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Study in the United States after 11 grade for foreign students

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Study in the United States after 11 grade for foreign students

Studying abroad after the 11th grade is a very correct decision for those who plan to enter foreign universities. American universities are popular and prestigious educational institutions for foreign students, the main principles of education in them are the orientation to practice, independence and activity of students. But admission to universities in the States is a responsible and time-consuming process that requires careful preparation, therefore, education in the US after grade 11 for students 16, 17, 18 years is so necessary for foreign students.

Features of education in the US after the 11th grade for foreign students

When choosing an educational institution abroad for students should take into account a lot of nuances, and American educational centers - not an exception. When enrolling in the US universities after 11 classes of the national school, the students may face the following difficulties:

  • uncertainty about a sufficiently high level of English, a lack of language practice or lack of academic English
  • high competition
  • difficulties in adapting to life abroad
  • difficulties in immersion in the learning process and communication with peers: American universities are characterized by a spirit of competition and the desire to be in all the first by any means
  • discrepancy of the school certificate to the American model.

The last point, perhaps, is one of the paramount, since it is a direct refusal on admission. It is also important, of course, to speak the language: when interviewing a representative of a university it is necessary to demonstrate high intellectual abilities, it is necessary to show oneself from the best side and recommend as an active young man who is eager to gnaw the granite of science without restraint. These 2 factors will significantly affect the success of admission to the coveted university.

The remaining nuances can greatly harm the study and also play a significant role. Precisely because of the existing difficulties among foreign students, special courses for foreign students have been developed, which are very popular - education in the USA after grade 11 for students 16, 17, 18 years is becoming more and more popular every year. It is also important that the American system of education is characterized by strict attachment to the age of the students, and those who are 16 or more are no longer able to enroll in secondary school curricula.

Education in the United States after grade 11 for students 16, 17, 18 years old is designed to help foreign students solve all possible problems that arise when entering and at the beginning of life in the States. Pre-university courses for foreign students will be mandatory - only after passing the exams and obtaining a certificate of passing the program, a student can claim a place at the University of America. The completion of such courses practically guarantees the successful enrollment in the university due to the prestige of the certificates and the high level of knowledge obtained at the university.

Studying at the preparatory courses in private US schools: forms of education and prices, ranking and feedback of students

In the States, there are a variety of academic and linguistic programs that include different requirements for students and conditions of admission. With the right choice of preparatory courses, the student will be able to save money and time to study in the US after grade 11 for students 16, 17, 18 years old. Consider the main programs:

  • University Pathway is a very popular program that allows intensive education within the walls of the university, communicate with university teachers, and, subject to good academic performance and passing exams, the possibility of admission to the 2-year bachelor's degree. To enter the course, you must have high marks in the school certificate and a certificate of 5.5 IELTS or 61-79 TOEFL. INTO University of South Florida invites you to a quality program in various areas (health sciences, social and human sciences, management, engineering and much more). The cost of education will be from 22,625 $ per semester.
  • Transfer Program - an analogue of the British course, which for the year of preparation allows you to enroll at once for 2 courses in high school. Suffolk University - the leading university of Massachusetts - has developed a highly effective program for entering universities. The price of education will be from 15,000 $ per semester.
  • Foundation - American version of the popular pre-university program involves intensive English classes, mastering all the subtleties of the academic field. The main goal of the course is to prepare for the passing of the language exam and to allow one to get accustomed to the country.
  • International Baccalaureate - in the United States, six subjects are studied under the program at an in-depth level: this program is of an international character and gives good chances to enter any university in the world. James Madison University has many advantages: from location in a picturesque place - a spacious valley of Shenandoah Valley - to quality programs and accommodation conditions of high comfort. The cost of education on the international program will be from 28,738 $ per semester.

Education in the United States after grade 11 for students 16, 17, 18 years old in community colleges for foreign students

Community-colleges are the leading educational institutions that will, after studying for 2 years, receive incomplete higher education and master the specialty. At the end of colleges of this type, the students receive the degree of Associate Degree and can start their professional activities. Another option is to apply for the third year of the bachelor's degree. Admission to the third year of the university is guaranteed due to the established cooperation between colleges and universities.

To enter the Community College you need:

  • Provide a certificate of secondary education
  • A certificate confirming the student's ability to pay and the ability to pay for the academic year at the college
  • Certificate of passing the language exam
  • Copy of the first page of the passport.

Associate Degree can be obtained at Seattle Central College, which is included in the TOP-5 for popularity among overseas students. Community College offers a variety of programs and has everything for a comfortable stay and study. The price of education will be from 6,730 $ for 3 months.

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