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Best schools in Vienna for foreign students

Best schools in Vienna for foreign students

Elite Vienna schools for international student

Currently, especially for foreign students, intensive preparatory educational programs have been developed, the passage of which allows you to successfully pass exams at prestigious universities that occupy high positions in the lists of international rankings. Details will be provided below on the Austrian educational system.

Similarly to the educational system of Germany, the Austrian education system includes three main stages, namely:

  • Volksschule - is a primary school, the duration of elementary school is 4 years, after reaching 6 years, communication begins in primary school.
  • Hauptschule - at the end of high school, foreign teenagers are given a diploma of secondary education.
  • Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schule - is a stage of education, in which you can gain in-depth knowledge. So, when moving to grade 7, the study of specialized disciplines is provided.
  • As part of the highest level of education in the school, effective pre-university education is carried out. In the case of passing the exams, a diploma of complete secondary education Matura is issued.

As part of the developed educational programs of the best schools in Vienna, teaching is conducted either in English or in German. In the vast majority of cases, instruction is in German. Regardless of the chosen language being studied, an additional foreign language is necessarily studied. English language learning programs have the highest prestige and an impeccable reputation everywhere.

In contrast to state-run educational institutions in Vienna, elite private schools have a more rigorous approach to teaching. In addition, more comfortable living and learning conditions are provided. The following educational programs are offered to foreign students:

Top Private Boarding Schools in Vienna

This school universally recognized as the most prestigious international school in Vienna. Foreign students aged 14 to 18 years can undergo education in the standard education programs of Austria, the international baccalaureate program, as well as a specialized combined course, which includes specialized study of music. In addition to education, diverse recreational activities are organized specifically for students, educational excursions and sports classes are held. Within the walls of this elite school the international situation reigns due to the education of a large number of foreign students who are representatives of the most different countries of the world. In this connection, adaptation to the new linguistic and cultural environment is easier for foreign students. Tuition for the trimester starts from 14,000 .

It is a branch of the prestigious and advanced American Academy Okanagan Hockey. So, in the walls of this school, foreign students acquire effective academic preparation, and they also actively attend various sports sections. The majority of students are studying from grades 9 to 12 under the international undergraduate program. Note that 70% of all students are foreign teenagers, they can be chosen the language of instruction, namely English or German.

Requirements for admission to Vienna's leading schools for international students

Typically, foreign students do without passing entrance exams, and it is imperative to prepare a package of documents, namely, provide:

  • School grades tables for the last 2-3 years of study
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers
  • International language certificate, namely IELTS or TestDaF
  • On an additional basis, an interview with a member of the selection committee is provided.

Tuition for advanced schools in Vienna

Tuition fees generally vary among the leading schools in Vienna. So, the cost of studying in an Austrian high school is lower compared to graduation classes. In addition, education in the framework of German-language educational programs is cheaper, the highest price is typical for international undergraduate programs. Thus, on average, the cost of education in the framework of educational programs varies from 15,000 to 25,000 .

Turning to SMAPSE educational center, experienced and professional specialists will help you choose the best school in Vienna for your child, taking into account individual requirements, preferences and goals. It is worth noting that our educational center is the official representative of most prestigious foreign schools, thus, SMAPSE experts provide services for enrollment in elite schools abroad and conduct consultations free of charge.

The main advantages of studying in the best schools and gymnasiums of Vienna for foreign students

  • Excellent and comfortable learning and living conditions, all educational and residential buildings are equipped with the latest technology. The excellent ecological situation of those regions in which the elite schools of Austria are located deserves special mention. It is also worth highlighting the picturesque view of some areas.
  • High level of quality language studying. Thus, international education allows foreign students to gain a truly unique experience, to develop communication and social skills, while opening up tremendous opportunities for improving the level of knowledge of English and German.
  • In addition to studying at prestigious schools in Vienna, rich leisure programs are being developed that provide for excursions and various events, participation in which contributes to the full disclosure of creative abilities.
  • The purpose of teaching is to involve students in the process of group and individual learning, while at the same time developing conversational and communication skills and personalities.
  • Upon completion of education, graduates are issued an international diploma. So, having an Austrian diploma in hand, a graduate can take the position of top managers in large international corporations.
  • Convenient geographical location, which allows foreign students to make exciting trips to European countries.
  • During the educational period, foreign students can engage in a variety of sports, in particular, skiing, snowboarding, golf, etc.





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