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Study philosophy in 219 best institutions in Europe and other countries abroad: study fees, rankings, list of institutions

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Here's the list of 219 most trusted institutions where you can study philosophy in Europe and other countries abroad. You can browse the information about institutions listed below, the cost of the programs, rankings, photos, videos, reviews. Our specialist consultants are always here to help you choose the best school or university. FREE enrolment services into partner institutions, the number of places is limited.
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The content of philosophy programs abroad

Studying philosophy in foreign universities is based on the development of advanced studies of cognitive science, the history of philosophical teachings, philosophical traditions of different countries, moral philosophy, ethics, empirical research in psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, robotics, human-computer interaction. One of the objects of study is the process of thinking as built-in, interacting, inextricably linked with the physical, biological and social environment in which they develop and act.

Programs with the study of philosophy abroad provide foreign students with preparation  necessary for conducting reserch in the field of cognitive science, advancement in academic philosophy, as well as general skills to expand analytical, critical, interpretive abilities, which can effectively solve problems in the business sphere, finance , jurisprudence, anthropology, sociology.

TOP-10 countries to study philosophy abroad

  • Great Britain
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • China
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • The Czech Republic.

Job prospects for graduates of philosophical universities abroad

A degree in philosophy offers the graduate many opportunities, regardless of whether he decides to continue his scientific development, start a career in the world of business, politics or do something else. Philosophical education will provide interdisciplinary knowledge, skills necessary for successful employment. Many graduates of philosophical universities begin their careers in such areas as:

  • Control
  • Politics
  • Consulting
  • Non-governmental organizations, funds
  • Charity
  • Banking, finance
  • Jurisprudence
  • Science, teaching.

Studying philosophy in foreign schools

Studying philosophy in foreign schools is carried out as part of an in-depth history course, special courses and seminars for small groups. Programs provide in-depth knowledge in selected subjects:

  • Politics
  • Philosophy
  • Economy
  • Business
  • Maths
  • Logics
  • Sociology.

Philosophical education in foreign universities for international students

Philosophical education in foreign universities is organized according to the traditional system, which involves the development of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Students study key philosophical issues, choose the field of in-depth study, and conduct their own scientific research. Students are addressed by experts in related fields, scientists and teachers, whose own advanced research contributes to the content of the courses, including in the context of the latest academic achievements.

  • Undergraduate philosophy requires development of a set of critical, creative and informed thinking skills, a deeper understanding of the nature of the human mind, language, morality, politics, art, science, logic. Programs include a number of modules focused on studying the works of individual philosophers, specific sections, such as metaphysics, moral philosophy, environmental ethics.
  • A master's degree in philosophy is designed to prepare promising students for a career as philosophers and teachers of philosophy. To this end, the program provides broad general preparation, an opportunity for specialized studies in the main areas of philosophical research, as well as the experience of teaching in undergraduate studies. Students adhere to an individual learning plan that meets their goals, interests. In the standard program, the first four semesters of a Master's program are devoted to formal term paper, independent studies. Having successfully passed the exam, the student proceeds to write a Master's thesis.
  • Doctoral studies in philosophy include the study of concepts, analytical tools needed by a scientist, as well as teaching. The duration of doctoral studies is from 4 to 8 years. Career options include management level positions in industry or government, as well as academic positions.

Philosophy Academic Courses

Academic courses, workshops on philosophy in foreign universities introduce students to a number of classical and modern philosophical topics and concepts. The field of study includes the essence of knowledge and reality, ethics, the nature of the mind, the philosophy of logic and language, the study of key philosophers such as Kant, Hegel. The student learns new skills, gets acquainted with the world of systems thinking or deepens knowledge on individual problems. Discussions, class discussions allow students to develop an ability to analyze, reason, and form their own judgments. As part of the courses, students research, evaluate and present a small scientific research on the problem of interest to them.

TOP-10 foreign universities to study philosophy

Higher education institution

A country


Cost of education

Studying duration

Oxford University

Great Britain

BPhil in Philosophy

25387 £ / year

2 years 

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Bachelor of Philosophy

261 $ / year

3 years 

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)

12 200 € / year

3 years 

Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)


Bachelor in Politics, Philosophy, Economics

6000 € / year

3 years 

Princeton University


Master of Philosophy

51250 $ / year

5 years

Edinburgh University

Great Britain

Master of Ancient Philosophy

£ 22,600

1 year

University of Toronto



9113 $ CAD / session

5 semesters

University of Technology Sydney



16800 $ AUD / session

4-8 semesters

Oxford University, Summer Boarding Courses

Great Britain

Summer Philosophy Course

3700 £ / 2 week

2-6 weeks

Cambridge University

Great Britain

Philosophy Short Course

4295 £ / 2 week

2 weeks

Entry Requirements for foreign students

Approximate requirements for applicants to faculties with in-depth study of philosophy are the same. Applicants send an application to the university about a year before the start of a program and attach to it:

  • CV, curriculum vitae ( in English )
  • A document confirming the completed secondary education (if the student enters a Bachelor's degree), or confirmation of the existing Bachelor's, Master's degree
  • Transcript of Grades and Academic Results
  • TOEFL / IELTS Certificate
  • A short (in English) essay on a topic related to the field of future study (length - 4000-5000 characters, including spaces).

Applicants to the doctoral program must be provided with:

  • Letter of intent
  • Financing Plan, Financial Profile
  • Sketch of a research project from 200 to 500 words
  • Two letters of recommendation.
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