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Year of study in Montreux: information for foreign students

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Year of study in Montreux: information for foreign students

Many students have wonderful memories associated with the Swiss city located on the shores of Lake Geneva, because the year of study in Montreux is getting education at leading educational institutions and communicating with the best teachers. Despite the high cost of studying in Montreux schools and universities for foreign students, studying here is gaining popularity and relevance every year, especially boarding schools, which involve not only getting an education, but also living on a school campus with the rest of the students.

It is worth noting that the organization of education is developed at the highest level, teachers take into account all the modern features of education, and the impeccable ecology of Switzerland, where the Alps are located, has a positive effect on children's health, adds energy and promotes a good mood.

The learning process in Montreux brings positive emotions and increases the readiness of children and adults to further study abroad. Swiss educational institutions support a bilingual education system, which allows you to receive education simultaneously in English and an additional foreign language, most often in French.

Studying at Montreux school: how to choose a school for foreign students 

Swiss schools offer elementary, middle, high school programs for foreign students in public, private day schools or boarding schools. While studying, teachers use modern methods and techniques for teaching students, the school curriculum can be successfully combined with teaching a child a foreign language. With the youngest children, education is carried out in the game, in a simple and relaxed atmosphere, so students are so easily drawn into the educational process. Montreux schools often offer unusual programs: for example, European etiquette, international meeting etiquette, table setting or professional sports training can be included in a private school education system.

Education in high school allows students to prepare for university entrance - secondary education is accompanied by an appropriate international diploma depending on the education system, which is highly valued throughout the world. In schools, you can get certificates:

Montreux for Russian high school prices start at 20,300 CHF / term.

The cost of a year of study at Montreux universities for foreign students

It is possible to get higher education in Switzerland in many areas - the leading areas of universities:

  • business
  • marketing
  • finance
  • hotel management
  • personnel management
  • international business administration.

It is possible to get a bachelor's degree in 3-4 years, to get a master's degree - in one year of study, sometimes it takes 2 years.

MBA is an additional postgraduate degree in business administration, the duration of the course is usually one year of study, the cost is from 12400CHF / semester. Employers highly value the graduates of the top Montreux universities and offer them prestigious high-paying positions in international companies.

In addition to long-term educational programs, short courses for students are available in Montreux, for example, “Introduction to Hotel Management” or “Introduction to the World of Culinary”: their duration is only 2-3 weeks, and the cost of education is from 3,900 CHF per course.

The most popular Montreux program for preparing for university entry is the International Foundation, which allows students to enhance academic and linguistic knowledge. Also, the year of study on the program helps to adapt to life abroad, to the foreign education system and make the final decision on the choice of specialty and direction in which the student wants to graduate.

Tuition for foreign students - from 5,300 CHF / semester; usually the duration of the program is 2 semesters, but it all depends on the initial level of preparation of the student and on the desired intensity of classes on the course.

Montreux summer holidays for children, language schools and linguistic programs

Summer programs for children are in high demand, because this is a unique opportunity to spend vacations among amazing nature in an international environment, combining study and relaxation. And what a variety of foreign languages is available for study: English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish!

The cost of education in Montreux language schools for foreign students is from 400 CHF / week. The doors of summer camps and language schools are open for children over 5 years old all year round, where teachers and educators will become their best friends and will promote development during their holidays.

Preparation for language exams is carried out in the following areas:

  • DALF
  • DELF
  • Advanced english
  • PET
  • SAT.

Usually, education is carried out in small groups of 8-12 people, but the student can also choose individual education (the cost of individual lessons with a teacher is from 150 CHF / lesson).

Montreux also has summer leadership programs for the development of personal qualities for high school students from 16 to 18 years old + simultaneously with the main program, the student learns the language of choice: English or French. In their free time, an interesting leisure is provided: excursions, adventure trips, visits to cultural sites, sports or creative activities, evening events on the school grounds and much more. Tuition for the summer leadership program is from 6,000 CHF / 3 weeks.

Examples of top educational institutions in Montreux for foreign students

  • MBU Montreux Business University is an elite university with an innovative approach to study business professionals. For foreign students, distance learning is offered, but it is possible to attend full-time classes in the undergraduate program (Business and Management Degree), master's programs and MBA. Tuition at the university for foreign students - from 8,000 CHF / semester
  • Lovell International Camp is a prestigious camp for foreign students with summer and winter linguistic programs. Here you can study English and French, and students from 16 years old have the opportunity to undergo a summer leadership program. Additionally, professional training in tennis, golf, horseback riding is organized, and in winter you can learn skiing or snowboarding. The cost of visiting the camp is from 2,100 CHF / week.
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