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2021-05-28 00:01:39

Everything about Montreux: places, people, food, travel, communication

Everything about Montreux: places, people, food, travel, communication

Located in the stunning Swiss Alps, Montreux is a city unlike any other. It is surrounded by majestic mountains on the shores of the beautiful Lake Geneva, providing an excellent opportunity to combine recreation, excursions, sightseeing. Known for its history, fascinating culture, world-class architecture and art, Montreux inspires travelers from all over the world.

Climate in Montreux

The Montreux region is spared the cold wind called " biset ": palm trees, laurels and other Mediterranean plants grow on the embankments of the lake. They even call it " Riviera Vaudoise "!

Lake Geneva offers a unique microclimate for the region, which promotes viticulture in the Lavaux and La Côte regions.

The weather is good in July and August with pleasant average temperatures between 20 ° C and 25 ° C. The warmest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 21 ° C, while the coldest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 1 ° C. August is the wettest month and April is the driest.


Montreux is located in southwestern Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva, at the foot of the mighty Swiss Alps. The city is famous for its natural beauty and vibrant cultural life. Montreux, with its historical charm, cosmopolitan style, offers something for everyone.

One of the main attractions of Montreux is the historic Old Town : it has unique architecture, trendy restaurants, many great shops, quirky boutiques. Just walking around this area, you will feel as if you have been transported back in time for several centuries! Be sure to visit the Museum of Old Montreux , where you can learn about the history and culture of the area.

Another interesting attraction is the famous Chillon Castle , built at the beginning of the 12th century. This impressive monument is located on an island near Montreux and gives visitors a glimpse of what life was like in Switzerland centuries ago. The castle is known as the most visited historical monument in Switzerland, giving tourists a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva, the surrounding mountain landscapes.

Lake Geneva is itself the main attraction of Montreux. The promenade surrounding the lake shore is beautifully decorated with many flower beds and trees, and there are cruises on the lake . Lakeside cafes and restaurants provide a great opportunity to have a snack while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

For fun and gambling, visit the famous Montreux Casino . This historic casino, located on the beautiful waterfront of Lake Geneva, has been operating since 1881. Visitors will find a variety of gaming options including slot machines and blackjack.

Freddie Mercury Statue - If you are planning to visit the area, be sure to check the festival schedule and time your visit in conjunction with one of the many events that Montreux hosts annually. The September Musical is one of the largest classical music events in Europe, a jazz festival , a world famous music festival held every July since 1967, Freddie Mercury Memorial Day on the first weekend of September.

As you walk, notice the signature yellow awnings of the Palais Montreux , a luxury hotel that is a magnificent example of Belle Époque architecture.

Crete and Chatelard Castles are iconic landmarks. Chatelard Castle has guarded the city since the XIV century; Crete Castle, built high on a terrace, is an example of 18th century luxury.

Montreux hosts many events, festivals: in the summer the Jazz Festival attracts the best international talent, the winter holidays are centered around the classic Christmas market .

Famous people lived here - writers Zelda Fitzgerald and Vladimir Nabokov, Queen soloist Freddie Mercury. Thanks to his statue, it seems that he is giving an "eternal" concert on Lake Geneva.

From Montreux, it is easy to get to the famous sites of the Swiss Riviera : spend the day tasting wine in the famous vineyards of Lavaux , take the train to the snow-capped peak of Rocher-de-Nay to see Lake Geneva all the way to the Jura mountains, buy a boat cruise to see other cities, sights around the lake. Most of the coastline along the promenade is open for swimming and beach recreation.

Montreux is an ideal destination for outdoor activities, especially for nature lovers and travelers. Not far from the city is the famous Rambertia Botanical Garden .

Transport in Montreux

As well as throughout Switzerland, Montreux is easily accessible by train: from Geneva, just an hour, from Lausanne, 30 minutes, and if you are driving from Bern to the northeast, you can get there in less than 2 hours. The train ride itself will be enjoyable as it goes past mountains and vineyards. Montreux Train Station is just a 10-minute walk from the city center and offers easy access to the main cities of Switzerland and Europe.

Located in the heart of Europe, the Riviera Montreux region is easily accessible by car via the Swiss motorway network. The speed limit in the city is from 30 to 60 km / h, outside the city - from 70 to 80 km / h, on the highway - from 100 to 120 km / h.

