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Best Language Schools in Switzerland 2024 - list of 44 institutions and 179 programs for schoolchildren and students

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Education information

Switzerland is one of the most interesting countries in Europe from a linguistic point of view, because here foreign students can study not only English, but also German, French or Italian. Main advantages of the Switzerland educational process:

  • Unusual education system;

  • Flexibility of educational programs;

  • Switzerland educational cantons. 

The whole of Switzerland is divided into cantons, and each of them has its own conditions for the provision of educational services and has its own leading language. Switzerland has a huge number of language schools and centers where both foreign students and local residents study.

Language schools in Switzerland becomes more and more popular every year. They allow getting excellent education combined with opportunities for physical and creative development. SMAPSE offers you more than 40 best language schools in Switzerland that provide various courses for foreign students all year round.

Best Language Schools in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to a variety of top language schools, offering quality education for those eager to study foreign languages. Here's a guide to help you make the right choice among the top 40 language schools in the country.

  • Lausanne Eurocentres: Renowned for its comprehensive French language courses.

  • Swiss Association of Educational Centers: A reputed hub offering diverse language programs in Switzerland.

  • C & L Study Center in Montreux: Catering to multiple linguistic interests with a range of language programs.

  • Oekos Schule in Zurich: A standout among English language schools in Switzerland, but it also offers programs in other languages.

One of the most highly-rated institutions in Switzerland is Language Studies International. Situated on a picturesque campus in Zurich's Seefeld district, it's especially famed for its French courses.

In Geneva, the Study & Live in Your Teacher's Home association enrolls students throughout the year, focusing on personalized French tuition, given the city's French-speaking majority. Furthermore, many educational centers in Switzerland allow students to immerse themselves in programs that meld the study of two or even three European languages.

How to choose Language Schools in Switzerland

  • Language of Study. Align your chosen course with your future academic or career aspirations. The language programs in Switzerland offer an optimal platform to hone your foreign language skills, boosting your prospects for admission into renowned universities in England, Germany, America, or even Switzerland itself.

  • Course Intensity and Duration. Standard programs typically run for 15-20 academic hours, while the more intensive options range from 25 to 30 hours. If you're considering an intensive course, a 2-week duration might suffice. Otherwise, a 4-week standard course is advisable.

  • Enrollment Season. Language schools in Switzerland welcome international students year-round. Whether you wish to study during the autumn chill, the winter snow, the spring bloom, or the summer warmth, you'll find suitable options. 

Additionally, these courses often come packed with engaging activities like:

  • Enthralling excursions

  • Sports competitions

  • Vibrant extracurricular events

Accommodation Considerations. While some schools provide student residences, it's beneficial to explore external housing options. In Switzerland, you'll find schools that offer full-board facilities where students reside on campus, as well as day schools where external accommodation is the norm.

Lastly, the infrastructure of Swiss educational institutions is truly world-class. Many of the elite language schools in Switzerland resemble luxurious hotels more than typical educational centers, ensuring students enjoy both a productive and comfortable stay.

Cost and Fees at Top Language Schools in Switzerland

The cost of studying in the top language schools in Switzerland varies based on several factors:

  • The school's location

  • The school's reputation

  • The nature of the educational program

For a two-week intensive language program, students can expect to pay anywhere between 200 and 1000 CHF on average.

Accommodation to Language Schools in Switzerland

Accommodation tends to be on the pricier side for foreign students. Opting to stay with a host family is one of the most cost-effective choices. Alternatively, students can share an apartment or room with peers. A significant number of language programs in Switzerland operate within university campuses. This allows international students to avail themselves of on-campus accommodation, which is often more affordable.

Language Programs in Switzerland for Adults

With German being one of the official state languages, foreign students benefit from consistent interaction with native speakers. This immersion helps enhance their linguistic capabilities and helps them make valuable contacts.

Benefits of Language Courses in Switzerland:

  • Engage in fluid conversations

  • Watch movies and read literature in German

  • Participate in excursions and entertaining events

These programs are invaluable for those considering permanent residency in Switzerland, aiding in linguistic and cultural assimilation.

English language programs in Switzerland, especially in top English language schools in Switzerland, often mirror the traditional British curriculum. Many schools even invite qualified instructors from England, ensuring they're adept at teaching multicultural and international student groups. These courses ensure classes align with students' proficiency levels. It's common for students to combine English with another foreign language study, particularly in long-term programs.

While English isn't an official language in Switzerland, it's widely spoken. Many premier language schools in Switzerland offer English courses year-round, including summer and seasonal courses, as well as holiday camps for younger students. The high standard of education ensures that upon course completion, students can pursue higher studies in esteemed European universities.

French, spoken by roughly 20% of the Swiss population, remains a popular choice, especially for those planning to reside in the western parts of Switzerland. Key French-speaking cantons include Jura, Neuchâtel, Vaud, and Geneva. Native Swiss educators, often accredited specifically for teaching, usually offer classes at rates more affordable than those of imported French specialists, without compromising on quality. While regional accents might vary slightly, the core language remains consistent.

