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20 best language schools Vancouver, British Columbia for pupils and students. The list of good institutions, prices for studying, rankings, reviews

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This list offers you 20 best and most prestigious language schools in Vancouver, British Columbia, which accept international children, pupils and students for studying. Making your choice you can rely on the description of good programs, rankings, reviews and prices. Our consultans are always available to make your final decision. FREE enrolment services to partner institutions. The number of places is limited.
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TOP-7 Reasons to Join Vancouver Ranking Language Schools

For many years, foreign language camps for children and schoolchildren give their students a unique experience that has a significant impact on the formation of views and the life of the child. Linguistic schools abroad were created in order to allow students to study their hobbies, learn new things, and have fun with peers from different countries.

Summer, spring, winter, autumn language camps are lessons outside the classroom, combined with an understanding of the value of playing time for children. The 7 main advantages of studying at a language school abroad include:

  • Building friendships with classmates and growing social skills. The camp is an ideal environment for making friends from abroad. Despite the fact that many children and teenagers are afraid to go to a language school for the first time, where they do not know anyone, this is a great opportunity for them to learn how to build social connections, work in a team, and show leadership qualities. In the future, such experience will help graduates in life and career.
  • Development of confidence and ability to bear responsibility. During language courses, students leave their comfort zone (theater performances, sports, talent shows, musical performances, etc.). All this gives students the opportunity to try their hand at various industries, to understand that rare failures are part of the path to success, to learn about their weaknesses and learn to overcome them.
  • Physical development. During the shift, students become participants in a large number of competitions during sports games and competitions. Children and adolescents are given the opportunity to abandon the computer and the Internet, replacing them with outdoor activities and live chat with friends.
  • Acquaintance with wildlife. Adventure vacations in Vancouver cannot be without diving into the delightful natural world of Canada during hiking or picnic trips with experienced instructors.
  • Learning leadership skills. The leader is not the most active, loud, bright person in the group. A leader is someone who is ready to take responsibility, who knows how to organize teamwork in a team, who can express his opinion and convince others of the correctness of his point of view. A stay at a language school provides an excellent chance to gain the necessary experience in this field.
  • Continuing education. Language Camps in Vancouver is a good example that studying can be fun and exciting. Here you increase your knowledge of English in everyday life without spending hours cramming, learn new activities (for example, archery, tennis, horseback riding, etc.) during games.
  • The balance of study and outdoor activities. Vacations - time of fun, which is taken into account when compiling the program in the camps. Children and adolescents can engage in creativity, sports, social activities - any direction of development is open to them.

Academic programs at best language camps in Canada

Linguistic schools in Vancouver for foreign students offer a wide range of courses of different directions and duration. You can find day and 24-hour programs, specialized and traditional camps to choose from, which will be the perfect choice for your child. For students with unique interests, there are programs with the study of theater, robotics, hockey, basketball, horse riding, canoeing, programming and much more.

Today, there are several groups of language courses for international students:

  • General 
  • Thematic (sports, creative, scientific)
  • Preparation.

Each course has its own characteristics and conditions, which are presented in the table below:

Course name




Academic program

English + rest

English + sport

English + art

English + science

Preparation for admission to a foreign university or for passing international exams


Language learning is combined with a rich leisure and sightseeing program.

Language courses take place simultaneously with acquaintance with the selected field

Students get acquainted with the requirements of universities for students, solve last year's exam tests

Minimum language proficiency

Begginer (even children with zero language skills can safely enter this program)

Begginer / Intermediate

Intermediate / Upper Intermediate


From 1 week

From 1 week

From 2 weeks (to pass the tests) / year (admission to the university)

Cost per student

1200 $ CAD-2200 $ CAD

1400 $ CAD-2400 $ CAD

400 $ CAD-800 $ CAD.

Studying at Vancouver Language School for Foreign Applicants

Admission to summer school does not require special skills and knowledge. To make the studying interesting, comfortable and entertaining for your child, special attention should be paid to the choice of camp.

  • First, before choosing a school, decide on the curriculum, ask what the child wants. It can be traditional courses, programs with the study of music, theater, sports, photo or film art, robotics, IT-technologies, etc. Here you need to take into account the desires and dreams of the child, his ideas about the ideal trip.
  • Secondly, choose a camp with a course suitable for you. Study his rating, reviews, teacher qualifications, number of students per teacher, infrastructure, accommodation, meals, description of the training program, leisure activities, excursions. Rate the value for money camp.
  • Thirdly, having decided on a language school and course, read the necessary documents and the deadlines for their submission on the official website. Usually vacation programs do not require a huge amount of paper - in most cases a minimal package of documents, including an application for training, payment, and obtaining a visa, is sufficient for receipt.
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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Kuban State University, Russia (World Economics); Westminster University (Business & Management).
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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