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2021-12-25 22:38:55

TOP-5 skills that a modern student need for a successful career

TOP-5 skills that a modern student need for a successful career

Life is constantly changing, and it often happens that the knowledge gained in school either rapidly becomes obsolete, losing relevance, or is not applicable in practice. Other information or experience, on the contrary, remains constantly relevant, helping to maintain high demand in the professional labor market.

We have made a selection of five win-win options: by investing these skills in your own child, you will surely make him successful and competitive in future adulthood.

English language proficiency

The fact is unchanging and not subject to doubt: English today is a universal language of interethnic communication. Moreover, if in the old days the elite - scientific, legal, political and diplomatic languages were different (for example, for a long time Spanish was universal for the merchant fleet, scientists in different years communicated, corresponded and published works in Latin, German or French, moreover, the latter was also the language of international negotiations), now the monopoly has been established completely. It is the language of science, economics and business, politics, travel, trade, even industry.

You need to know English to be aware of scientific inventions and discoveries, to be able to conduct business abroad, to conduct various negotiations. Suffice it to say that corporations pay one and a half to two times more to specialists with a foreign language on board. 

In English, the wedge did not converge - German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish and Turkish are no less important. And at a tender age, it is most convenient to deal with tenses and verbs. Start as early as possible!

Financial literacy

There is a stereotypical opinion: excellent students study well and amaze everyone with knowledge, but all the money is then raked in by triplets, and even doubles. This is not entirely true – an educated person will easily find a job. Another thing is to save the capital received.

Tell me: how much tax do you pay? The majority, remembering the advertising campaign on television in the early noughties, will confidently say: 13 percent. And they will be fundamentally wrong: in fact, taking into account deductions to the compulsory medical, pension and social insurance funds, this amount reaches 45%, and if we take into account excise taxes and similar joys, it turns out to be even more.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens become victims of finpiramids, fall into a debt pit, and 70%, according to the statistics of the banking sector, do not have savings even for a month ahead. It turns out that the whole country does not know how to accumulate resources?

With such parents, our children will certainly not be superfluous lessons on economic knowledge and financial literacy. Of course, it will not be possible to save the economy of the state from the Dutch disease and the cooperative "Lake", but personal financial well-being will in one way or another ensure that it will not exist from paycheck to paycheck.


High income and stable wages are not only for deputies, owners of breweries and customs officers. Already now, only legally, an IT specialist on average receives 100-120 thousand, and programmers with experience can easily count on two or three times large sums.

IT business is the future. The largest corporations are building businesses on networks, computer technology, cloud computing, and cell phones. They need people who are proficient in coding and programming, creating interfaces and setting up Internet sites.

Functional literacy

Schools teach many disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history and others. But most graduates completely forget many subjects, believing that they will not need it.

Indeed, it is unlikely that the knowledge of the formula of citric acid (C₆H₈O₇) will be useful to everyone. But to remember that it will corrode rust and will not spoil the enamel of the dishes, you definitely need to! Applying the knowledge gained in life is much more important than remembering the periodic table by heart.


The work must not only be done qualitatively, but also well presented, otherwise no one will notice the results of even the most scrupulous work. To attract the attention of the public to your product or initiative, it must be properly presented.

And for this - to feel confident in the future and have an idea of what it is, tomorrow's bottom. Public speaking skills are also important. They are acquired with experience, but parents can help their offspring by arranging "debates" on certain issues, teach them to correctly and specifically formulate questions, answer the case, feel more confident in public even with a large gathering of people.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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