Lastly, Italian, spoken daily by about 8% of the population (primarily in cantons like Ticino and southern Graubünden), is another attractive option. Studying Italian, in conjunction with another language, not only offers dual proficiency but also expedites linguistic progression.

General statistics on education in Switzerland-ratings, specializations, universities

Top 30 best language schools in USA 2024

1 Kaplan New York Empire State
2 OISE Boston
3 English Language Center (ELC) UCLA Los Angeles
4 St. Giles International New York
5 EC New York
6 Kaplan Boston Harvard Square
7 English Language Center (ELC) Boston
8 LAL NESE Boston
9 Kaplan Washington
10 OHC School Miami
11 EC Boston School
12 Rennert International New York
13 Kaplan School Miami
14 LAL Fort Lauderdale
15 EC Miami
16 OHLA Orlando Florida
17 Kaplan San Diego
18 Kaplan San Francisco Berkeley
19 OHLA Miami
20 English Language Center (ELC) Santa Barbara
21 EC Los Angeles
22 EC San Diego
23 Kings College Los Angeles
24 Sprachcaffe Miami
25 CEL Language Centre LA
26 Talk English School Boston
27 Stafford House Boston
28 LSI New York
29 The Language Academy
30 Stafford House San Diego California


Top 40 best language schools in the UK 2024

1 OISE London
2 EC London Covent Garden
3 OISE Oxford
4 London School of English
5 OISE Cambridge
6 UIC Oxford International
7 Kaplan International English London Covent Garden
8 Regents University London
9 LAL London Summer School
10 Home Language International
11 Oxford International Study Centre
12 Regent Oxford School
13 Stafford House School of English London
14 EC London Euston
15 Living Learning English
16 The Language Gallery
17 Skola London English Summer School in London
18 Harrow House International College
19 Brighton Language College BLC
20 Kaplan International English London Leicester Square
21 Frances King School of English London Kensington
22 Regent Scanbrit Bournemouth
23 Stafford House School of English Canterbury
24 Malvern House London
25 Wimbledon School of English
26 UIC English London Greenwich
27 Studio Cambridge
28 Alpadia Keele
29 EC Cambridge
30 Cavendish School of English
31 EC Brighton
32 EC Manchester
33 Oxford International UIC Brighton
34 EC Bristol
35 EC Oxford
36 St. Giles International London Central
37 Twin Group
38 Burlington School of English
39 Hampstead School of English London
40 St. Giles London Highgate

Top 20 best language schools in Canada 2024

1 ILAC Vancouver
2 Toronto University Summer Camp
3 ILAC Toronto
4 Home Language International
5 EC Montreal
6 ILSC Toronto
7 McDonald International Academy
8 ILSC Montreal
9 BLI Canada Summer
10 Kaplan Vancouver
11 CLLC Ottawa Canadian Language Learning College
12 Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies
13 EC Toronto
14 University Canada West
15 St. Giles International Vancouver
16 Canadian College of English Language Vancouver
17 OHC School Toronto
18 UIC Toronto
19 EC Montreal
20 Eurocentres Vancouver

Top 9 best language schools in Switzerland 2024

1 Alpadia Montreux
2 Alpadia Ascona
3 Ecole Lemania
4 Home Language International
5 Institut Villa Pierrefeu
6 Verbier Language School
7 LSI Zurich
8 LSI Montreux
9 LSI Lugano

Top 15 best language schools in Ireland 2024

1 ATC University College Dublin
2 Home Language International
3 EC Dublin English
4 Oscars International
5 Dorset College Dublin
6 Atlantic language school
7 Palmerston Park Dublin Emerald Cultural Institute
8 Centre of English Studies Dublin
9 Frances King Dublin
10 Apollo Language School Dublin
11 ATC Dublin
12 Waterford English Language Centres
13 Eurocentres Dublin
14 Cork English College
15 Kaplan Dublin

Top 20 best language schools in Spain 2024

Cost of living in Switzerland

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 598 787
Food 413 759
Transportation 61 291
Communications and utilities 96 110
Clothing 36 135
Sports and leisure 52 185
Total 1,256 2,268

Statistics of English courses in Switzerland

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week (CHF)
Standard curses 15-20 6-12 Beginner 300+
Intensive courses 30 6-15 Beginner 430+
Semi-intensive courses 25 6-15 Beginner 380+
Conversation training 4 5-9 Beginner 60+
Exam preparation courses 30 6-8 Intermediate 530+
Business german courses 2 6-8 Intermediate 70+
Courses for professionals 10-15 1-2 Beginner 200+
Private lessons individual 1-2 Beginner 98/les. +

Accommodation in Switzerland per month

Shared room outside of centre 680 $
Shared room in city centre 850 $
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 940 $
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,344 $

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min., CHF Average CHF
Consular fee of the embassy 40 68
Flight (Moscow - Zurich - Moscow) 250 300
Medical insurance 70 130
Study material 30 60
Delivery of invitations by express mail 70 100
Transfer/Escort 110 150
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season 220 360
Additional payment for tuition per week, during the high season 80 120
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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