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Best high schools in America for international students

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Best high schools in America for international students

Find best high schools in America. Studying at best private high schools in America allows international students to get quality secondary education in USA. 

For many people schools in the United States are associated with cheerleading, American football, and no homework. The filmmakers have done a great job on this image, but it does not explain why more and more foreign students want to get an American education every year.

Features of studying at best high schools in America

  • Duration of studying. Children in the United States study for 12 years, sometimes even 13, if they take the Advanced Placement course.
  • Grading system. Grades are given either on a 100-point scale or on a letter system (A - highest; F - lowest).
  • Separation of classes by complexity. In high school, the child can choose the level (easy or advanced) at which he wants to study a subject.
  • Physical education. In best private high schools in America sports are just as important as Maths. In addition to the compulsory subject, there are also many sports clubs and the opportunity to play in the school team.
  • Extracurricular activities. The school club culture in the United States is highly developed. The better the school, the more extracurricular activities it has to offer. Children play in orchestras and theatrical performances, practice vocals, photography and participate in competitions.
  • Every year there is a class group. Every year classes are "mixed" so that children make as many acquaintances as possible and learn to communicate. In high school, each student has an entirely individual schedule, so communication with peers is never limited to the walls of one office.


Studying at best looking high schools in America

From 14 to 18 years old, students attend high school, where they prepare for college or university. In high school, students choose almost all subjects independently, following their interests and plans.

  • High School Diploma is a basic school course, after which children receive a diploma and can enter a university.
  • International Baccalaureate is an international program that gives you the opportunity to enter a university in any English-speaking country.
  • Advanced Placement Program - an additional school course, which is designed for grade 13. All subjects are taught at the university level, and often this program provides many advantages for admission, including the opportunity to immediately enter the second year of the university.

Exams at private high schools in America

During the last 2 years of high school, students are preparing for the final SAT testing, based on the results of which they are admitted to college, and, if desired, attend advanced courses in some of the subjects - Advanced Placement (AP). The AP program, as a rule, corresponds to the program of the first year of study at the university, so after admission, the university can count this course as already completed.

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