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Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame

Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame

While in Toronto, you should visit the Hockey Hall of Fame: it impresses not only fans of this sport, but also people who are indifferent to it. The hall is dedicated to legendary players, coaches, referees and other people who have contributed to the development of hockey: more than 300 people from America and Europe. The hall is divided into 15 separate galleries, which tells the story of hockey and individual people who have become legends in this sport. Each exhibit pleases tourists with a detailed description.

History of creation

The history of the appearance of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Canada began in 1939: then a similar Baseball Hall was opened in the USA, after which Canada began to think about opening its own Hockey Hall.

In 1941, James Sutherland, considered in Canada "the father of hockey", insisted on the basis of a committee whose task was to open the Hall of Fame in the country. The first agreement between the committee and the NHL was signed in 1942, but the construction of the building for the Hall was delayed due to various problems.

In 1958, there was a serious conflict between the NHL and committee members, which was the reason for the NHL to take the project into their own hands and establish the Toronto Hall of Fame without the participation of other organizations. Fully financing the project, the National Hockey League opened it on May 1, 1961, placing until that day all the collected exhibits in the Toronto Convention Center.

In 1986, it became clear that the museum needed to be expanded: the exhibits no longer fit, and in 1993 the Hall moved to one of the central buildings of the city, covering an area of 5600 square meters.

Hockey Hall of Fame Feature

Today, the museum stores exhibits belonging to more than 300 hockey legends: the selection of the lucky is held annually in the first month of summer - the current players and hockey veterans, coaches and referees, commentators are candidates. Main criteria: participation in 800 NHL matches, for goalkeepers - from 500 matches. The number of goals scored, wins, points received is taken into account. A selection of 18 members is involved in the selection.

In the galleries of the Hall are placed the form of players, hockey sticks and pucks, cups, skates. There are items made by hand. 

The hockey hall of fame recalls the most important events in the history of world hockey, and the Stanley Cup is the main exhibit - during the championships the museum version is replaced with a replica.

In addition to galleries with exhibits, 3 halls stand out:

  • Game zone: here is a computer game of hockey - you can try to score a goal for the famous goalkeeper Ed Belfor, play in a team with legendary athletes
  • Cinema: there is a continuous 3D broadcast of NHL games
  • Hall fully copying the locker room of the Canadian team Montreal Canadies.

You can visit the museum daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (a number of days are also pleasant for longer hours of work), an entrance ticket costs 20 CAD $ for an adult, 14 CAD $ for a child. Allow at least 2 hours of time for a comfortable tour.

Interesting Facts

  • The museum is the most popular sports hall in the world: it is visited by more than 300,000 tourists a year.
  • Here are the largest collections of stamps and books on hockey.
  • The museum’s board of directors includes former Prime Minister - John Turner.
  • There is a legend associated with the appearance on the upper floors of the ghost of a woman who committed suicide due to unrequited love.


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