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2019-08-14 16:50:41

Best english camps and language schools in England UK

Best english camps and language schools in England UK

Leading English Schools in Britain

Experienced specialists of SMAPSE educational center provide their professional services related to the organization of study trips to England so that foreign students can master language skills at the level of the native speaker within the walls of prestigious English camps. If you are interested, SMAPSE specialists can advise you on the procedure for organizing education for foreign students in the best English camps in England.

When deciding to spend summer vacations in advanced English schools in Britain, your child is guaranteed a real adventure full of bright and positive emotions. If your child is very homely and a little reserved, then during the summer holidays he simply will not find time to bore his own home, making the decision to send him to the top English school in Britain. So, ranking English children's camps have developed rich language programs. In addition, the effectiveness of education is facilitated by constant communication in English with peers who are representatives of various countries of the world. After spending the holidays in England, the foreign student will communicate in English at a good level and will share his impressions of his unforgettable and vibrant British vacation.

Elite English camps in England

A large number of summer advanced English language schools have been successfully operating in the UK. As for their location, some camps are located in the center of the British capital and large cities, while other boarding schools are located in calm, beautiful places. In addition, the educational programs of the leading English summer camps are inherent in diversity. So, in the framework of the developed language programs, it is envisaged how to conduct effective classes in the English language, rest, but also exercise. In particular, foreign students can go horse riding, tennis, football, rugby, golf, yachting and much more. For creative individuals, classes in art are offered, namely theater, music, cinema, dancing, photography, fashion, etc. Agree that, regardless of the age of the foreign student, all the activities conducted by the leading English camp will be extremely exciting for him.

Please note that when choosing a prestigious English language school in Britain, it is worth following a competent approach. So, the chosen educational program must necessarily meet the interests and goals of the student, preferences, as well as the financial capabilities of the parents.

The educational process in the best English schools in Britain

Many parents are worried that the health of their child may deteriorate during their education in elite British summer camps. Everyone agrees that the main purpose of summer vacation is a great vacation. In this connection, the holidays will not lose their purpose, even studying English in the leading English camps in England.

As for learning English, classes are held on a daily basis in addition to weekends, while their duration is an average of 3 hours. Per week, the number of hours for classes does not exceed 15. Thus, any probability of a large load on students is minimized.

It is also worth noting that foreign students will really enjoy staying in the summer camps in the UK, as classes have a more playful format, not reminiscent of standard classes in a school.

In addition to classes in the English language, the teaching of other disciplines is provided, namely mathematics, computer science, geography, literature, various forms of art, as well as sports. The age of a foreign student and his interests, preferences determine the number of studied disciplines and hours that are set aside for study. It is worth noting that foreign teenagers aged 16 to 19 at the leading English schools in Britain study no more than 6-7 hours throughout the day.

Britain's top language school leisure program

Once again, note that a stay in an advanced English children's camp in England will give your child a lot of bright and positive emotions and impressions. Upon returning home, he will be able to surprise his parents with fascinating and fun stories about British summer vacations.

Staying in the best British language schools, foreign students will be able to get acquainted with the main attractions and cultural objects in major British cities, directly in the capital, appreciate the picturesque nature and suburban areas, as well as have fun in fascinating amusement parks, visit theaters and museums. In addition, it is possible to hike in the mountains, in particular, it can be rafting on the river or horseback riding.

Special attention should be paid to the events held in the walls of the leading English summer camps. So, foreign students are waiting for participation in various sports competitions, theatrical performances, picnics and barbecues, discos, as well as parties, etc. are held.

Accommodation options at the best English language schools in Britain

Regardless of the chosen English summer boarding school, all foreign students are guaranteed round-the-clock care. Thus, parents can not worry about their child during his stay in the UK, because at the time of arrival at the airport and until the student leaves, he is provided with constant supervision by experienced teachers.

Usually, as practice shows, foreign students live in the territory of a comfortable school residence, staying in comfortable rooms designed for 2-4 students. It is worth noting that some advanced English camps in England provide for the possibility of living in a host family, which is located near a language school. Moreover, according to the students themselves, it is more fun and exciting to live together with other students in the school dormitory, if we compare with the host British family.

The leading English language schools in Britain provide students with 3 meals a day. In the case of a full-day excursion, then every foreign student receives a package of food, including drinks and large sandwiches.

Top English summer camps in England for foreing students

Name of the British educational institution

Summary about educational process

Xuk Camps, target audience - students aged 10 to 17 years. The cost of education during the week, taking into account accommodation, will average 700 £. On an additional basis, payment is provided for an intensive English course, horseback riding, go-karting.

Location - County Suffolk, Outskirts of Ipswich

The educational program provides for 15 hours of English lessons per week. The number of students in the language group does not exceed 12 people. In addition to morning programs, the courses “Social English” and “Active English” are offered to foreign children, the teaching of which is conducted only in English. After completing these courses, a foreign student perfectly applies the acquired knowledge in practice.

