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Study in Dublin for foreign students

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Study in Dublin for foreign students

One of the best options for getting an education for the high standards of the UK is the education in Dublin for foreign students. Dublin, an ancient city with its own identity and the largest number of redheads in the world, attracts particularly sophisticated tourists. The capital of Ireland boasts Norman architecture of the 13th century, ancient traditions that have survived to the present day, and impressive natural landscapes that inspired future Nobel prize-winning writers J. Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, and Oskar Wilde and Bram Stoker. The main symbol of modern music in Dublin and throughout Ireland is the world-famous band U2.

The Irish education system consists of an elementary, second, third level and further education. Education is compulsory for children between the ages of six and sixteen or until the students complete 3 years of second-level education. It is noteworthy that unlike many countries in Europe, where instruction is conducted in the local language (for example, Catalonia in Catalan), in Ireland compulsory education in Dublin for foreign students in the Irish language was abolished in 1973.

Education in Dublin for foreign students: pre-school education and primary school

Students with poor language skills can start education in Dublin in the framework of special educational programs for foreign students. A standard academic program for primary school students includes classes in English, Irish, mathematics, social development and health lessons, science and geography. As an additional lesson, you can choose to study religion, art, computer science and music. The cost of studying during one term of study for foreign students in Dublin according to the elementary school program starts from 8,050 €.

  • Elite School of Dublin St Andrew's College annually takes in their walls to educate students from 40 countries around the world. Teachers of the prestigious school have been working with foreign students since 1984 and are accredited by the Council of International Schools and the Association of New England Schools and Colleges. The goal of the school is to reveal the talents of students during the educational process and to achieve high academic results. Upon admission, you can choose the future teacher yourself, talk with him, learn about his methods of teaching and the academic program. In addition to studying at the school, there are conditions for exercising: gymnastics, tennis, basketball or field hockey. For students with poor language knowledge, the service "English as a foreign language" is available.

The structure of secondary education in Dublin and the cost of secondary school education for foreign students

Having received an elementary education at the age of 12, for foreign students it is possible to enroll in a secondary school program in Dublin. The structure of the middle classes includes 2 cycles: Junior Cycle and 2-3 years in the Senior Cycle, depending on whether the student will take the Transition Year (TY) to deepen knowledge of certain academic subjects and an internship for an additional year of study. Over the past 2 years, senior students choose one of three programs, each leading to state certification:

  • Traditional Leaving Certificate
  • Leaving Certificate Vocational Program (LCVP)
  • Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA)

One of the oldest and best prestigious institutions in Ireland, Kings Hospital School Dublin, opens its doors every year to foreign students for education in the academic program of middle classes for students from 12 to 18 years. The private boarding school was founded more than 300 years ago and has accumulated colossal experience in teaching foreign students. The cost of one year of education for foreign students here starts from 26,800 €, the price includes accommodation of foreign students on campus and board meals. The school has a medical center, there is always a nurse on duty, as well as its own psychologist - the administration of Kings Hospital School Dublin guarantees the best conditions for study and recreation for its students. According to the rankings of the best private schools and parents' reviews, more than half of graduates enter the best universities in Ireland, and the remainder become students at prestigious universities in the UK, the US and other countries.

Education in Dublin for foreign students in summer

Most English language schools (EFL) in Ireland work privately and provide students with a full package of education, family and extracurricular activities.

  • The Emerald Cultural Institute Ireland Dublin provides the most popular vacation programs for students from all over the world. The summer camp works on the basis of prestigious educational institutions of Dublin and helps foreign students quickly adapt in the English-speaking environment. During the summer, the adventure holidays with full immersion in English are awaited for the student, as a choice is given to stay in the family or residence of the linguistic center. The program includes not only academic English lessons, but also if you want to practice popular sports in Ireland: rugby, golf or horse riding. The price of two-week language courses starts from 1,550 € and depends on the chosen direction (in sports programs the form is included in the cost). At the end of each student receives a firm certificate of completion of education.
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