter universities in Belgium and Europe, lasts for f 13 years. International students can enter higher education institutions after additional studies in high schools of the Belgian school, which offer a range of programs for students aged 16-19:

To obtain a diploma, you must complete a full course of study for grades 9-12. Students study general and specialized disciplines, attend creative classes, play sports.

Belgian schools offer International Baccalaureate studies at all levels: from preschool to the Diploma Program. The program (2 years) includes several modules:

  • subject (3 advanced + 3 standard, 4 advanced + 2 standard);
  • research (the student performs independent scientific work);
  • practical, includes creative, sports, social projects;
  • special course "Theory of Knowledge".


  • Advanced Placement (AP)

The high school curriculum adopted by the educational systems of the USA and Canada. This challenging two-year course includes studying the following disciplines:

  • English language and English literature;
  • French;
  • Deutsch;
  • Spanish;
  • Calculations;
  • Microeconomics;
  • Music theory.

Successful work on the AR program provides great advantages to foreign students when entering colleges and universities abroad.

  • 13 year offering

Students attend classes in grade 12 + some additional courses and disciplines, creative classes and sports. The program helps participants to increase knowledge and implement planned educational tasks.

The cost of programs in high school of the Belgian school starts from 11400 € / year.

Students themselves choose their preferred curriculum and specialized subjects - each of the proposed options provides students with a high level of education and possession of all the necessary skills to continue their studies.

Learning programs-summary information

Name Meaning Equivalent Min. age Duration,
Next stage Cost
GCSE General certificate of secondary education secondary education (non-accomplished) 14 1–2 A-Levels 15,000 USD+
A-Levels Advanced level secondary education (accomplished) 16 2 University 15,000 USD+
BTEC Business and Technology Education Board secondary special education 14 2–3 University/ work 15,000 USD+
Oxbridge Preparation Preparing for Oxford and Cambridge secondary education (accomplished) 17 1 University 15,000 USD+
International Baccalaureate International baccalaureate secondary education (accomplished) 16 2 University 18,000 USD+
Foundation/ Pathway Year Preparatory year admission to the 1st year of university 17 1 University 14,000 USD+
NCUK The Northern consortium 2 year university 17,5 1 2 year University of NCUK 13,000 USD+
Special Preparation (Medics/Math/Business) Specialized training - 14 optional optional 4,000 USD+
Academic English Academic English Language school 8 + 6–12 months School or University 8,000 USD+

Advantages and disadvantages of English schools

Advantages Disadvantages
The opportunity to enter the best universities in England, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Europe, the world Expensive
High quality of education and academic standards Strong workload
Perfect English after graduation The need to change the social environment; it takes time to adapt
Useful contacts The difficulty of choosing the most suitable school for the child, requires a qualified specialist

Top 21 boarding colleges in England 2022

1 Cardiff Sixth Form College
2 National Mathematics and Science College
3 Abbey College Cambridge
4 d'Overbroeck's College
5 MPW London
6 CATS Cambridge
7 Kensington Park
8 DLD London
9 King's College St Michael’s
10 Bellerbys Cambridge
11 Chelsea Independent College
12 MPW Cambridge
13 Bellerbys Brighton
14 CATS London
15 St Clare's Oxford
16 Bishopstrow College
17 CATS Canterbury
18 Bellerbys London
19 Ealing Independent College
20 Cambridge Tutors College
21 Abbey Manchester

Top 35 best schools in the USA - 2022 Smapse rankings

1 North Broward Preparatory School
2 Phillips Academy Andover
3 The Storm King School New York
4 Red Bank Catholic High School
5 Windermere Preparatory School
6 Shattuck St Mary's School
7 Cheshire Academy
8 Cate School
9 Ross School
10 Deerfield Academy
11 The Village School
12 Amerigo Los Angeles – Bishop Montgomery High School
13 Webb Schools
14 Kent School USA
15 The Winchendon School
16 Darlington School
17 Marian Catholic High School Amerigo Education
18 Grier School
19 The MacDuffie School
20 CATS Academy Boston
21 The Cambridge School of Weston
22 Milton Academy
23 Amerigo Education Napa Valley
24 American Hebrew Academy
25 Northfield Mount Hermon School
26 Mater Dei Catholic High School San Diego Amerigo Education
27 American University Preparatory School Los Angeles
28 Webb Schools
29 Kent School USA
30 Groton School
31 Maine Central Institute
32 The Lawrenceville School
33 Grand River Academy Оhio
34 Saint John Paul II Academy
35 Chicago North Shore

Top 14 best schools in Switzerland 2022

1 College Du Leman
2 St. Georges School Montreux
3 Institut Monte Rosa
4 Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz
5 Saint-Charles Collège et Lycée
6 Leysin American School
7 Hochalpines Institut Ftan AG High Alpine
8 Aiglon College Switzerland
9 Institut Le Rosey School
10 Institut Montana Zugerberg
11 Champittet College
12 Brillantmont International School
13 Surval Montreux
14 Ecole Pre Fleuri

Top 12 best schools in Canada 2022

1 Brookes Shawnigan Lake
2 Rosseau Lake College
3 Albert College
4 Columbia International College
5 Ridley College
6 St Andrew's College
7 Brentwood College School
8 Pickering College
9 Bodwell High School
10 Trafalgar Castle School
11 Fulford Academy
12 Shawnigan Lake School

Best boarding schools in England - 2022 Smapse rankings

1 Cardiff Sixth Form College
2 Sevenoaks School
3 Queen Ethelburga's College
4 Brighton College
5 The National Mathematics and Science College NMSC
6 Concord College
7 Westbourne School
8 Wellington College
9 Rossall School
10 d'Overbroeck's College
11 Dulwich College
12 Fettes College
13 Stonar School
14 Wycliffe College
15 Lucton School
16 King's School Canterbury
17 ACS School Cobham
18 Hurtwood House
19 Uppingham School
20 Scarborough College
21 King's College St Michael’s
22 Mill Hill School
23 Windermere School
24 Clifton College
25 Badminton School
26 Oakham School
27 Oundle School
28 Stowe School
29 Cheltenham College
30 Bromsgrove School
31 Sidcot School
32 Prior Park College
33 Millfield School
34 Oswestry School
35 Caterham School
36 City of London Freemen’s School
37 Buckswood School
38 Brooke House College
39 Taunton School
40 St Clare's Oxford
41 Repton School
42 Royal Russell School
43 King's Ely
44 Leys Cambridge
45 Leighton Park
46 Bedford School
47 Fyling Hall
48 Royal Hospital School
Akaliza Joella Kenia
I am Rwandan by birth and origin.. I am going in G9 and that is S3 and I study in a Cambridge. I first term I got 58% second second term then I got 60% and in third term I got 70%. I will be grateful if u help me to get a Scholarship!! Yours sincerely, AKALIZA JOELLA KENIA Akaliza joella Kenia
Good afternoon! Unfortunately, we do not deal with scholarships. You better contact your curator.
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