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Best High Schools in Miami for foreign students

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Best High Schools in Miami for foreign students

After reading this article, you will get a complete picture of the leading high schools in Miami.

Prestigious high schools in Miami for foreign students

The USA has the status of one of the most developed countries in the world, so it is extremely prestigious to get advanced American secondary education.

In Miami, over 50% of secondary schools are public, the other half are private. Elite high schools in Miami are divided into 3 stages, the basis of the division of which is the age of the student:

  • Primary school - targeted at children aged 5 to 10 years. The teaching of reading, writing, the basics of the natural sciences, mathematics, drawing, music, physical education is mandatory.
  • Secondary school - focused on foreign students from 11 to 14 years old. In addition to the compulsory disciplines, namely history, mathematics, science, English, the study of 2-3 academic subjects that are independently selected by the student is provided.
  • High school - the target audience is foreign students aged 15 to 18 years. High school students have the right to independently choose subjects for study, knowledge of which is required for successful enrollment in America's top university. In addition, the walls of a leading American high school are effectively preparing for the smooth passage of the SAT test, which is required for admission to elite colleges or universities in the United States.

The procedure for admission to TOP high schools in Miami for a foreign student 

So, as part of the admission, a foreign teenager is required to provide a mandatory list of documents, including:

  • School report card for the last 2-3 years
  • Recommendations from teachers in mathematics and English
  • Application for admission
  • If available, it is worthwhile to provide various certificates of good results in the field of sports and others.
  • Writing an essay on a selected topic
  • Availability of an international language certificate
  • Skype interview
  • Passing the American academic test SSAT, Secondary School Admission Test, on the basis of the results of which there is an assessment of knowledge, the skill of an oral evidence-based answer, the perception of the read information by ear, the mathematical abilities required for effective studying.

The main characteristics of elite secondary education in Miami

  • High level of quality educational services

Upon graduation from leading Miami high schools, graduates have every opportunity to successfully enter ranking universities, both in the USA and other countries of the world. It is worth noting that some of the disciplines are taught at the university level in the walls of leading Miami high schools, and the passage of which are taken into account when entering a university. Thus, upon graduation, the graduate will be able to successfully find employment in America as soon as possible and obtain a residence permit.

  • A great opportunity to achieve the level of English proficiency at the level of the native speaker.

Teachers who are native speakers are involved in teaching English, thereby allowing the foreign student to completely immerse himself in the new linguistic and cultural environment, while improving language skills. In case of insufficient level of English proficiency, it is possible to undergo studying as part of additional language courses in the best secondary schools in Miami.

  • Getting bright and positive emotions from studying in Miami

Thus, in leisure hours, various leisure activities of a sports, cultural and entertainment nature are organized. So, in addition to participating in various sports events, it is planned to develop creative skills, travel around the territory of America, thereby getting acquainted with local traditions and everyday life of Americans. Thus, participation in a variety of leisure school activities has a positive effect on expanding the horizons of students.

Top-5 Best High Schools in Miami

It has the status of one of the best high schools in Miami. Graduates demonstrate high academic results. The year of foundation is 1965. At present, an elite American school occupies the first line of the ranking in terms of the level of teaching mathematical analysis and mathematics. Across America, this school is ranked 17th in terms of the number of National Merit Scholarship fellows. Upon reaching 11 years old, foreign students can enroll in this prestigious school on a full board basis. International students are offered middle and high school programs. At the same time, effective pre-University education is being conducted in three areas: medicine, law, and engineering. If you are enrolling in a truly unique Heritage course targeted at high school students, then you will study in depth the items listed above. For the fascinating holding of free time, over 80 sections and studios are organized and successfully operate, in particular, classes in astronomy and music are held. In addition, a Spanish-French community has been created within the walls of the school.

As for the issues of accommodation, it is organized in the host family, while its members are indigenous speakers of the language. Thus, all the necessary conditions are created for easy adaptation to the new language environment, as well as significant improvement in the level of English proficiency. On average, the cost of education during the year in an elite school starts from 45,000 $.

Miam Ranking High School has earned the status of the standard of the Christian school, within the walls of which all the conditions for the harmonious and comprehensive development of each student are created. For over 165 years, educational traditions have been formed in the American school that are honored and respected. It is worth noting that the high school provides a high level of quality educational services. Upon completion of education, graduates freely become students of top US universities, which are part of the famous Ivy League. Foreign teenagers are offered educational programs aimed at students of junior and senior, graduation classes. As part of participation in various sports and leisure activities of an entertaining and cultural nature, the personal potential is revealed, as well as the development of the abilities of each student. As for accommodation issues for the period of study, foreign teenagers are guaranteed a high level of safety and comfort. It is worth noting that the students live in host families. As for the cost of education, it averages 32,000 $ excluding food. If you are interested in taking English courses, then you will have to pay an additional 3,000 $.

Has the status of the most prestigious and popular professional tennis school in the world. The educational process involves a combination of the study of academic subjects and professional education. So, upon graduation, the graduate undergoes effective pre-university education. Foreign students who have reached the age of 15 are accepted for studying for high school programs. Also, foreign students are offered to take a preparatory course for the successful passing of the SAT exam, the duration of which is 10 weeks. Immediately in the summer, various English courses are opened for schoolchildren, which are combined with tennis classes. The target audience is foreign students aged 8 to 18 years. Note that the teaching is in English. Classes are held in small classrooms, the number of students in which does not exceed 8 children. Thus, an individual approach is applied within the framework of teaching.

The equipment of the school campus deserves special mention, the territory of which includes the presence of 40 courts, swimming pools, sports grounds and gyms, a jacuzzi, massage rooms, football fields, and golf courses. During studies, foreign students live in comfortable residences.

As for the cost of education, the passage of a high school program will cost an average of 12,500 $, the preparatory program for the SAT exam costs 800 $ for 10 weeks. The cost of passing the summer language program in English during the week will be on average 1,790 $.

  • Miami Country Day School

The leading school in Miami is admitting foreign students to study, so the international situation reigns in its walls. So, teachers instill in the students the right attitudes, which are simultaneously combined with intensive intellectual development. Therefore, upon graduation, graduates acquire skills in forming their own opinions, analyzing a large amount of information. In addition, at the high school stage, foreign students are given the opportunity to combine education with internships.

  • Pine crest school

Each year, the school takes top positions in the ranking of the top 25 schools in the United States. The elite school owns 2 campuses located a few kilometers from Miami. So, one campus is located in the city of Bock Raton, and the second is in the city of Fort Lauderdale. The walls of the Miami Ranking School combine the use of modern and advanced technologies with the simultaneous use of standard and classical teaching methods. In addition, various leisure activities are organized that are aimed at the harmonious intellectual development of students. It is worth noting that under the high school program, in-depth teaching of disciplines is provided, knowledge of which will allow you to freely enter the top universities in the USA and European countries.

How much does it take to get high school education in the best schools in Miami?

The cost of tuition throughout the year in advanced high schools in Miami usually varies from 25,000 to 45,000 $. In addition to studying, this price includes:

  • accommodation
  • meals
  • provision of educational materials
  • participation in organized school leisure activities.

On an additional basis, payment for paperwork for a trip to the United States is provided, in particular, this is insurance, a visa.

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