In Switzerland, a vignette is used as a toll on motorways. Cost - 40 CHF, can be purchased at post offices or gas stations.

  • The EuroCity tilt trains allow you to reach Montreux from Milan or Venice in 3 hours.
  • The GoldenPass Line is one of the most scenic routes in Switzerland. It connects the Riviera Vaud with Lake Lucerne.

Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN) offers regular boat trips along the shores of Lake Geneva, especially between France and 10 marinas in the Riviera Montreux region.

VMCV - public buses: the main bus line VMCV runs every 10 minutes along the lake from Vevey to Villeneuve via Montreux.

With Swiss Travel System tickets, you can travel on your chosen route on all trains, buses and boats in Switzerland.

Direct flights serve Switzerland from more than one hundred airports in the world.

What to eat in Montreux

The main component of the traditional menu is fondue ; here you can taste dozens of its types. Fondue is traditionally prepared only from special cheeses Vacherine and Gruyere, melted at high temperatures, and various ingredients are added - liqueur and white wine. In Montreux restaurants, fondue is usually served with fresh bread, potatoes or plums.

For locals, cheese is not only an important part of gastronomy, but also an integral part of culture. In the vicinity of Montreux, there are several historic farms producing specialty cheeses and other dairy products. You can discover the variety of cheeses produced in the region by visiting local markets where you can see cheese of all colors.

In Montreux, you can taste not only popular Swiss cheeses, delicious fish dishes , but also rare meat delicacies , dozens of sausages , a restaurant specializing in meat dishes is open. Here you can order the best farm meat, meat products cooked over an open fire. Some types of sausages are produced using the technology of the late 19th century.

Even fashionable restaurants offer popular country-style pastries. One of the favorite dishes of the locals is onion pie ; asparagus pies are often prepared in spring. In summer, local cafes and bakeries will delight you with a variety of fruit pies and pastries.

Of the upscale restaurants, Auberge de Chaulin is worth mentioning - it specializes in Swiss and French cuisine, prepared according to unique author's recipes and served in a unique style. The restaurant has a romantic atmosphere and will not leave indifferent lovers of exquisite meat and fish delicacies. In addition to these dishes, visitors can order Swiss and French wines.

Where to eat in Montreux

  • MP's Bar & Grill positions itself as a steakhouse, the menu is based on meat dishes. They are mostly cooked over an open fire, which makes them incredibly delicious. Some meat delicacies are served with interesting fruit desserts and sauces, each dish is savory. The restaurant is located in a beautiful historic building and is decorated with original antiques.
  • The Montreux Palace restaurant is located in one of the luxurious historic buildings. He has received many prestigious awards. Its menu contains the most popular dishes of Swiss, French and European cuisine. The restaurant also has a wine cellar. Its visitors are offered to taste dishes from rare seafood, fresh meat, seasonal vegetables. Sweet tooth lovers will love the special desserts.
  • One of the most popular cafes in Montreux is Montreux Jazz Cafe : it attracts not only with a wide selection of specialties, but also with traditional and regular jazz parties. The interior is an interesting combination of vintage and modern designer accessories. Visitors can taste French, Swiss, international cuisine, and during the day they can enjoy a cup of coffee with fresh pastries.
  • Excellent bars, one of which is Funky Claude's , offer a huge selection of wines and spirits. You can also try delicious cheese or cold cuts here, and there are live concerts several times a week.

Communication in Montreux

Getting a Swiss SIM card can save roaming costs by allowing you to make calls, send text messages, and use the mobile Internet.

The easiest option is to contact the national provider Swisscom , which offers favorable rates. With a standard prepaid SIM card, calls cost 29 euro cents per minute, unlimited internet - 2 CHF per day. This SIM card can be bought at any Swisscom store for CHF 20, your balance will be CHF 20. To get a postpaid plan, you need to have either a work permit, a legitimation card, or be a Swiss citizen.

Prices for unlimited calls, SMS and internet in Switzerland start from 65 CHF per month. Payment of bills can be made by mail or in electronic banking.

Main operators:

  • Swisscom
  • Salt (ex-Orange)
  • Sunrise.
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