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Best private schools in Australia for international students

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Best private schools in Australia for international students


Australia's Private Schools for foreign students - Quick Reference

Speaking of Australia, it is worth mentioning the stunning natural landscapes, unique plants and animals, foreign students can personally inspect the Barrier Reef and experience the unique waves for surfing. Throughout the year, Australia’s mild climate contributes to a comfortable learning experience. Thus, the vast majority of Australian leading schools are located directly on the coast or a short distance from popular resort towns. In this connection, in their free hours, foreign students spend time on the beach, or playing sports. Local residents of Australia deserve special attention, who are welcoming and hospitable to foreign students, thus, the foreign teenager will feel extremely comfortable as part of their host family. So, staying in a family of Australians, a foreign student will have an excellent opportunity for close acquaintance with local culture and traditions. Due to the large number of students from all over the world, the best private schools in Australia have created an international environment that contributes to the successful overcoming of the language barrier and the intensive development of communication and language skills.

Australia's prestigious schools for international students

The development of Australia's secondary education system is based on the British educational model. Getting a secondary education at a leading private school in Australia allows you to freely enter ranking universities not only in Australia, but also in other countries of the world. Thus, there are no requirements for passing the Foundation preparatory program, which is mandatory for graduates of foreign high schools.

The main characteristic of advanced Australian private schools is due to the fact that the educational program provides for the study of academic disciplines from the field of art, namely drawing, music, etc. In addition, in the framework of teaching focuses on sports. It is worth noting that in the final grades, students study in depth several disciplines, thereby providing quality education aimed at successfully enrolling in top universities in different countries of the world. In the selection of foreign applicants, the selection of disciplines by students and the grades on them that were obtained at the final exams are taken into account by the selection boards of the best universities in Australia. So, for unhindered admission to the Faculty of Engineering, you need to get fairly good grades in such subjects as mathematics, chemistry, physics.

Private schools in Australia - secondary education

In accordance with Australian law, children over 6 years old must attend school. As practice shows, the predominant number of parents send their child to study at the age of 5 in primary school, while the education lasts until the student reaches 12-13 years.

After the education in elementary school, students envisage a transition to secondary school, in which instruction lasts until the foreign student reaches 16 years of age. With regard to teaching in primary and secondary schools, it is envisaged to teach such subjects as English, mathematics, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, a foreign language and physical education. A list of optional items includes music, drawing, etc. Directly in the upper grades of an elite private school in Australia, students are given the opportunity to learn the basics of future specialization, in particular, accounting, information technology, economics, etc.

It is worth noting that the Australian high school focuses on students performing various practical tasks, as well as life situations. Thus, in the framework of practical tasks and situations, foreign students comprehend science and diverse formulas. In addition, the vital position of educational institutions is highlighted as the main priority of Australia's leading private schools. So, school life is distinguished by diversity and fascination, thus, students do not have to perform the same and boring tasks. Thus, all practical tasks, including grammatical ones, are creative and competitive, while at the same time cultivating leadership positions, sports interest, cohesion, and friendliness in students.

The educational process in the best schools in Australia involves conducting intermediate tests to verify the level of learned material. So, an intermediate assessment of knowledge can be in the following format: written tests, essays, oral reports. Based on the results obtained, the average score of each student is calculated. At the end of each school period, an examination is provided, after which the UAI, University Admission Index is calculated, which, in turn, takes into account the results of the final exams and the average score for the period of study within the educational program. The numerical form of the UAI indicator varies from 1 to 100, while 100 is the highest score. Please note that every year all ranking universities in Australia establish the UAI value that must be obtained for successful admission to an Australian university.

Educational programs of the best private schools in Australia for foreign students

The overwhelming majority of prestigious schools in Australia offer international teenagers the opportunity to study under the international baccalaureate program, International Baccalaureate. This educational program is aimed at purposeful students who have higher average performance. The development of this educational program was carried out in Switzerland, and is universally recognized as the most effective and balanced. In the case of completion of this educational program, the graduate has a guarantee of unhindered admission to a top university, both Australia and other countries of the world.

Classification of Australia's leading schools - useful information for foreign students

In Australia, both public and private boarding schools function successfully. Note that in advanced public schools, Australians, as well as students who have a residence permit, are educated. Thus, students receive a prestigious Australian secondary education free of charge. In addition, it is worth noting that the financing of secondary schools in Australia is entrusted to the state, thereby entering the area of responsibility of a particular state or territory. Thus, due to the location of the institution, it is possible to develop certain criteria for admission, rules, as well as the establishment of age restrictions.

At the same time, Australian private schools are divided, in turn, into mixed ones, that is, boys and girls go to separate schools, that is, only for boys or girls.

In addition, elite private schools in Australia can be with dormitories and day schools. Please note that overseas students can study at Australia's advanced day schools. Choosing this type of Australian schools, a foreign student lives in a host family throughout the school year. Please note that most Australian ranking schools have at their disposal a language center, within the walls of which a foreign student can receive the required language program in English. Elite private schools in Australia create small classrooms, thus ensuring that teachers use an individual approach and pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. In addition, prestigious boarding schools in Australia are most popular among foreign students.

Admission to elite private schools in Australia - what does a foreign student need to do?

To successfully enter the best private schools in Australia, a foreign student will need to take a test that determines the level of English proficiency, the provision of school report cards grades for the last 2-3 years of study. Please note that the selection committee pays attention to the grades received by the student in mathematics, English, as well as geography. When enrolling in some ranked private schools in Australia, a foreign student may need to be interviewed on Skype or as an alternative to taking a written test at the time the teenager arrives in Australia. Please note that the results of passing the GIA and the Unified State Examination by the admissions committees of Australian schools are not accepted.

School year at Australia's top private schools

As for the school year in advanced Australian schools, it begins in late January and ends in early December. Throughout the school year, large vacation programs are provided, the duration of which begins from two weeks. At the same time, grades do not represent the goal of achievement, their receipt is due to participation in the educational process and the efforts used by the student to achieve a specific task. At the same time, direct comparison of students is not provided in leading private schools in Australia; knowledge of the shortcomings of a particular student is limited to the teenager himself and his parents.

The benefits of studying at prestigious private schools in Australia for foreign students

Over the past 50 years, Australia has earned a well-deserved status as a world leader in the quality of secondary and higher education. So, at the moment, among foreign students, it is the leading Australian schools that have gained particular popularity and relevance. In addition, each year an average of 150,000 students come to Australia for elite secondary education. Once again, the regulation and control of Australian schools is entrusted to the Ministry of Education, while meeting stringent requirements. Also, all the prestigious schools in Australia received special state accreditation. Listed below are the main benefits of studying at leading Australian schools:

  • Diplomas are recognized by all countries of the world;
  • Lower tuition compared to UK and USA;
  • High quality of life;
  • Prestige certificate;
  • The broadest opportunities for admission to ranking universities and successful employment;
  • Low crime rank;
  • Excellent environmental situation and good climate.
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