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Camps in Britain with learning English for foreign students

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Camps in Britain with learning English for foreign students

Education in Britain and is the most prestigious and quality. Choosing rest and study in Britain, you always justify your means, as British schools deservedly are at the forefront in all possible tops and rankings.

As for the summer camps in Britain, they also reflect the basic principles of the work of British educational institutions: the most modern methods, equipment with the latest technology, the best teachers.

Benefits of summer study and leisure in Britain

The knowledge that students will gain in the camp will form the basis of their future career. On summer courses there are quality programs that combine several modern directions: in addition to the English language, the student can get acquainted with the current problems of business, entrepreneurship, develop leadership skills and confidence, as well as gain experience in art or master new sports.

Education in summer camps will make it easy and fun to get acquainted with the academic environment of Britain, and the experience gained will help determine your future career.

The British camps offer special educational programs for entering international educational institutions: in the classroom, students will learn the structure of international tests and be teached to pass them.

For students with poor language knowledge, special programs are also prepared, combined with cultural activities.

Summer English courses in Britain will allow you to master classical British pronunciation. Thanks to an individual approach, experienced teachers will help get rid of the accent, improve grammar, fill the vocabulary with live English, and improve communication skills.

The best camps in Britain

  • One of the most ranked language schools in London is Abbey DLD College London, which offers a course for students "Summer Academic English". Students from 13 to 18 years old can complete the program of additional academic preparation for further admission to international schools on GCSE , IB , A-level programs, as well as prepare for the IELTS language standard exam. Courses are designed for students from 7 to 12 years old, led by teachers of primary and secondary schools. For adults over 25 years there are excellent courses for the development of communication skills. The cost of education in the camp for the week will be from 1,350 £.
  • Brighton College offers a summer linguistic program consisting of 15 academic sessions. Students of the camp are offered to take an oral examination of the Trinity College to get a qualification in spoken English. Brighton College is located in the eponymous resort town with a pleasant summer climate and many attractions. The cost of education in the camp is from 885 £ per week.
  • The Boreatton Park campus in Shropshire offers 2 programs: a language course or a full immersion in a language environment where students relax among native speakers. The age of students is from 7 to 16 years. The highlight of the camp is accommodation in an old luxurious mansion on a vast territory of 240 acres. The cost of education will be from 695 £ per week.
  • The private school Rossall School in Fleetwood is a prestigious educational institution with a long history and impeccable reputation. Special programs with academic bias are developed here: intensive courses in mathematics and English, as well as classical programs that combine a language block and activities.
  • The King's School Ely is located in the county of Cambridgeshire, and Ili is a city in which many historical sites tell about the culture and traditions of Britain. In the summer school there are a number of compulsory subjects, divided into blocks: English, Human Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and a number of extracurricular activities: Hip Hop Club, jazz ensemble, photography, chess, master classes in design and technology, and many other. The cost of education will be from 1,890 £ per week.
  • The summer courses at Brooke House College, in Leicestershire, are known for their traditional British approach to study and high academic requirements. The school is an hour's drive from London in the most academic district of Britain. For students, several programs of different intensity are offered to choose from: "English + active rest", "Preparation for IELTS", "English + golf / horseback riding", etc. The cost of education will be from 900 £ per week.
  • Summer academic camp at the University of Cambridge is popular with its high-quality educational programs. In the camp there are teachers from the University of Cambridge, and all classes takes place within the walls of the famous university. The camp offers students of 16-18 years a two-week program. Subjects in the camp are studied at the level of university studies. Programs have been developed on various subjects: chemistry, biology, architecture, writing, literature, law, leadership program and much more. Tuition fees: from 5,259 £ for 2 weeks.
  • The summer camp at Stonyhurst College is located in the picturesque countryside of Lancashire. There are various summer programs for foreign students in the camp, a unique course combining academic English classes and education at the center of the Rugby Academy is especially popular. The cost of education will be from 863 £ per week.
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