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TOP-50 Canadian language schools where foreign students can get advanced language courses

Education information

Language schools in Canada - it is an excellent opportunity to study foreign languages abroad. There are two official languages in Canada - English and French. The main advantage of Canadian schools is the best combination of high-quality courses with affordable price. SMAPSE offers you 50 best Canadian language schools where foreign students can get advanced language courses.

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6 types of educational institutions in Canada

Every year many foreign students choose Canada as the best country to get advanced education.

There are 6 types of educational institutions in Canada:

  • Private school
  • Boarding school
  • International College
  • Language school
  • University
  • Camp

In Canada there are both separate education for boys and girls, as well as joint education. Accommodation can be in the residence, in the host family, apartments, hotels.

3 most rated schools in Canada

The most "student" cities in Canada are Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

  • Montreal, Province of Quebec

Montreal is the largest city in the province and is the second largest in the country. The official language is French - almost 60% of the population speaks it. English is considered to be the second language. Montreal is the most comfortable city in the world, it is often called the cultural capital of Canada. In Montreal there are around 7 language schools that accept foreign stundets all year round.

  • Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada with mild climate: it is warm in winter and cool in summer. According to the authoritative magazine The Economist, Vancouver was three times named the best city in the world. Nowadays, about 11 educational institutions are organized in Vancouver.

  • Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is called an economic engine of Canada. It's located on the coast of the most beautiful lake of Ontario: the climate is very humid, continental with a clear division for the seasons. In Toronto there are about 17 educational institutions.

The cost of living in Canada is an average of 147$ CAD per week, the studying programme costs from 290$ CAD/week. The price in any educational institution depends on the chosen type of accommodation and the chosen course.

There are 3 most rated schools in Canada:

1. Camp Oise Montreal in the ski resort Mont Tremblant. In addition to English and French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese are studied there. All teachers are native speakers. Classes are held in small groups. In addition, students have excellent opportunities for developing communication skills.

2. School-board for girls 10-18 years old Trafalgar Castle School in Whitby, Ontario. This is the leader of the pre-university studying, which is located in the building of the ancient Trafalgar castle of the Elizabethan era. Almost all graduates enter most prestigious universities in Canada and in the USA.

3. School-board for boys Upper Canada College (Toronto). Students take Prep School programs (from 5 years to 7 years), Upper School (8 to 12 class), IB programme for senior classes. The school has unique teaching staff: 12 doctors of sciences, 40 masters. Graduates of the college successfully enter world leading universities and build successful international career.

Main courses at Canadian language schools

At Canadian language schools foreign students can take following courses:

  • English and French (standard / intensive)
  • Business English
  • Academic English
  • Preparation for exams, tests - TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, CPE
  • Summer language courses + rest
  • Individual English / French lessons
  • English for Teachers
  • University Pathway Programme - a special course of intensive English / French studies to prepare for entering universities in the USA and Canada.

Tuition fees for studying at Canadian language schools

The cost of living in Canada is on average of 147$ CAD per week, the studying programme costs from 290$ CAD/week. The price at any educational institution depends on the chosen type of accommodation and the chosen course.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to help you and answer all questions.

Top 20 language schools of Canada

1 ILAC Vancouver
2 Toronto University Summer Camp
3 ILAC Toronto
4 Home Language International
5 EC Montreal
6 ILSC Toronto
7 McDonald International Academy
8 ILSC Montreal
9 BLI Canada Summer
10 Kaplan Vancouver

CLLC Ottawa Canadian Language Learning College

12 Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies
13 EC Toronto
14 University Canada West
15 St. Giles International Vancouver

Canadian College of English Language Vancouver

17 OHC School Toronto
18 UIC Toronto
19 EC Montreal
20 Eurocentres Vancouver

Cost of living in Canada

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 294 376
Food 239 416
Transportation 54 144
Communications and utilities 81 89
Clothing 19 71
Sports and leisure 23 84
Total 711 1,179
Accommodation in Canada USD/Month.  
Shared room outside of centre 297  
Shared room in city centre 380  
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 539  
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 690  

Top 30 language schools of the USA

Top 40 language schools in the UK

1 OISE London
2 EC London Covent Garden
3 OISE Oxford
4 London School of English
5 OISE Cambridge
6 UIC Oxford International
7 Kaplan International English London Covent Garden
8 Regents University London
9 LAL London Summer School
10 Home Language International
11 Oxford International Study Centre
12 Regent Oxford School
13 Stafford House School of English London
14 EC London Euston
15 Living Learning English
16 The Language Gallery
17 Skola London English Summer School in London
18 Harrow House International College
19 Brighton Language College BLC
20 Kaplan International English London Leicester Square
21 Frances King School of English London Kensington
22 Regent Scanbrit Bournemouth
23 Stafford House School of English Canterbury
24 Malvern House London
25 Wimbledon School of English
26 UIC English London Greenwich
27 Studio Cambridge
28 Alpadia Keele
29 EC Cambridge
30 Cavendish School of English
31 EC Brighton
32 EC Manchester
33 Oxford International UIC Brighton
34 EC Bristol
35      EC Oxford
36 St. Giles International London Central
37 Twin Group
38 Burlington School of English
39 Hampstead School of English London
40 St. Giles London Highgate

Top 9 language schools in Switzerland

Top 15 language schools in Ireland

Top 20 language schools in Spain

Students Accommodation Options in Canada

Accomondation Meals Number of people per room Cost per week/min Cost per week/max
Homestay full Board or half Board 1-2 180 USD 345 USD
School residence full Board 1-2 270 USD 675 USD
Appartment without meals 1-3 450 USD 750 USD
Hotel with/out meals 1-2 45 USD/day 390 USD/day

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min., CAD Average CAD
Consular fee of the embassy 100 USD 150 USD
Flight (Moscow - Ottawa - Moscow) 1,170 USD 1,295 USD
Medical insurance 15 USD/week 25 USD/week
Study material 10 USD/week 25 USD/week
Delivery of invitations by express mail 80 USD 120 USD
Transfer/Escort 110 USD 130 USD
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season 15 USD 25 USD
Additional payment for tuition per week, during the high season 20 USD 40 USD
Special diet 35 USD 50 USD
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