Summer School at St Edmund's College

Target audience - foreign students aged 11 to 17 years

The cost of education for 3 weeks varies from 2,900 to 3,100 £. In addition to studying English, the price of the study includes three full-day study tours, 2 excursions that include sightseeing, 1 trip to the theater, meals, accommodation in a double room on the college premises, study materials, registration fees, and dry cleaning services.

Location - Hardfordshire

On an additional basis, it is envisaged to pay for the passage of the preparatory program for passing the IELTS, student lessons in horse riding, scuba diving.

The educational program provides for the study of English (20 hours of classes per week) and educational cognitive excursions.

Concord college

Target audience - foreign students aged 10 to 18 years.

The cost of education on average varies from an average of 3,100 to 3,900 £. The price of the education involves the educational process itself, accommodation, meals, transfer, dry cleaning, two excursions.

Foreign students are offered 2 summer educational programs English and Science. In addition, the Oxbridge Preparation program has been developed, which is preparation for admission to Cambridge and Oxford, aimed at adolescents aged 16 to 18 years. On an additional basis, foreign students will be able to go horse riding, tennis, mountain biking, golf, music, etc.

Bosworth Independent College

Target audience - foreign students aged 12 to 17 years.

This summer language school has been successfully operating for 28 years. With regard to foreign students, the following requirements are presented regarding a minimum stay of at least 2 weeks (maximum term - 6 weeks), knowledge of English at a basic level. It is worth noting that learning English can be combined with programs such as Arts & Crafts, GoKarting, Tennis Coaching, FilmMaking.

English classes are held in the morning. The students are divided into groups based on the level of knowledge of English. In addition, after every two weeks, a test is provided. As for the afternoon hours, group classes are organized aimed at developing teamwork skills, as well as speaking English. In the framework of the language program, it is planned to conduct 2 excursions lasting for a whole day.

Dukes InternationalSummer School

Target audience - foreign students aged 11 to 15 years.

The minimum educational period is 2 weeks, as for the price, it is approximately 2,700 £.

In addition to the classic English language program, a Business International Relations course has been developed. Before the onset of classes, foreign students are expected to undergo two-stage testing in order to determine the level of English knowledge. Based on the results obtained, students are divided into language groups. A modern sports complex with an indoor pool was built on the territory of the school, as well as a music school, a theater with a capacity of 300 seats, as well as a boat house with direct access to the river

Headington Oxford Summer School

Target Audience - Foreign students 13 to 16 years old

Minimum stay is 2 weeks. The cost of eduaction is 2,700 £.

The walls of this school provide for 15 hours of classes throughout the week, in the morning. The number of students in the class does not exceed 15 children. At the time of arrival at the school, it is planned to take a test by foreign students in written and spoken English. Based on the results obtained, students are distributed by language groups, taking into account the student's age and nationality. After completing the language course, foreign graduates become holders of Certificate and Progress Report.

Caterham school

Location - not far from the British capital, covers an area of 200 acres.

Two types of educational programs:

  • English language + football
  • English + dance and theater
  • Junior Course - target audience - students aged 7 to 12 years
  • Senior summer school

This course has been successfully operating for 10 years, the program was developed jointly with the Chrlsea FC Foundation. Boys who have reached the age of 8 and up to 17 have the opportunity to undergo a program lasting from 2 weeks. So, as part of the educational program, it is planned to conduct classes in English and football classes under the guidance of professional trainers of the Chelsea team. In addition, educational excursions are organized.

Within the framework of this program, all conditions have been created for the harmonious development of acting skills at the same time as improving the level of English proficiency. The program provides for 15 hours of classes in English, 12 hours of classes in acting and dancing. In addition, exciting entertaining events are held, namely discos, quizzes, talent shows, etc. Two full-day excursions are also organized to London and its environs; in addition, foreign students will visit the musical in London.

Mill Hill Summer School

The target audience is foreign students aged 12 to 14 years and from 15 to 17 years.

In terms of location, the language school is a 30-minute drive from central London.

The developed summer programs are aimed at adolescents who are preparing to move to a British boarding school, or for the first time entering a leading English educational institution. Classes in English are combined with lessons in mathematics, exact sciences. For creative personalities, classes are held in music, acting, information technology, and drawing.

Taunton school

Suggested educational programs:

The program is preparing foreign students to successfully enroll in leading English boarding schools. There are no requirements for English proficiency. At the time of arrival at the school, it is planned to take a test aimed at determining the level of knowledge of English, after which the students are distributed in language groups. Teaching English provides for 15 hours of classes, while classes are held in small groups, the number of which does not exceed 10. The course focuses on the correct use of spoken and written English, reading, writing, expanding vocabulary, understanding, gaining confidence as part of communication. In addition, foreign students are given the opportunity to study 6 disciplines for 3 weeks. In particular, this is mathematics, exact sciences, history, geography, design, technology, art, information technology. At the end of the language program, an exam is provided.

Target audience - foreign students aged 13 to 17 years. Within the framework of this program, high-quality preparation for passing international exams is carried out, namely, GCSE, A-level, IB Diploma, successful admission to the best English boarding schools, etc. At the end of the program, the program provides for graduation from the Trinity English examination, and a progress report is issued.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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