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Toronto Zoo

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Toronto Zoo

Canada is famous for many attractions, which are the "largest", "most spacious", among which the largest zoo on the American continent - in the world it occupies the third place in terms of area. A comfortable walk through the zoo requires a minimum of 3 hours of time: if you wish, you can spend half a day here, admiring a number of expositions and visiting themed pavilions. Toronto Zoo does not leave indifferent neither children nor adults: traveling around Canada, take time for it and you will not regret it!

History and features of the zoo

Totonto Zoo covers an area of 300 hectares, and it was built in 1974 on the territory of the old menagerie. Today this zoo has 6 thematic zones:

  • America
  • Africa
  • Eurasia
  • Australia and Oceania
  • Indo-Malaysia
  • Separately, Canada.

Representatives of the animal world of a particular region of the planet live in each zone.

In total, the zoo has 16,000 species of animals, fish and invertebrates, there are dozens of rare species: ligers, white lions, Komodo lizards, called real dragons because of their size. All animals are kept in pavilions and in spacious enclosures, cramped cells are absent. Sometimes the boundaries of the enclosures are not felt: animals walk quietly over a large territory. Each pavilion has its own microclimate: experts monitor humidity, temperature, and the health of all animals.

One of the favorite pavilions among visitors is the tropical jungle: walking along it, you think that a hungry predator is about to meet! The African Savannah is the second popular pavilion that was designed exactly like the territory of the African natural park: here you can meet the lion's family, the cheetah.

The largest representatives of animals in the zoo are elephants and hippos, and among the small inhabitants African mole-shaped rodents are popular: their place of residence resembles a system of mazes. The zoo has the most beavers: it is the pride of Canada, for which thousands of people moved here from other countries - beaver fur is valued highly. Beaver dams in the zoo are not uncommon, and tourists often see the process of their creation.

Other pavilions

  • The zoo is pleased with the exposition of the Great Barrier Reef, which allows you to see the beauty of ocean life without going to Australia. Here: living corals, colored fish, sharks, starfish, seahorses and so on.
  • There is also the Mayan Ruins Pavilion with mouflons and waterfalls.
  • Children will be happy to visit the dinosaur zone: dozens of models of different representatives of the Mesozoic era are made as realistic as possible.

Many birds in the zoo live completely free and travel in all areas. Among birds, parrots, hummingbirds, flamingos are popular, there is a separate area with penguins.

Tourist info

At the entrance to the zoo, every tourist receives a map, but without it, it is impossible to get lost in the territory: there are signs at every step. The cost of visiting in the summer: 29 CAD $ for adults, 19 CAD $ for children under 12 years old, at other times of the year there is a 15-20% discount.

Tourists can have a snack and lunch in cozy restaurants in the zoo: the largest number is open on weekends. Those who want to immerse themselves in the wild world as much as possible can spend the night in a tent camp, spread out on the territory of the zoo.

Interesting Facts

  • The length of the hiking trails is more than 10 km.
  • Visitors can travel around the park by mini-train.
  • The only day out of the zoo is Catholic Christmas.


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