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2019-08-22 00:17:02

Best private schools in the Czech Republic for international students

Best private schools in the Czech Republic for international students

Czech prestigious schools for foreign students

It is the Czech Republic that is rightfully recognized as the most hospitable and picturesque country among European countries, while at the same time allowing foreign students to receive high-quality secondary education and opening up excellent prospects for successful employment in large corporations around the world. So, among foreign students, leading Czech honorary schools are extremely popular and popular because of modern infrastructure equipment, compliance with high international educational standards, while offering the widest list of effective education programs for students to choose from.

Entering an elite school in the Czech Republic, a foreign student can significantly improve the level of proficiency in a foreign language, namely English or Czech, profile skills, in particular in business English, undergo effective studying in order to successfully write an international test or to freely enter a preferred ranking university. For example, Czech international elite private schools, in particular, the British Carlsbad International school, which provides accommodation for foreign students on a full board basis, accepts foreign students at the end of grades 8-11 in order to undergo education as part of the international undergraduate program .

Given the high level of quality of educational services, the cost of education in the best private schools in the Czech Republic is much lower than in Europe, in particular, the United Kingdom, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Germany. In addition, a lower price is typical for accommodation in the Czech Republic. Taking into account a fairly high standard of living, the modern infrastructure of the city, as well as the widest opportunities for entertainment and an exciting vacation, it is in the Czech Republic that the availability of prices for food and housing is observed, which will be great news for foreign students. Thus, when deciding to study at an advanced private school in the Czech Republic, a foreign student will receive a quality education and a prestigious certificate at an affordable cost.

Do not miss the opportunity to get an elite secondary education in the Czech Republic. SMAPSE educational center has selected a list of leading Czech schools that have received appropriate accreditation.

Elite international schools in the Czech Republic - useful information for foreign students

Just imagine that during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa in 1774, school attendance in the Czech Republic by students is mandatory. Education is currently regulated by the Czech Education Act 2004, as amended. So, in accordance with this law in the Czech Republic, children aged 6 to 15 years without fail receive incomplete secondary education lasting 9 years. Please note that in order to enter a prestigious university, both the Czech Republic and other countries of the world, getting a nine-year secondary education will be insufficient. So, in order to successfully enroll in a ranking university in the Czech Republic, 13 years of education is required in a leading special secondary school or gymnasium in order to obtain a certificate of complete secondary education, as part of the Maturita educational program.

Directly foreign students who do not speak the Czech language usually do not want to become a holder of a Czech certificate, but an international diploma, the presence of which contributes to enrollment in top universities in the Czech Republic and other countries of the world, in particular, the UK and the USA.

Specific Features of Elite Secondary Education in the Czech Republic

Academic subjects are taught to students not in Czech, as you might initially think, but in foreign, namely in English. In addition, French, Austrian, as well as German schools, and even Japanese, successfully function in the Czech Republic. It is worth noting that a specific feature of some advanced schools in the Czech Republic is their bilingualism.

Teaching within the walls of the best international schools in the Czech Republic is carried out as part of a variety of educational programs that provide for the issuance of certificates, which, in turn, allow you to become a student in ranking universities of any country in the world. So, French, Japanese, Austrian education programs, Czech Matura, German Abitur, British IGCSE and A-level, as well as American SAT, AP (Christian International School of Prague) deserve mention. At the same time, the international baccalaureate program is especially popular among foreign students, whose diploma is highly appreciated by elite foreign universities and future employers.

It is worth noting that graduates of some top Czech private schools become owners of two certificates at the same time, namely international and Czech.

How is education organized in the best private schools in the Czech Republic?

Education in leading Czech international schools is on a fee basis. So, because of the excellent material base, only experienced and highly qualified teachers are involved in teaching advanced private schools in the Czech Republic, in addition, foreign students are provided with comfortable accommodation and learning conditions, it is for students that an intensive and exciting leisure program is organized. Also, within the framework of teaching, an individual approach is applied to each foreign student. In each class there is a small number of students, not exceeding 8 children.

Location of leading private schools in the Czech Republic

Most of the elite private schools are concentrated in the Czech capital, Prague. At the same time, some educational institutions are located at a short distance from each other, the reason for this situation lies in some features. In particular, this is the proximity to the residences of foreign diplomats, the concentration of the development of expensive residential buildings in which families live, who are official representatives of large international corporations. The most popular and elite schools in Prague, located a short distance from each other in the Libos district, namely Prague British School, English International School Prague, deserve special mention. As for prestigious international schools located in other Czech cities, it is worth highlighting Brno (International School of Brno), Olomouc (International School Olomouc), Karlovy Vary (CIS), Ostrava (1 st International School of Ostrava).

Getting prestigious secondary education in the Czech Republic - what are the prospects for a graduate?

As a rule, graduates of the best international schools in the Czech Republic freely enter university rankings in the USA, Germany, France, and the UK. Some graduates decide to get higher education in leading universities in the Czech Republic. So, the current trend is the increased demand for Czech universities, about 15% of the total number of students at Czech universities are foreign students.

In the Czech Republic, higher education programs taught in English are offered by leading private universities such as New York University Prague, The Institute of Hospitality Management, Anglo-American University in Prague, as well as Czech state universities, namely Karlov University, Higher School of Economics, Technical and Agricultural University, Academy of Musical Arts in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, etc.

Accommodation options for the period of study in the Czech Republic for foreign students

As part of admission to some prestigious international schools in the Czech Republic, foreign students can live on a partial or full board basis. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of Czech private schools have full-time education.

Of particular note is the fact that the leading Czech private schools have received appropriate accreditation for successful teaching, in particular, the following organizations are:

  • CoIS - Council of International Schools
  • QSI - Quality Schools International
  • Association of Schools and Colleges of New England
  • COBIS - Council of British International Schools
  • ISC - Council of Private Schools
  • ECIS - Council of European International Schools.

Advantages of obtaining advanced secondary education in the Czech Republic

  • High standard of living - comfortable living conditions, and excellent dishes of national cuisine.
  • Convenient location - close to most European countries, thus, you can easily travel by car, train and plane.
  • Climate - in winter, children intensively go skiing, in spring they organize trips along flowering paths, in the summer, sailing, rafting, swimming in the cleanest lakes are provided, and the autumn season is designed for hiking in the forest for mushrooms.
  • Beautiful nature, magnificent landscapes - on weekends a fascinating and informative excursion program is organized due to the beautiful Czech landscapes, as well as historical heritage, thereby contributing to the expansion of horizons.
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