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12 best language schools in China for children and students. List of top language schools in China, description, ranking, prices

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Top 12 language school in China. Our company has put together a number of accredited and prestigious institutions for children, pupils, teenagers, international students. You can read a more detailed information about good language schools in China, ranking and fees by clicking on the photo or title. The detailed info on the prices and description of programs is accessible by pressing on the program. FREE services for enrolling in partner institutions, the number of places is limited.
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Chinese courses at a language school in China

Learning a language in its native country is the most effective way, according to many teachers, so the most popular course in all language schools is the standard Chinese language course. Simultaneously with studying all the subtleties of calligraphy, grammar and hieroglyphics, the student has a unique opportunity to completely immerse himself in the linguistic culture of the country, communicate daily with native speakers and hone his listening and speaking skills in everyday life.

In addition to the general Chinese course, many language schools in China offer vacation programs in the “Chinese + relaxation” format. Students attend intensive classes and also take part in extracurricular activities and excursions.

Some Chinese language schools assume the function of a university and provide students with a Bachelor's degree program in Chinese.

Here are the main areas that the best language schools in China represent:

  • Standard Chinese courses: (for high school students, students and adults)
  • Winter / summer Chinese language + rest (for schoolchildren and students)
  • Academic Chinese (for high school students and adults)
  • Individual Chinese (for high school students and adults).

English courses at a language school in China for foreign students

Some language schools in China specialize not only in their native language, but also teach foreign students English. Due to the massive involvement of foreign teachers and native speakers, English courses in China are considered no less effective than in the UK or Australia. Chinese language schools in large cities have a fairly wide variety of English courses:

  • Standard English course
  • Business English
  • English for children (including vacation summer / winter programs)
  • Preparation for international exams IELTS, TOEFL
  • Corporate English courses


Features of studying at a language school in China for foreign students

At many state Chinese universities, there are language courses that allow you to study the language for both future applicants and ordinary students. The program of such courses is standard and does not differ in a wide variety of forms and teaching methods, and classes are held exclusively on weekdays during the daytime. Accordingly, such studying can be effective if you devote all your time to it.

Private language schools in China offer the most flexible class schedule and learning conditions: you can easily combine courses with work or leisure, choose the most suitable curriculum and teacher for yourself. Another undoubted advantage of private schools is the availability of modern teaching methods and smaller classes - which means a more individual approach to language learning. A feature of the courses in private language schools in China is also the ability to start training at any time of the year (as opposed to the semester system at university courses) and pay only for classes attended.

Tuition fees at a private language school in China for foreign students

The cost of language courses in China directly depends on the direction and intensity of classes, the city of study and the location of the school. But on average, tuition fees in China are very affordable and are in clear competition with the top destinations for studying abroad.


Standard Chinese course

Intensive Chinese course

Chinese language + rest


$ 338

$ 500 

$ 825 - $ 1,300


$ 338

$ 450 

$ 1300 

Hong Kong

$ 299

$ 478 

$ 1200

Chinese language schools usually provide students with several accommodation options that differ in cost and level of comfort:

  • host family accommodation - suitable for schoolchildren and students, the cost starts from $ 320 per week,
  • student residence - apartments for several students with common areas for cooking and rest, price - from $ 130 per week for 4-person accommodation,
  • rented apartments or a studio is ideal for an adult or a group of friends, the cost is from $ 500 per week.

Cost of living in China

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 168 340
Food 146 240
Transportation 18 44
Communications and utilities 31 37
Clothing 24 89
Sports and leisure 23 76
Total 410 827


Accommodation in China

Shared room outside of centre 169
Shared room in city centre 343
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 277
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 493


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