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5 best schools, colleges and universities in Salzburg, Austria where international students can get high-quality education

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Today, Austria attracts a wide range of foreign students from all over the world with high-quality educational services and interesting culture. Many international students choose studying in Salzburg, Austria as it's a great opportunity to combine effective courses with exciting rest. SMAPSE offers TOP-5 prestigious schools, colleges and universities located in Salzburg where international students can get high-quality and balanced primary, secondary and higher education.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

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Advantages of studying at elite schools in Salzburg

For foreign students, studying in Salzburg opens up incredible prospects and provides a high level of education.

The main advantage of studying in Austria is obtaining a European diploma recognized worldwide. The academic program is built in accordance with all modern requirements and taking into account the ancient traditions of training, which allows you to make the process as efficient and effective as possible. Austrian education is recognized all over the world, which proves the high rating of educational institutions in Salzburg in the international arena.

Another plus is the cost of Austrian education. The average tuition prices in Salzburg per person are from 600 € to 1000 € per year, and many state universities offer scholarships for foreign students with high academic success.

An interesting fact for foreign students is that when you enter higher education institutions in Austria you may not know the German language - many prestigious universities in Austria offer instruction in English. Also, elite universities, leading higher schools, ranking universities of art and TOP private universities in Austria allow you to learn German after entering specialized courses for foreign students, that last from 6 months to 2 years. This unique phenomenon allows even children and teenagers with insufficient command of the language to enter prestigious educational institutions.

Education in Salzburg is quite flexible. Foreign students will encounter the possibility of choosing subjects, disciplines and even drawing up their own schedule for passing exams, which causes some difficulties for children and adolescents who are not ready for such independence. All this places great responsibility on children and adolescents when they enter universities in Austria.

Leading schools and universities in Salzburg: admission requirements

Are you dreaming of studying abroad, but still in doubt? Then, vacation programs will allow you to combine study and relax in Austria. Students will get acquainted with the country, the features of the educational system and learn the language at a high level. The main advantage of summer courses is the ease of admission: the list of requirements for applicants is minimal and literally includes applying, paying for a course and obtaining a visa.

Students who dream of receiving primary or secondary education in Austria need to start preparing in advance for entering school. Children and parents need to familiarize themselves with the list of requirements on the official website of the school - usually a package of documents includes:

  • Statement
  • Score card for the last two years
  • Essays / interviews with school representatives
  • Recommendations from teachers and class teacher
  • Awards and diplomas for sports, creative, scientific achievements.

One of the main difficulties that students and their parents face when choosing to study abroad is the difficulty of enrolling in universities - most of TOP foreign institutes and prestigious universities put forward fairly high requirements for the list of documents for their students. Austria offers an opportunity to enter some undergraduate and graduate specialties without passing additional exams. The main requirement for admission is the collection of the correct package of documents presented on the official website of the educational institution, and its submission on time.

Passing additional exams at the university is required for the following areas of study:

  • Pedagogy
  • Psychology
  • Sport
  • Medicine
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Economy
  • Dentistry
  • Art and others

Popular schools and camps in Austria: tuition fees for foreign students

Tuition fees in Salzburg depend on the chosen educational institution and its prestige, the chosen program, as well as additional entertainment and sightseeing events. The price usually includes studying the selected program, accommodation, meals, some leisure and sightseeing moments.

On the page you will find a description of international programs, tuition fees, rankings and reviews for each course, and SMAPSE specialist in international education will help you choose the most suitable program. 

General educational statistics in Salzburg

General information about Salzburg

Country Austria
Region Salzburg 
Region 2 Salzburg Stadt 
Region 3 Salzburg 
Population 150,269
Time Zone Europe/Vienna


Coordinates of Salzburg

Time Zone Europe/Vienna
GMT +1
DST +2
Latitude 47.799410000
Longitude 13.043990000
Elevation 424 m.
Elevation (STRM3) 435 m.


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