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Where is the largest underground city in the world located?

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A city on the surface of the Earth, whose buildings go up many meters - and just as much down. Situated on a narrow island, it still does not stop growing. Can you guess?

New York

The sewerage system appeared here in the middle of the 19th century. Today, the total length of the tunnels is more than 15,000 kilometers. The Underground City was often used for cartoons (the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and films (Batman).

  1. However, the city owes such fame not only to the sewage system, but also to the telephone communication. Earlier, wires were pulled on poles, turning the city into a spider web, but after the hurricane of 1888, all cables began to be laid underground. Some of the tunnels were eventually abandoned. One of these was accidentally found in 1981 under Atlantic Avenue, almost 20 years after its appearance.
  2. The underground catacombs of New York are legendary. Some, for example, believe that alligators live in sewer tunnels. This, of course, is not true, but this theory has been used many times in films and cartoons.
  3. There is another legend. Many people still believe that the famous millionaire John Jacob Astor, who died in the Titanic shipwreck, laid his own subway line deep under Manhattan. There, in the safes, he hid his gold bars and jewelry. But during the construction of a new line, a rocky wall was broken. The water rushing inward flooded the untold wealth of the Astor family, which some of the convinced seek to this day.
  4. The catacombs of New York were also part of detective investigations and a thriving place for crime. The Underground City was used by bootleggers during Prohibition to hide their supply bases, shelters and hidden transport passages with alcoholic drinks, drugs and other prohibited goods.

But why were they able to build such an extended underground system in New York? This was facilitated by a solid rock foundation. There is a layer of rock anywhere in the world, but it is located at different depths. For example, in Moscow, rocks are deep under the "sedimentary cover" (loose, water-permeable sedimentary rocks), making the construction of tunnels technically difficult and risky.

Manhattan is rich in deposits of mica shale. It can be observed even on the surface of the city. The famous Rat Rock (Rat Rock), located in Central Park, is proof of this.

It is only thanks to its solid stone foundation that New York has become the most "vertically elongated" city in the world.

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